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Default Application

Fill out this form and then email it to: edolonmods(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject line “Application - Character Name”. You will receive an email when it is approved, or requesting edits. When it is approved, it will be posted for you.

** Stuck? Look at the sample app below or try the Character Creation Tips.

** Go through the Joining Checklist.

~You may make a character from any part of Edolon, but they must have a reason for being at the royal court. We will not accept characters that aren't residing/occupied at the royal court.

~ We suggest considering a canon (someone from Vellfyre family, or affiliated with them) or one of the Wanted Characters. It's only a suggestion so you will have lots of places to jump in with interactions.

~ You cannot create a major noble house for your first character (see:Character Creation Guide). You can make up a noble house if you want, but they cannot be ruling any of the cities that appear on the Game Map.


HTML Code:
Fill out this form and then email it to: edolonmods(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject line “Application - Character Name”. [I]When it is approved, it will be posted for you[/I]. You will receive an email when it is approved, or requesting edits.

** Stuck? Look at the sample app below or try the [URL="http://edolon.net/showthread.php?t=34"]Character Creation Tips[/URL].

** Go through the [URL="http://edolon.net/showthread.php?t=35"]Joining Checklist[/URL]. 

- Character Information -
[B]Titles, if any:[/B] 
[B]Age and Birthdate: [/B]
[B]Hometown/Area of Origin:[/B] 
[B]Noble House, Affiliations:[/B] 
[B]Position at Court:[/B] (if applicable)

[B]Appearance:[/B] (Post a picture and/or write a description. If you choose to post a picture, please make sure it does not exceed 500 px)
[B]PB: [/B] If you need help try the [URL="http://www.edolon.net/showthread.php?t=36"]resources post[/URL]. 

[B]Personality: [/B](at least 1 full paragraph, preferably more)  
Timeline:[/B] (Publically known stuff about your character in chronological order. Include events from the History Timeline that would have affected your character’s life (like wars, plagues, etc). This lets you think about how the wider world has impacted the character’s life and personality, and shows the mods you have done your reading.)   

[B]Family Tree: [/B](Only required if you’re creating a property-holding noble house, so the mods can put it into the Political Guide- if you are making a knight/house that does not hold property, IGNORE. If your character's a merchant aiming for lordship later, you may want to make one in case they get property later. You ONLY NEED to go back as far as your character's father or grandfather. You can go back way further ONLY IF YOU WANT TO)

[B]Information on the Family: [/B](What was the family's history, what if anything are they known for, how/when did they get their lands, etc. You only need this if YOU are creating a noble family as this is the information that will go in the Political Guide.)

[B]Retinue: [/B]
**** Required only for nobles or wealthy characters -  These are the NPC’s who will attend your character. All knights who have been knighted for a year or more will have at least one squire. Most highborn girls will have a maid or attendant, and nearly every noble house has a nurse/chaperone for unmarried girls of the family. Wealthy nobles may have a musician or poet employed as well as sworn swords, guards, tutors of various subjects, astrologers, etc. Married high-ranking noblewomen have ladies in waiting- unmarried noble girls who they keep close to teach the ways of court, and royals may have ladies of the chamber - usually relatives but married or unmarried who serve as attendants and confidantes as well. 

****You do not need to give them all names, but list who will regularly be around your character. This does depend on their wealth and status: daughters of knights or lesser lords may well not even have a maid, princes of The Royal House might have a long list of tutors, knights and companions. [I]You may advertise for them as Wanted Characters.[/I]

[B]Private Life: [/B]
****A secret skill, hidden life, alter ego, addiction, dark secret or other things you want to reveal through play should be listed here. They will not be posted for other players to read. If there isn’t anything your character needs to hide, write N/A or something to that effect. Please note that if you do not include a secret life/occupation/skill/etc in the app, you cannot edit one in later: Any new secrets you'll have to work on building through rp. 

[b]Explanation:[/b] ((this will not be posted on the board))
If this is not your first character, sell us on why we should take the time to review and approve this person. Why are they needed?  What will they contribute? What is the purpose to their story? Explain the reason for playing them- At least a sentence, maybe more if you feel like it. 

****2+ paragraphs in 3rd person, past tense, written for the character you are applying for. Give us a good look at your writing style, who this character is, what they do- and be sure to reflect the game's canon in it- don't write like you'll be setting them on a starship or something.

- Player Information -
([I]your name is always required[/I] so we know who’s playing who, but the rest is only for your first app)
[B]RP Experience:[/B]
[B]Preferred contact method:[/B]
[B]Leave contact method up when the app is posted on the forum: [/B]Yes/No.
[B]Passcode1:[/B] (Found in Game Plot/Timeline)
[B]Passcode2: [/B](Found in Game Rules)
[B]Do you solemnly swear you are over 18?:[/B]
[B]How did you find us?:[/b] search engine/directory/affiliate/etc


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