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Default Ryence

- Character Information -
Name: Ryence
Titles, if any: N/A
Age and Birthdate: 38, b. 293 in the 9th month, exact date unknown
Hometown/Area of Origin: Firewell, Tal Volorro
Noble House, Affiliations: N/A
Position at Court: Guardsman/mercenary

Appearance: Sturdily-built, a nose broken one time too many, scarred, Ryence was all but built for a fight. At 6’6”, it is less his height than it is his heavy form and an unwarm face in his guard dress which makes him seem hostile or intimidating. Unprepossessing, his face is wide with sharp cheekbones, strong jaws, dark brown hair and a pair of murky hazel eyes.

PB: Zach McGowan


Ryence tends towards silence and is commonly described as aloof as he keeps a preferred distance from others. A low birth and its hardships have left him full of distrust and resentment, especially towards many of the wealthy. Despite his wariness, he is still motivated by coin and places high value in riches, the result of having lived a hard life that anyone in his position wouldn’t think twice in wanting to escape. His experiences with poverty have not given him much pause to become enlightened and has not changed his own treatment of those in ‘lesser’ places than he as he sees a ‘dog-eat-dog’ world.

Born without an education, Ryence is rough around the edges, lacking the culture and refinement of court. He does not speak colourfully and his language is not necessarily honest or open but it is straightforward. He also has no interest in what serves him no tangible benefit: philosophy, theory or poetry, though he does find some small entertainment in woodwork. If it doesn’t feed or fuck him, he doesn’t care, and just because something would satiate his stomach or much lower doesn’t mean he necessarily cares either as he’s quite rigid in what he wants and when he wants.

Ryence is focused on the present and his mind is set on ‘scarcity’ and ‘survival’. When more is seen of him, he can be considered boorish, volatile and foul-mouthed but he can be more pragmatic, softer and loyal than he often appears but as he lives by the sword, he is not often given the chance.

293: Born to a nameless whore and a similarly nameless man with a sword in brothel alongside a sister, he was given the nurse-name of ‘Penny’ (as in, the copper penny) and was later named Mynjon.
294-299: His mouth was kept fed in the neglected brothel, a privilege. Confusedly, he grew up considering the owner of establishment as a father figure. When he became old enough to move without falling and hold things without breaking, he was used for menial tasks meanwhile his twin sister was groomed for the business. By this point, he was already learning the importance of survival: how to get more food, how to sneak, how to steal, etc.
301: He grew large enough to be mistaken as years older than he was. He turned an age where he was able to go very far in the city on his own, coming to know how to navigate the spider web of streets. Still a little innocent, he found interest in a local carpenter’s shop but he also got entangled with other youths and small gangs around Firewall, which exposed him to more.
303: His errands at brothel increased with his age and since he became large enough to be seen as an adolescent, he was appointed more of a bodyguard. Outside, he starts learning (or getting ‘pulled into’) brawling, whether he likes it or not, and gets deeper with crime around poor regions of Tal Volorro. Though still a child, at this point, he made the connection that his best asset was his brute force.
305-313: Mynjon escapes life in Firewell by joining a travelling mercenary known by ‘Rowdy Ryence’ who had been a renowned mercenary in his glory days during the Border Wars, perhaps even having some tales amongst smallfolk, but had since grown old and plump. Leaving Tal Volorro behind, Mynjon also leaves behind his sister ‘Cat’. From then, the pair go around Kingsreach, getting paid trifling prices by villagers to kill off bandits along with other odd jobs required by predominately lesser lords.
314: Early in the year, Ryence dies along the road on their journey to assist an old friend of his from war, close to Delving. Its rumoured Ryence was found with a sword wound through his throat. This is true but he in fact died of the subsequent infection. Mynjon takes the old man’s sword, armour and worthwhile possessions and then continues their journey without him, posing as his son to acquire the money (which after a while of suspicion was eventually believed). He later starts taking on the name of Ryence for the benefits, he found, of its reputation.
315-324: When Edolene fighters enter Asserya to assist in battling invasion, Ryence sets his sights there as well for more opportunities and goes with them, armed with the other Ryence’s sword (which he calls “Old Ryence” reminiscently).
325-328: The Southshores, Trimeris and Meridiez forces enter Asserya, where Ryence still is.
329: Ryence ‘befriends’ (used loosely) Lord Karthen Tabas, a very wealthy Merideen noble but a poor fighter and younger son. They meet in a city that sits like a crossroad between the allies, the Asseryans and the Zaksalam invaders; it was mostly (unsteadily) held by the allies and Asseryans. In a joint effort to take full control over the city, some Merideen and Edolene soldiers are outnumbered and taken captive, the city begins to fall to the Zaksalam armies to which Lord Karthen, isolated from his men, agreed to pay Ryence a good price if he would get him out alive and Ryence agreed.
330: The war ends and Ryence slowly begins accompanying the Merideen noble westward by land, interested in the man’s wealth.
331: They stop halfway to Meridiez before they turn into Southshores, due to news of refugees and civil war, where Lord Karthen intends to join others of his kind.

Writing Sample:
Sand swept up like smoke, their boots charted through the haze, navigating the labyrinthine streets, with their bodies pressed close against the stone walls. They peered over corners, scanning their route. The northern city was peaceful and quiet except for the winds reaching in from the seas, much unlike what it had seen in the past days as the city was retaken. But today, it was torn in two and the roads, alleys and passages filled with hidden resistors. A dark figure moved behind the sands sifting in the air. “It’s a child,” whispered a voice at his side. Ryence’s head tilted to take in the sight: a girl no older than eight years, carrying a sword. The sight was not a peculiarity at war, often desperate men resorted to recruiting women and children to carry out war duties. He might’ve ignored her but they needed to head west and she was in their way.

He pressed his back against the wall again. “She alone?” The other man was closer to the opening into the next street and he glanced again as the dust died down, creating a window, and nodded his head. But in that moment, he was seen and the girl once standing and staring was now racing down the streets, likely intended to act as a lookout. Without pause, Ryence was on her and with him so close to her heels she turned into another side street. She hadn’t the time to climb and turned her sword shakily at him. He grabbed its metal, light blood breaking his skin, and yanked it from her grasp then used its weighted hilt on the child. Blood trickled along his forearm; fell down from his elbow in thick droplets onto his dust-stained boots. He bent down, wiped his boot and flicked what remained on his finger away, considering the desire for a woman that night. When he left the alley, he had left behind a mess that would leave a mother wailing for weeks.

- Player Information -
Name: Napier
RP Experience: 5 years
Preferred contact method: private message or email
Leave contact method up when the app is posted on the forum: sure
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