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Default Jayr Solvitreo

- Character Information -

Name: Jayr Solvitreo, Jay to family and friends

Titles, if any: Ser Jayr, Lord Jayr

Age and Birthdate: Twenty-three years of age. Born the first month, the first day, in the year 308.

Hometown/Area of Origin: Tal Solarii

Noble House, Affiliations: House Solvitreo

Position at Court: Khaleesi: "uh attending his dad or tagg or something".


Depending on his moods, you will see Jayr either clean shaven and with short hair, or unshaven and long hair. Part of his left ear is missing, as is part of his middle finger on his left hand (a present from the wars).

PB: Aaron Taylor-Johnson


"The spitting image of his father." That's what people have been saying to him his entire life, though he doesn't really know why. Ask anyone who is close to Jayr, however, and they can tell you exactly why: he looks like a younger version of Adhemar, and is every bit as sardonic as his father, though the wars have left him even more so.

Jayr is constantly on the go...from the moment he wakes to the moment he sleeps--or doesn't sleep, he is always doing something. Whether it's reading (rarely), training, hunting, riding, talking to people, fucking...he needs to keep his mind occupied. This leads him, at times, to be impatient when it comes to certain situations or take risks that get him either hurt or into trouble...and growing up, he often was the brunt of many whippings and scoldings from his father. Because of his impatient nature, this leads him to act before he thinks...even if its in his family's interests, or just his interests alone, this can also get him into trouble. As he's gotten older, he's tried to curb his impatience, and it has gotten better, but it still exists. He hates feeling like he's crushed under the weight of repetition, and though he knows rules exist for a reason, he still hates the unevenness of them at times.

When it comes to his family and his friends, Jayr can be seen as a tad bit insensitive at times...he tells it like it is, with nothing but a direct answer, he can't stand tears, and cringes at the thought of being in the center of any argument. He finds it to be rather...awkward, and thus, more often than not, keeps his mouth shut. When he feels any kind of extreme emotion, he tends to keep it to himself, ignore it, or both, unless forced to share it. It is not easy to get his love or his friendship, but once you have it, you have it. Once you abuse his trust, it's gone. Forever.

Nothing can get past Jayr. He is so perceptive, that it's almost scary. Even the tiniest of changes in someone's habits, appearance, anything, he will notice, and it was the bane of his siblings' existences while they were growing up. Not one hair can get out of place under his watch.

He does not get along with his mother, at all...years of listening to his mother and to her stupidity on religion has driven a wedge between him because he takes any kind of philosophical and religious knowledge in its literal context. If you can't use such knowledge practically, then Jayr doesn't seen the point in it. He doesn't see the point in learning anything unless it can be put to some use. When he applies knowledge, he tends to do it in certain ways that people might not have thought to use it otherwise.


First month, 308: Another boy is born to Adhemar and Adalyde Solvitreo. He is born screaming, crying, and red-faced, and because of this, he is given the milkname Berry. Much to his dismay in his later years when his siblings still call him that.

First month, 309: Berry is given the name Jayr.

310: A sister, Belandra, is born, and named a year later.

311: Twin sisters, Tyana and Zanara are born. Twin terrors, he likes to call them. Yay.

314: Another girl is born.

315: His father becomes the Lord of Southshores. His sisters, Cyrenna and Luzia, are lost to the summer fever, and another sister is born, whom is named Alodie a year later. Jayr contracts the summer fever as well, though he pulls through it.

316: Elorra, his half-sister, is born. Jayr starts to be educated but instead of being sent away, he is educated in Solarii: in the ways of the sword, horseback riding, the bow and arrow...also in the ways of politics, mathematics, philosophy...jack of all trades, but considers himself a master of none, and he can get easily bored if he studies anything for too long. He always wants to try something new.

318: His mother cannot have any more children. He is old enough to see his father slowly, slowly, getting annoyed by her.

321: Jayr hits puberty, and grows rather tall and lanky. He hates the way he looks. To compensate for this, he trains more in the training yard with his sword, for the time being putting it ahead of his studies. That did not last for very long...his father pulled him aside and told him that if he did not do his studies, no more swordplay. Jayr learned to balance everything soon enough, even though he hated the repetitiveness of it all.

322: Loses his virginity to a beautiful, beautiful maid...ah, what was her name again? He doesn't remember.

324: His sisters are getting noticed by men. He is not shy about scaring said men off.

325: His father gives his blessing for him, his brother, and his cousins to aid Old Asserya and to fight in the Zakish Wars. Old Asserya is where he spends the brunt of his years fighting.

326: Knighted, on the field, for valor in battle at the Siege of Balaton. Also where he loses part of the middle finger on his left hand, and part of the top of his left ear.

327: He receives word that his father is ill. Not that there's much he can do about it...he's busy fighting wars and such.

330: Returns home. Aids his father and his brother in the daily doings of Solarii, which involve a shitload of Merideens: refugees from the wars and “suddenly” long-lost cousins showing up. His father definitely accepts money from them, gives a few some lands and stuff. Good times had by all.

331: Prepares for the king's progress. His father receives the news about what happened to Darres and what his sister, Tyana did. He awaits the punishments and the yelling...

Family Tree: See House Solvitreo.

Information on the Family: See House Solvitreo.


* A squire.

* A guard, at the behest of his father...Jayr feels like he doesn't need a guard, thank you.

* A magister, Benicio.

* A dog, a large, mixed breed of no particular make or model, named Scruffs.

- Player Information -

Name: Brandy
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jayr solvitreo
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