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Default Gabriel Drake

- Character Information -
Name: Gabriel Drake
Titles, if any: Lord of Havencrest
Age and Birthdate: 43 30th day of the 7th month, year 288
Hometown/Area of Origin: Havenscrest
Noble House and Affiliations: Lord of Havencrest, Patriarch of House Drake, Naval Captain to House Solvitreo

Height: 6’5”
Hair: Gray (dark)
Eyes: Gray
Eyes: Blue
PB: Eric Dane

Gabriel is a fortress. Not merely in stature or strength. His true nature is masked, hidden away and locked behind high walls and protected by wide moats that are not easy to traverse. Even his own family, his own children, would be hard pressed to crack the carefully constructed defenses he has around him. It was not a thing he developed due to some sort of hurt or trauma. It is simply how he’s always been. A private child who was not quick to laugh. Serious and studious, he was foremost curious and eager to learn. He’s voracious for knowledge and it is only in pursuit of his studies does his true passion show behind his gray eyes.

He is not a nice person. He will never claim to be nor pretend to be. He can be polite to those who warrant it, but that’s not quite the same. He takes pride in his position and is not shy about looking down on those who are rightfully beneath him. He loves his family, but he has no qualms about being hard as steel when dealing with them, easily removing his emotions from what he has to do. He is known to hold grudges for a long period of time and lash out severely. The most notable example of this is his refusal to legitimize his brother’s son following an argument that they had. Even though they are in the process of mending their relationship, he still has not done this.

Gabriel’s humor can best be described as dark or macabre. He enjoys life’s simple pleasures, but he thinks there’s certainly a time and a place for leisure. He takes his position that Adhemar has given him very seriously. Prone to fits of jealousy, he has something of a strange dynamic with his family and particularly his cousin, Lord Orsino of House Voldryn. While he respects him deeply, they aren’t necessarily known for getting along.

Despite being comprised of generally undesirable traits, Gabriel is capable of compassion from time to time. He’s even been known to be able to be charming when the occasion calls for it. He’s skilled in law and politics and enjoys engaging in conversation with sharp-minded individuals, be they man or women. He is particularly fond of the god Hermes and the goddess Edelina for their wisdom, wit, and of course the last’s association with just war.


288 - Baby Boy is born to Landon Drake and Aida Voldryn. Eventually named Gabriel.
291 - Michael Drake is born.
293 - Evangeline Drake is born.
295 - Tutoring begins for Gabriel Drake. This is the age he takes a notable interest in seafaring and naval history. It is also at this age that his father decides to teach him how to fight using a sword. He’s not very fond of it.
301 - Gabriel discovers the spear. He’s much more fond of this than the sword. He’s already tall for his age, so he begins to train more with it.
302 - Gabriel goes to study at the Magisterium. Does particularly well in astronomy, mathematics, and history. He sits in for affirmations on these three subjects as well as Geometry, logic, and law, but does not sit in for any of the others.
305 - Michael begins studying at the Magisterium
306 - Older brother, Joshua, engaged to Natalie Devane of House Devane.
307 - Joshua dies in a hunting accident. Gabriel is recalled home from the magisterium. Is engaged to Natalie Devane and married soon after. Later that year, a son is born. Later named Garrick. It is not an amiable marriage at first, (it was no secret she’d come to love Joshua) but an understanding is reached after a time. Gabriel begins to devote more time to martial training while also studying independently. He eventually hires a magister to stay long-term with them, mostly for himself, but with the intent of one day having him teach his son as well.
308 - Aida Voldryn dies, natural causes.
309 - Daughter is born. Dies three weeks later.
310 - Evangeline is engaged to Marq Ascalon.
311 - Daughter is born. Later named Judith. Michael completes his affirmation of knowledge at the Magisterium. He did not test in Medicine and only barely scraped by in astronomy. While Gabriel is proud of him, he does harbor some jealousy as he was never able to finish his own time at the Magisterium on account of Joshua’s death. His marriage turns a little colder which probably does not help Natalie’s disposition while ill.
312 - Natalie Devane dies from complications of birth and a lingering sickness
313 - Evangeline marries Marq Asacalon. Landon Drake dies later that year. Gabriel becomes Lord Drake. Elena Drake is married, but sickness prevents her from leaving Castle Drake for another year.
314 - Michael receives a pewter collar (for law) at the magisterium, becoming a Magister of Law. He intends to continue and pursue becoming a teacher at the magisterium, but Gabriel refuses to allow it and recalls him home. Gabriel begins marital training for his son. His daughter, Anna, is born of his mistress, Lilly.
315 - Michael is married to a daughter of a nearby vassal lord.
317 - Dalissa Drake is born.
318 - Gabriel and Michael have a very public fight. Tensions in Castle Drake are at the highest they’ve ever been as the brothers battle it out.
319 - Brynden is born to Michael and Damaris. However, Gabriel refuses to recognize the child as a Drake though he does extend his kindness by allowing the bastard to remain with them.
321 - Garrick is sent to the Magisterium.
324 - Elena returns home after being widowed. Gabriel names Claudia Grensvale as his mistress.
325 - The war begins. A sort of peace is made between Michael and Gabriel. Gabriel leaves Michael to oversee Havenscrest as he goes to war. He finds he’s rather good at it and enjoys the fighting. He is, to nobody’s surprise, quite adept at naval warfare. He refuses to let his son join him at the front despite his wishes. Elena is sick and is put on bedrest. Claudia is discovered to be pregnant. Daughter is born in late Autumn.
326 - Garrick receives his Affirmation of knowledge, but insists he does not want to become a magister. Only after this does Gabriel send for him. He joins the war near the end of the year.
329 - Works closely with his cousin, Orsino, in the second battle of Lykka. Gabriel returns early in the year after Michael falls gravely ill.
330 - Garrick returns home from the war. Gabriel is named Naval Captain by Adhemar Solvitreo.
331 - Michael is slowly recovering from the fever that incapacitated him. Still weak and prone to further sickness, he is at last showing signs of a more full recovery. In the wake of this, the feud seems almost finished. Gabriel begins to entertain the idea of legitimizing Brynden, but is still drawing it out. He is looking seriously at marriage prospects for himself and his children.

Asher Hasthone - magister
Tristram Norwood - advisor
Kendrick Mayer - trusted servant

Claudia Grensvale - mistress

- Player Information -
Name: Cee
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