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Default Alys Fairwind

- Character Information -
Name: Alys Fairwind
Titles, if any: Lady Alys
Age and Birthdate: 23. Born on the seventh day of the eighth month in 307.
Hometown/Area of Origin: Kingsport in Kingsreach
Noble House, Affiliations: House Fairwind. Royal Ward to House Vellfyre.
Position at Court: Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Charlotte


Height: 5’4”
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown. Sometimes lightened.
PB: Kaya Scodelario


“It’s better to burn out than fade away…”

It is not a death wish. Alys doesn’t actually want to die. It’s that she’s not particularly fussed either way. There are many who might make the assumption that she is a young woman who no longer has the will to live, but perhaps it might be that the opposite is true. She lives life to full measure and in extremes. There’s no middle. Either she is completely and in all ways happy, flitting about with youthful energy in abundance, laughing and smiling and losing herself in the fun of it all.. OR… she is utterly and desperately miserable. It is a misery that, like her happiness, is all consuming. Only it is that her mind seems a million miles away… Perhaps it could be said that this is true for either case, for it is unlikely that one should ever find Alys to be… sober. Whether it be wine or some rather helpful plants that she’s not at liberty to name, she is always riding some sort of high… Or low. And given her past… she thinks anybody who blames her for it is rude and not worth her time.

She does have her moments of stability. She managed to be somewhat personable after the war ended… (Did it end? She’s still confused about that…) It seemed she owed it to a few people to at least try to be herself. Whoever that is. But of late, she’s been slipping back into old habits… Spending more and more time losing time… Memories becoming muddled… Mostly so she can muddle the memories that hurt her the most. After all… what’s the point of feeling everything when you’re missing half of yourself anyway? Needless to say, the many deaths in her family have taken their toll on Alys, but none nearly so much as her twin, Brandon.

She’s easy enough to get along with, in all honesty. That is… if you don’t mind speaking to somebody who’s likely to forget whatever it was you told her… In this, Alys is particularly good at keeping secrets. Especially secrets that do not involve her directly because… there’s enough shit going on in life to keep track of other people’s. She’s not likely to hold grudges because, again, she has to care enough to, and normally… that takes a lot out of her. However, there are certain things that will stick with Alys, and if somebody were to say something that pertained to one of those certain things, it’s likely you’ll never win her back over. That said, despite it all, Alys has come to care very deeply for a few people. Ziamara, in particular, she feels a keen sense of loyalty. If somehow a person manages to win her friendship, there’s nothing she wouldn’t at least try to do for them… It’s just probably better to ask her when she’s not so damned lost in her own head.

307: Twins Alys (Milkname: Adhara (star in Canis Majoris)) and Brandon (Milkname: Sirius (star in Canis Majoris)) are born to Alphard Fairwind and his second wife, Isobel Seyfert.
308: Prince Damon Fairwind dies shortly after Alys and Brandon are given their true names and Alphard becomes Lord Fairwind.
309-314: Siblings Cyril, Dorea, Eoin and Freya are born during these years, as are cousins Clarence and Iliana.
310: Uncle Caleb dies at sea.
311: Aunt Adorra dies.
314: Alys and Brandon are both sent to House Seyfert to be fostered, Alys to learn how to run a household and Brandon to begin his path to becoming a knight. Tales about the time Alys practiced a variety of knots with the embroidery threads are still told to this day (she is still proud over some of those knots so she does not mind, much), as well as some others that she wish people would just forget.
315: The summer fever sweeps through Southshore and in Delving it is believed that baby cousin Alisa Seyfert is another victim of it.
315-320: Tempted by the prospects of wealth and land, younger noble sons and commoners leave Edolon to stand with the Asseryans against the Zaksalam invasion of their land. Alys is glad that none of her siblings leave.
317: Geriana is born.
319: Brandon becomes a squire. Good job Brandon.
320: Alys attends the wedding of her older half-sister Yvanna. Uncle Merwyn dies, possibly from a heart attack.
321: Alys returns to home to Kingsport from fostering at the age of fourteen. Henry is born. Yvanna dies in childbirth and the child follows within a fortnight.
323: Henry dies before his second birthday. Cousin Olyvar is shipwrecked/dies. This year marks the start of what Alys would like to refer to as ”The beginning of the five-years-lit-de-parade”, but she fears what her mother might say and keeps it to herself. Alys becomes a lady-in-waiting to Princess Alianor.
324: Irena is born. Alphard dies from a bad fall from his horse. The court hosting the Queen of Trimeris mostly means more work for Alys and she throws herself into it to forget that for the second year in a row a family member has died.
325: Brandon is knighted at the age of eighteen and shortly thereafter the Northern Wars begin. During the Battle of Khoman-Uul it claims Zachary, the heir of House Fairwind, among its first fatalities.
326: Eoin dies at age thirteen while squiring in the north. Cousin Clarence dies from battle injuries. Alys is betrothed to Kalden Vellfyre.
327: Irena dies at the age of three. Brandon dies in the Battle at Red Dune. Alys has a public breakdown and following several weeks of little to no sleep, she takes to nightly walks, sometimes in less proper attire. After a couple of weeks of this, rumours about Alys' nightly activities. Queen Charlotte decides to take Alys as one of her ladies-in-waiting.
328: Bad harvests in Kingsreach and Southshore sees riots in several towns and cities. Torrhen, Alys' cousin and the last male of the House Fairwind that is not with the clergy (Cyril, you absolute ass!) dies in battle. The Fairwind lands revert back to the crown and Alys and her surviving sisters and cousin become wards of it.
330: Knights and soldiers return from the war, including Alys' bethrothed, much to her confusion – it just does not make sense to her that Brandon is dead, but this man that she is supposed to wed and who is clearly not fond of her, he lives? The end of the year brings the first of the plague victims, kicking off with the death of Whitney Wolfe. It gets worse from there.
331: Plagues lead to fear and rebellion in the streets. Ziamara is caught in the midst of the riots and Alys pleads with Jason to bring her back (though unnecessarily). She is relieved when her friend is returned, but is only given to fretting all the more later when she succumbs to fever not long after. Thankfully, she recovers… Alys attempts to get along with her betrothed with varying degrees of success… The progress begins. Queen Charlotte goes to Trimeris and, thankfully, Alys is allowed to remain in the service of Princess Alianor. Delving goes well… Maybe? She recalls something about a fire and some trouble with the Solvitreos. The road to Westridge was interesting… Ice stones fell from the sky and made everything messy. Nothing a bit of wine wouldn’t fix...

Family Tree: See Fairwind of Kingsport (former)

Information on the Family: See Fairwind of Kingsport (former)

Maid - Sadie Pluck

- Player Information -
Name: Cee
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