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Default Gavin Vellfyre

- Character Information -
Name: Gavin Vellfyre
Titles, if any: Ser
Age and Birthdate: 10 1M, 301
Hometown/Area of Origin: Kingsreach
Noble House, Affiliations: Vellfyre
Position at Court: Prince’s son, heir

Hair: Dark Blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’3”
Build: Lean muscular, athletic build

PB: Charles Hunnam

Personality: Having come out on the heels of his twin, Garrett was always described as the adventurous and fiery twin, while he was the complete opposite, but it worked well together. While his brother hatched plans, Gavin helped execute them mostly figuring out how to get away with what they were planning. While his brother would go in half cocked, Gavin was usually the one to bring his brother back before things went too far. They were partners in crime so to speak and inseparable.

He was a calm, quiet boy that eventually turned into a calm, quiet young man. However, he did love to laugh and smile while teasing girls with his brother especially being well aware of the Vellfyre looks and charm. Of course, being sent off to war, the twins hoped to fight, win, and gain all the glory when they return back, but war is never really conveyed in the correct light. It was dirty, disgusting, dark and disturbing. It wore them all down, but the last hurt Gavin the most was when Garrett was cut down and taken by the gods. The loss of his twin caused a blood frenzy in Gavin as well as cultivated a death wish which he took with him into each battle. He fought with every breath and with all of the strength he could muster until almost falling into exhaustion, but he came out unscathed in some battles or just cuts and bruises that would all heat under a magister with half a brain.

When the war was won and he was to go back home with the rest of the surviving men, he like many others just could not pick up where he left off and find purpose that he had when he was at war. Returning home, he was not the same as well. First shell shocked like the rest of them, Gavin would much rather remain in isolation for most of his times back. He did not speak as much or was as friendly as he used to be and instead of calm and quiet he was cold, aloof and distant to everyone that was not kin. He felt like half of a person, his spirit, and drive and what fire he had consumed with his brother’s death. Sometimes, he would be seen in silence, staring off with a blank expression, most of the time, he would be sequestered in his room asleep for more hours than it was needed until he was forced out of bed by someone in his family.

He was once this family’s mediator and had close relationship ties to his elders and still behaved well despite his withdrawn ways. When his father and brother, Kain are fighting he tends to be the one to get them to talk to each other. His mother would even manage to get him to do things and he does tend to feel very protective towards all of his female kin and even those that are not. He believes women should be cherished and children are important to survive any future, but it does not mean that he is easily led about by a woman and her wiles. In fact, besides being incredibly polite, he has walled himself away from almost everyone finding it less painful for the moment and a temporary way to keep it together.

Soon enough, he was sent to Westridge to fight against bandits, thieves and raiders attempting to keep the borders safe. His time away has given him a sense of purpose and a bit of time to heal. There are glimpses of the young man before he went off to war from time to time, but still the past haunts him as it does for many war seasoned men.

Timeline: 301: Twin sons are born to Bryce and Whitney Vellfyre, they are given the milk-names “Pippie” (for Garrett) and “Poppet” (for Gavin).

302: Their cousin was born and given the milkname Bumblebee and then later named Jason. He was always significantly closer to Garrett than to Gavin, but got along well enough as thick as thieves especially when they all grew up at Summerhall.

303: Kalden was born. Kalden’s personality is like an acquired taste, Gavin gets along with him well enough up until a certain point.

304: His little sister “Flower” was born and a year later named Rosina. He got along with her well enough, but did not really understand girls. So much energy exerted over nothing most of the time.

305: Another little brother was born and given the nickname “Button” (which Garrett and Gavin insisted later in life was really for what was found between their little brother’s legs). Cousins Ziamara and Kellan were also born. Gavin liked Ziamara who seemed to exude a vulnerability and calm at the same time. She did not seem to throw fits in quite the same way as most girls seemed to, it was hard not to like her, but the same could not be said for Kellan. He was kin, but seemed to be just a waste of space especially as he grew older and constantly found his way into a bottle. He seemed intent on killing himself by drinking too much and like most drunks were rather unpredictable with which temperament he would later decide upon.

306: Valencia was born. She was even more different from all of the other girls he knew. Always quietly reading, or playing with puzzles, but often times seemed more content at times to be by herself or rather his own observation.

307: Garrett and Gavin were happy to have yet another sibling, later named Leandra, born. Cousin Kaleb was also born and he was likeable enough, but they were never close enough and even less so when he was locked in the tower.

308: Cousin Lenore was born. The brothers’ education had begun: At least to Gavin, Garrett seemed to be good at everything he was taught while Gavin seemed to come out only second best or even mediocre. His older twin was independent while Gavin gravitated towards the elders, his mother and father especially, but he seemed to have a rather great relationship with all of his aunts and uncles...well all except Queen Charlotte when she has her scary face on.

309: Jason was sent West to Delving and “Rosebud” was born, a year later named Elinor. Gavin got along with her well enough. She was as quiet as Valencia, but a different sort of quiet.

310: Another cousin was born, a year later named Lucia. Gavin always found her endearing, though a bit of a know-it-all and they seemed to have a good friendship.

312: Most of the Vellfyre children were brought to Summerhall at the news of a sudden illness and death of Prince James. Resulting, Jason became Prince of Summerhall and his fostering ended. Another death in the year, Helaina Vellfyre passed away, battling from illness. Rosina was sent away to Blacktide to foster. Despite his young years, death seemed to touch them all and instead of acting out, Gavin seemed to feel less of the pain by offering to be helpful to his elders.

313: Garrett and Gavin become squires and sent southwards to the Westridge, to become squires for the lords of Blackburn. Gavin seemed to be pretty good at being a squire. Urgh! PUBERTY SUCKS!!! Of course, the way these girls go on about moonblood, would take pimples over bleeding any day. During their time, both Garrett and Gavin grew familiar with life in Westridge. His voice also begins to change, but Garrett definitely sounded deeper eventually. They had contests on who can keep talking without their voice cracking.

315: A Summer Fever swept through Southshores and northern cities of the kingdom. There were few cases of illness in the city of Blackburn, if at all, but its dealings with the Southshores had grown strained to prevent further spread. With the passing of the Fever, the city recovered quickly. News reached them of their mother’s illness and Gavin grew distressed and had difficulty for a time in performing his duties as a squire, but seemed to embrace the monotony, schedule and training as his balm in distracting him from worry.

322: Garrett and Gavin became knighted and the achievement had gone right to their egos.

324: Kain was knighted and the brothers are very proud of the fact that Button was growing up.

325: Gavin’s younger sister Leandra is married to a Seyfert and in the same year, the twins along with many other men and family departed to go north for war. Garrett and Gavin went into war excited to prove themselves and diligently assisted Keegan and the Royal Forces.

328: Then Garrett died in battle taking along a piece of Gavin with him. He fought every battle afterwards as if he had a deathwish hoping that death would come to him in battle as it did for Garrett, but his wish and prayers went unanswered while the gods claimed his cousin Rollant and Uncle Wayde Wolfe as well. He grew numb to it all knowing that fighting would protect those that were left behind. His prayers changed to protect those that were still fighting and to keep them safe especially Kain.

329: His sister Rosina is married to Prince Isarn of Merediez and he could not help but worry, but it was not as if he could do anything about it. There were worse thoughts when the news of Jason being captured reached him feeling even more helpless and hopeless.

330: Having returned from war, Gavin attempted to feel numb and probably drank as heavily as Kellan. Well, no one can drink as much as that guy. While his mother wanted him to open up, he would rather avoid everyone especially his mother preferring isolation for the time. However, despite his own feelings, Kain and their parents seemed to constantly be at war. All the while, Gavin attempted to be the peacekeeper.

The king decided to send him to Westridge to reinforce the borders from the Elonians and it was one more opportunity to keep fighting instead of prancing about at court as if nothing happened or trying to hide the grief he still left at losing his kin, but especially his twin, Garrett.

From the West, he sent letters reporting the condition to Tor Vellesca when he could at the station south of Highclere, including that the Red Fever had not reached where he was located. Towards the end of the year, he received word of his mother’s death, causing him to react by finding a distraction in his work. Fighting, warding off raiders and bandits while keeping the men in line, anything and everything that kept his mind busy and his body moving.

331: Gavin remains in the West, but words of the death of Leandra had pretty much doing the same shit as he has with everyone else’s death.
With the King’s progress that went through Delving to Ashmark, he could not help but miss his family. Then there was a sort of kerfuffle and Bryce ordered him to ride out there with his contingent of men to meet up with his cousin Ziamara and Elijah Vaughn.

Family Tree: See the Vellfyre Family Tree

Marius - valet
Rodrik - Squire
Brandon - Squire

- Player Information -
Name: Xochitl
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