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Default Damiata Mondragon (temp)

Name: Damiata Mondragon
Titles, if any: Lady
Age and Birthate: 2M 12. 313 , age 18
Hometown/Area of Origin: Mirrormount
Noble House and Affiliations: House Mondragon

PB: Victoria Justice

Damiata lost her father and her mother after her sixth birthday. Her father to a wound received in a tourney and her mother to... politics, she supposes. Lynesse Hargrove was never all that maternal, so that loss was mostly academic. Damiata's childhood world revolved around her nurse, not her parents. And Clary remained right there with her. Freya Harrowmont proved a much more interested caregiver, and Damiata grew very close to her adoptive mother- they bonded over both losing their fathers in a tourney.

She's skilled in archery, riding, hunting and hawking. She can hold her own with a moderately good chess player. She sucks at cards. Basically, Dami has tried extra hard to master anything Freya or Jacen approved of. She wanted their approval, very badly but she also acts out to try to get attention .

313: born. Her milkname is Radish. This is something she prefers to forget.

314: Named Damiata. This may or may not have been an improvement.

319: her father dies of wounds received in a tourney celebrating the marriage of Jacen Mondragon to Freya Harrowmont. She's taken in by Jacen and Freya because her mother wishes to remarry and returns to her own family. Her education begins somewhere in this mess.

325: Jacen leaves to fight the war. She's 12 and this is the end of the world. Tareza gets married and this is also the end of the world. Jofre's wife dies in childbirth which is rather less important, but very sad of course. Freya begins acting out and generally being a terrible, annoying 12-yo.

326: Moon blood appears and she spends three months begging the gods to take it back. They take back Tari's husband instead. This doesn't seem like a fair trade.

330: Everyone comes back, except those who never will. She gets the distinct impression she might as well pick a virgin priestess order and get comfortable as the chances of her getting a husband seem slim to nonexistant.

331: The royals are coming the royals are coming! The king and the prince and the handsome knights and... oh, what does it matter? The perfect twins are standing right there. Valisa is widowed. Literally no one is going to get far enough down the list to notice her.

Governess/maid: Lisbeth, somewhere in her 50s.

Player Information -
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damiata mondragon
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