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Default Gareth Agrivale

- Character Information -
Name: Gareth Meadows
Titles, if any: Lord of Oldcastle, Ser
Age and Birthdate: 1st month 20th day, 303 (28 years old)
Hometown/Area of Origin: Oldcastle, Kingsreach
Noble House, Affiliations: First Lord Agrivale of Oldcastle, formerly an illegitimate son of House Howe (previous Oldcastle lords). House Vellfyre, as Queen Charlotte's champion
Position at Court: Champion for Queen Charlotte

Height: 6’1”
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

PB: Josh Dallas

Gareth is… what is the phrase…? An open book? Yes, that is what he is. Only… he happens to be an open book with blank pages upon which to write. He can be whatever he needs to be in any given situation having learned over many years to adapt as the occasion calls. This is not to say Gareth lacks a personality. It’s quite the opposite, in fact. He can take on whatever personality he requires, and that in itself has formed something of a personality in and of itself. If you need somebody to be righteously angry with you, Gareth is your man. If you need somebody to talk you back from the edge of the cliff or a murderous sword, he has your back. He can be whatever you need him to be and he is eager to serve… If for no other reason than to find his place. And therein lies the truth behind this chameleon… He longs for nothing more than to belong.

It is, no doubt, the product of being a bastard. His father died before he could legitimize him, and while there are moments he finds himself wondering what he was like, he is pretty sure nobody mourned too deeply. Especially with the stories his mother used to tell him. Though he chalks up much of her resentment to the fact that he never married her, he knows that there is more than just some truth to her claims.

In a fight, Gareth is skilled at turning off his emotion. While he has a clear sense of what is right and wrong, it does not always hold much water in his mind. Besides, like personality, morality is a thing that alters according to the situation, and so very rarely does it factor into his actions. He does what makes sense and what is expected, and if in that moment the expectation is to kill or cause pain, then it is unlikely he’ll feel hesitant to do it or regretful about it once it’s been done. Generally, however, he tries to be agreeable so as not to turn people’s opinion of him. Especially now that he’s more than just a bastard.

Being named the Lord of Oldcastle has done much to improve some of his bitterness. For so long he figured he’d have nothing more than a dream and a far-off hope, but now he’s been given a chance to prove he’s more. While there is still a bit of a chip on his shoulder that grew from many years of being angry about his lot in life, he cannot help but to feel a bit happier of late.

303: Born the only recognized child of the young Lord of Oldcastle, Tyrone Howe. Unfortunately, Gareth's mother is a vassal lord's widow he has no intention of marrying, so although he's quite readily accepted by Tyrone, he goes mostly by 'the Bastard' for his first year of life as no one sees a reason to give him any other milk name.

304: His father names him Gareth, though he gets to keep the Meadows. Tyrone is still young enough to marry (though he drags his feet about it), so there's no hurry to go through the process of naming Gareth the heir. People continue to call him Bastard, although kinder ones call him Meadows. Even his own mother rarely calls him Gareth.

306: Tyrone is suddenly stricken ill early in the year, and despite his young age, seems to grow no better over the next few months. It becomes clear that he's not likely to recover, and does begin to make some provisions to see Gareth named as his heir, but he dies before any of it's complete. His aunt, Queen Charlotte, takes him in to be raised in Tal Volorro against his mother's wishes.

307: Lyenthe Vikary dies. Her funeral is among the earliest of Gareth's memories.

308: His grandmother, Rebekah, dies. Princess Leticia dies. Gareth begins to grow very bored of funerals.

310: Charlotte suffers a miscarriage and Gareth is sent off to foster in Oldcastle with the new Lord Howe, Alystare. Gareth's mother is overjoyed, but has remarried and has a new child, so her attention isn't quite as much on him as it was before he was taken to court. Alystare treats Gareth like his own son, however, and Gareth has a male role model for pretty much the first time in his life.

312: James Vellfyre dies very suddenly. Yet another funeral he's expected to attend.

313: His second half-sibling is born, and this time it's a sister.

315: The Summer Fever kills many in Southshores and on the northern coast of Kingsreach. Oldcastle is mostly untouched. There had been some discussion about what to do with Gareth in regards to his squiring, but the combination of the fever and convenience leads to him staying in Oldcastle and becoming Alystare Howe's squire. Gareth doesn't particularly mind. Charlotte is ill, but the court is very far away, and she recovers - Gareth is mostly glad to not have to go to yet another funeral.

317: His stepfather dies, which is fine by Gareth because he never liked the man, though he hates seeing his mother so upset.

319: Salina Howe dies, who had been something of a grandmother to Gareth. One of the few genuinely upsetting deaths in his life.

320: Alystare is finally betrothed, and then later in the year Lord Wolfe changes his mind and calls it off. More speculation that Alystare means to go through with appealing Gareth's legitimization on behalf of Tyrone and naming him his heir.

323: Knighted for valor after assisting Alystare in putting down a minor vassal revolt near Oldcastle. It's... bloody, but effective.

325: The Edolene armies march north, but Alystare does not immediately go due to some residual trouble with vassals and with being able to trust a steward to rule in his absence, now that he has no living family aside from Charlotte and Gareth. Gareth elects to stay until Lord Howe leaves.

326: Alystare and Gareth finally are able to leave for the war, just in time to arrive for the major battle of Ongol Valley.

327: Several small battles and skirmishes over the year culminate at Red Dune. Unimaginable slaughter. Gareth winds up almost completely untouched and kills so many men he loses count. Also manages, somehow, to take an important Zakkish prisoner. Considers ransoming him, but the morale is so low among the Edolene after the defeat that he simply strings him up in the camp and disembowels him. No one complains.

328: Abat-Charn, which is five months of hell. Rollant Fairchild is killed, along with plenty of others. After the siege ends, Gareth is put in charge of searching out Zakkish soldiers in hiding in the city. Seems to have a knack for it and winds up with a series of unflattering nicknames. Alystare expresses some concern over Gareth's methods, but he's too busy to make any more inquiries and he's not a fan of the Zakkish anyway, so... Oldcastle remains part of the Abat-Charn garrison.

329: There are not nearly enough men to hold the city, and the Zakkish return in force to take Abat-Charn. Made to retreat, but do manage to prevent a great deal of Edolene deaths. A second Allied siege is launched when Crown Prince Jason Vellfyre goes missing, and it is a much shorter siege than the year before. It is also far more brutal. Oldcastle forces under Gareth do what he feels is necessary to break the Zakkish, but it isn't pretty. He and Alystare argue again over methods. Prince Jason is rescued, the siege ends.

330: Oldcastle is present at Rhot-Charn siege. Alystare is very badly injured, and then eventually succumbs to his wounds. Gareth serves as Oldcastle forces commander for a while, but there is some discontent with the vassals without a Howe or a Lord of Oldcastle in charge. It effectively puts Oldcastle out of the fighting as a singular unit, and Gareth returns home from the war a few months ahead of the bulk of forces to bury Alystare and try and settle the inheritance matter once and for all. Appeals to Charlotte, who names him her Champion in the meantime.

330 (game start) - 3m 331: The army returns with the prince. Gareth is eventually granted the boon he requested by the king and officially becomes the Lord of Oldcastle, changing his name to Agrivale rather than keeping the name of his father. During a public argument between Kain and Kalden Vellfyre, Gareth was forced to intervene, eventually having to break Kalden’s arm to keep him from strangling Prince Bryce’s son. During the riots, he aided in the rescue of Princess Ziamara. After taking part in the tournament in Delving, Gareth heads to Oldcastle to manage the Spring taxes.

Allen Triffoly (17), squire. Fought in Zaksebar with Gareth.

**Credit for Timeline and concept to Vespers
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