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Default Benedar Mondragon (Temp)

- Character Information -
Name: Benedar Mondragon
Titles, if any: Lord of Mirrormount
Age and Birthdate: 55, The 30th day of the 7th month in the year 275
Hometown/Area of Origin: Mirrormount, Westridge
Noble House and Affiliations: Lord of Mirrormount, sworn to Harrowmont

Height: 6’
Hair: Black (in his youth), but predominantly silver now
Eyes: Dark Brown
PB: David Strathairn

Personality: Benedar is a stubborn and boisterous man, ever stuck in his ways of thinking and never particularly possessed a desire to change his manner to please anybody for any reason. While he is not uncontrollably given to rants and fits of anger, he is not known to hold back when the occasion calls for it. In this, he is very much like his close friend, Keegan Vellfyre, whom he met in his youth first through his martial training and then during the Border Wars. He values honesty, but he also takes great pride in his family and is careful not to offend those who ought not be offended (see Harrowmonts, Vellfyres, etc.)

He is not particularly given to sentiment. He loves his family but he is terrible at showing this and readily admits this. He has grown to love his wife, but it was a slow process and was not the easiest. They still are not in the least bit compatible, and they butt heads in private often enough, their arguments often loud enough that it could hardly be called private, but he is extremely fond of her nonetheless. That has not stopped him from wandering frequently, but if she’s ever been jealous or displeased by it, he’s been oblivious. He is not a doting father, but he is a proud father, and he tries, in his way, to show his children that he loves them. He knows he fails more often than he succeeds, but he doesn’t know any other way.

He is a man who loves his drink and spends a good deal of his time in a wine-induced haze. However, when he is sober, he is taciturn and cerebral, detail oriented and strict in maintaining his high standards. His distrust of outsiders remains the same either way, and he is sure to always have scouts and soldiers patrolling to protect his people and their quiet way of life. His eyes are always on the West, his hatred and anger towards Elonia only growing with the years. The recent slaughter of his kin, the Fairdragons, have reignited a fervor in Benedar, and he has been outspoken in his desire to vengeance.

275: A boy is born to Izarn Mondragon and Veronica Fairdragon. Milknamed Neno.
278: Sister is born. Would be named Brianda
281: Brother Gerard is born.
282: Benedar is sent to begin his training with Kailan Vellfyre.
286: Brother Zezaro is born.
287: Sister Catalana is born.
289: Gerard begins his martial education.
292: Brianda leaves to serve as a lady-in-waiting to Lorna Harrowmont.
293: Is knighted after a tournament and is very proud. He leaves to take part in the Border Wars and while he is gone, he is married by proxy to Meryssa Sollis. Benedar witnesses his father’s murder during a battle. Cements his hatred towards Elonians. Develops a reputation as a merciless warrior among those who know him. Zezaro begins his martial education.
298: Returns home briefly to welcome Meryssa. Does not remain long after her arrival.
299: His first son is born. Lacked for ideas so just called him Boy for a year. His brother, Gerard, is knighted and joins them at the tail end of the wars. Participates in various raids and makes Benedar proud.
300: The Border Wars end… In name. They didn’t REALLY end though, did they? Benedar keeps ever an ear out for rumors of the peace talks and his notably pissed about them. Gerard does not readily return home and instead goes to Asserya. Benedar misses him but is not particular fussed about his choice. Dionis is born. Still didn’t know what to call Boy. Let his mother name him.
302: Aularia is born. Brianda returns home after serving Lorna Harrowmont with a bastard.
303: Catalana marries Horace Seyfert.
306: Jacen begins training with House Seyfert. His son, to be eventually named Jofre, is born. Zezaro is knighted.
308: Daughter born, to be named Ysabel.
310: Son born, to be named Valero.
312: Jacen becomes a squire to Prince Bryce.
315: His Aunt Irisa takes leave of her senses and adopts a child she found.
316: Decides to let his aunt keep the child. Gives her a name; Daphne
317: Jacen is knighted
319: Jacen marries Freya Harrowmont. In the celebratory tourney, his brother, Zezaro, dies.
320: Freya births a grand daughter they call Pumpkin
321: Pumpkin becomes Alia.
322: Gerard returns home.
324: Freya births a boy. Benedar negotiates a marriage between Valisa Stone and one of his favored knights. Brianda throws a fit, but gets overruled for once.
325: Sons go North to war. Jofre's wife dies in childbirth. Benedar weds off Tareza to a wealthy vassal's son despite his son’s objections.
326: Tareza's husband dies in battle. Catalana’s husband dies but she remains at court.
328: His son, Dionis dies in battle. He is grief stricken but does not outwardly show it.
330: Son returns from the Northern War. House Fairdragon is massacred by Elonian raiders, engraging Benedar as his cousins were slaughtered. In 12th Month, Valisa's husband is one of the first victims of the Merideen measles. On this note, the first sign of the Merideen measles sends people into a panic. Benedar enacts a quarantine of sorts, limiting travelers to what he deems necessary trade goods - but merchants, upon hearing of the illness, begin to avoid the city. Those that left were in some cases denied entry into other cities for fear of contamination. Fortunately, while their coffers were hit, it will not be completely devastating.
331: Cousin Marq dies of a fever, probably the Merideen measles.

Family Tree: See House Mondragon

Dylan Tanain - Favorite Servant
Ryder Northman - Squire
Danel Bernat - Page

- Player Information -
Name: Cee
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