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Default Kaelyn Harrowmont

- Character Information -
Name: Kaelyn Harrowmont
Titles, if any: Lady Kaelyn
Age and Birthdate: 7M 4, 314
Hometown/Area of Origin: Highclere Cross, Westridge
Noble House, Affiliations: Uncle is the Lord of Westridge
Position at Court: Lady-in-waiting to Lady Melantha

PB: Emilie de Ravin


As a child, she was a reckless wild thing that spent all her time running around outside barefoot with her brothers and cousins. Kaelyn loved life and living in the present, and she had an incredibly close relationship with her father who was rather soft hearted for a Harrowmont lord. Outside of her brothers, the young girl was closest with her cousin Parissa.

Things started to change when Parissa became ill. Kaelyn spent her time beside her bed, entertaining her through the long dull days spent inside. When she finally became better, life pretty much went to the way it was before, until Parissa left. She still hung onto her childhood antics, until her father left for war. Kaelyn needed to grow up, and be the mother their brothers had never had. Even when she had been alive the woman was cold and distant. At a young age she felt responsible for her younger brothers, which only got worse when her father died.

Kaelyn was destroyed when word came that her father was dead. She was miserable and locked herself in her room for days. Finally it was young Lucan who pulled her out. He needed her more than ever now. It was then Kaelyn became the woman she is today. She pulled herself out of her sorrow and pushed her own needs into the back of her mind. She knew she was now a burden on her uncle, and that she would likely be married to whomever was interested, so she decided to spend her time being less of a difficulty.

She threw herself into learning about being a lady. How to run a household, sewing and embroidery, but she still had a hunger for books. Kaelyn worked at becoming proper, turning away from her childhood pastimes of riding, archery, and falconry.

Kaelyn is very proper and follows strictly to the rules. She’s loyal to a fault though, and if her brothers or Parissa need her help, even if it’s with something scandalous, they can count on her help and secrecy. Kaelyn is very motherly. She worries often about those dear to her and does whatever she can to help them. And if you hurt them in any way, gods protect you from her wrath. The young lady can be seen as a bit of a stick in the mud, but if you get her to loosen up she can be really fun to be around. Her problem is she is always so tightly kept that she rarely allows herself to have fun. Her dearest friends and family come before her always.


314: First child to Domeric Harrowmont and his wife, a woman from a Westridge noble house. Given the milk name Dandelion.

315: Given the name Kaelyn. Her younger brother is born, given the milk name Yip due to the noises he makes that sounds like a dog yipping. Summer Fever sweeps through, luckily leaving the family unscathed.

316: Brother is named Edric.

319: Youngest brother is born, her mother shortly after. He is given the milk name Fluffy since he has a lot of hair.

320: Brother is named Lucan and all three are sent to Highclere cross. Kaelyn grows closer with her cousin Parissa who comes down with pneumonia. Spends most of her time at her bedside keeping her company.

323: Her dear friend and cousin Parissa and her brother Jonathor are sent to Southshores after Kaelyn’s aunt dies in childbirth. She dearly dearly misses them both. With more free time, she discovers a love for books and begins spending more time indoors doing lady like things rather than running around outside with her brothers.

324: Spends most of her time studying and helping watch her brothers and younger cousins. Writes Parissa and her other cousins in the Southshores often, sending them small remembrances from home.

325: Domeric leaves with the other men for war. Kaelyn is beside herself since her father is very dear to her. Promises to take good care of her brothers while he’s gone.

327: Receives news that her father has fallen in battle. Becomes overwhelmed by grief. Quickly matures to take care of her brothers, especially Lucan. Edric becomes more distant.

328: Many others die in Zaksebar. It seems as though she only ever wears white any more. Takes more interest in learning how to run a household and studies reverently and helps Lucan with his studies.

329: Edric is sent to squire for King Rothgar. She misses him desperately and probably writes too often.

330 Early: Parissa is summoned back to Westridge and Kaelyn meets her along with their other cousins. She’s changed drastically since their childhood, but Kaelyn does her best to be a good friend to her.

330 8M: Parissa is engaged to Prince Jason. Kaelyn accompanies her to Tal Volorro, sent away to avoid the fighting. It’s a tearful goodbye from Lucan, but she promises to write. Edric is distant, but she manages to get him to warm up a bit for the first time since their father died.

330 12M: Becomes a lady-in-waiting to Lady Melantha. Parissa is married to Prince Jason. Red Fever appears in the city and it is quarantined. Kaelyn spends her time attending to Lady Melantha, but spends as much time as she can helping care for Parissa. Her illness worries her.

331 1M: Parissa is finally well and the illness begins to subside through the whole city as the quarantine is ended. She avoids the executions. She is not a fan bloodshed.

331 2M-3M: Accompanies Lady Melantha with the court on their travels.

A maid/attendant

It was such a dreary day. Rain poured outside and sent a hard chill over the suffering city. Kaelyn sat within her chambers, next to the warm embrace of the hearth. Since half the city had grown ill with this fever, the world seemed to turn faster. There was always bandages to be washed and someone to be cared for. But it seemed today that the rain pulled everything to a standstill. Lady Melantha had no need for her, Parissa was being attended to by magisters, and it seemed like no one needed Kaelyn for a moment. So the girl did just what she had been longing to do for weeks. Curling up in her favorite chair by the fireplace, picking up a book, and spending a few hours enraptured by the story hidden between it’s pages.

The still silence of the room was disrupted by a gentle knock at the door. Clear blue eyes looked up toward the sound and she leaned forward from her reclined position. “Come in.” Her maid appeared from behind the heavy wooden door. “Pardon me mi’lady. Lord Edric has asked for an audience with you,” the young girl said quietly. Kaelyn closed her book and dropped her feet to the floor and smiled. “Thank you, please send him in,” she said delicately. The girl disappeared and her younger brother appeared where she had been.

It seemed as if he had aged years since the last time she had seen him. He was growing taller, sharing her height now, and his arms were showing the effects of his squire training. It seemed only yesterday he was stumbling around on toddler legs behind her and Parissa as they ran around the courtyards of Highclere Cross. The young man walked in and sat on the chaise sighing. “I had some time since everyone is busy with caring for the sick people. I didn’t really want to be around all that so I figured I’d come sit with you, if that’s alright,” the boy said, running his hand nervously through curled hair. The two had been distant since their father died, but Kaelyn still cared greatly for him.

“Of course Edric, would you like a book of your own or shall I read aloud?” Kaelyn said calmly, smiling to the younger man. She reopened her book to where she had been. “You can read aloud, I think I would rather take a short nap.” Edric laid down on the chaise, raising one of his booted legs to prop on the end of it. Kaelyn sighed contentedly and picked up reading where she had left off, this time aloud to help lull her young brother to sleep.

- Player Information -
Name: Ann
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kaelyn harrowmont

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