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The Oracles
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Default 3.29 Storm Damage

We will begin a thread for the storm, which you may then reply to and branch off from into new threads as you want. As usual, the results we list out below are minimum: you can make your character's fate worse but not better. When it comes to the retinue/possession damage, we tried to make it proportional since some characters have extensive retinues and others have some trunks and maybe one servant, if not less.

We arranged these results according to the tents where possible, but as usual we don't say how things happen: that's up to you. You can sort out with the others in that tent about how damage happened. Or you can have your character caught out in the storm for some reason, too close to the door, on the wrong side of a tent rope that comes flying up... there's a lot of things

If your character doesn't appear on this list, you made a lucky roll and escaped minimum damage! Sacrifice something small and fluffy to the gods. Check the Tent Arrangements as well if you want further ideas about who might be where.

Rothgar's Second Tent:
-- Oliver: a deep laceration, severe bruising. His trunk is damaged, some clothes ruined.

Jason's First Tent:
-- Jason: 1 servant dies, a horse is lost, tent is destroyed, some trunks broken and some clothes ruined. Broken camp furniture, assorted mayhem.
-- Parissa: bruises, dress ruined

Parissa's Tent:
-- Zanara: Deep laceration, broken rib, bruising.

Melantha's 1st Tent:
-- Melantha: a concussion, broken arm, severe bruising. One attendant badly knocked about, one with head trauma. Some trunks are broken, contents soaked, partially ruined.
-- Salindra: Deep laceration, broken rib, bruising.
-- Lucia: Maid injured, her horse dies, and one of her favorite books is ruined.
-- Kaelyn: Maid injured, her horse bolts from its shelter and runs right into a bramble patch, resulting in one severe scratch down his back so she will not be able to ride him for a week. One trunk is damaged, clothing/contents is wet.

Lenore's Tent:
-- Lenore: Maid dies, loses two trunks entirely- contents ruined or lost.
-- Bryony: Cuts and bruises, dress ripped. Loses her horse, her maid gets a concussion, and 1 trunk is broken, clothing soaked.

Tyana's Tent:

-- Tyana: Maid dies, loses her horse, camp furniture broken and tent damaged.
-- Amina: Damaged trunks, clothes soaked.

Rhaegar's Tent:
-- Rhaegar: broken ribs, severe bruising.
-- Elinor: 1 trunk broken, maid injured.

Kain's Tent:
-- Kain: Concussion, bruising.

Jayme's Tent:
-- Jayme: Squire concussed, helm may get a new dent.

Audisia's Tent:
-- Natalia: Cuts and bruises, dress ruined.

Thane's Tent:

-- Thane: Lost horse, dead servant. Tent destroyed. Several items of camp furniture broken and some clothes/trunks ruined.

Jeharraz Tent:
-- Jeharraz: cuts and bruises, clothes ruined.

Malleus' Tent:

-- Malleus: Ruined clothes, severely mussed hair, perhaps a light bruise. One attendant badly knocked about, one with a broken hand, a couple trunks damaged/contents wet.
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(The) Khaleesi
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Updated to include Kaelyn's results!
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