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Foreigners & Heathen Enemies Notes on the lands and peoples beyond Edolon's borders.
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Default Rhegedren

Rhegedren (island to the southeast) (Rhegedrene, Rheggish)
-- Ruled by High King Aedric Riothamus, called Breaksword. Successor unknown at this time.

--Mostly cursed as pirates for the last century, in the last thirty years the island has slowly been united and now is ruled by a High King. Rhegedrene pirates have become a rarity.

--Chief exports include fine wool that is highly prized in Meridiez and cooler climes, and tin.

--Merediez and Rhegedren have been partners in trade or bitter enemies by turn since before Asserya, and Meridian Emperors have often played one Rhegedrene warlord against another- have even invaded once or twice. Likewise, Rhegedrene troops have invaded Meridiez on occasion. Their merchants oftentimes may curse one another soundly before drawing up a contract.

-- Currently the two realms are at peace, and have been for fifteen years. It is rumored that Meridiez’ Prince Asim sailed back from the wars in secret on a Rhegedrene ship to surprise his scheming brother, and that Asim has been even more keen on making and keeping peace with Rhegedren than his predecessors.

--Rhegedrene custom does not allow for primogeniture- a chieftain or king chooses his own successor, sometimes setting tests or challenges to determine one. These tests range from purely symbolic to insanely dangerous. In the northern part of the island thanks to Asseryan influence, the successor will become the adopted son (or, on occasion, daughter) of the leader in question.

--Only the northern part of the isle was conquered in Asseryan times, and they were the first to successfully repel the Empire’s forces.

--The Faith has made no inroads on the isle- though many priests have sailed there, few have been heard from again. Little is known of Rhegedrene beliefs beyond their reverence for tribal or familial ancestral gods. They have some reverence for wandering singers and respect laws of hospitality to strangers.

-- Some Asseryan scholars claimed the island was the last remnant of the ancient and largely forgotten Altaean Empire but there is much debate on that point. Modern scholars insist that proof of this is shown in the strange Rhegredene laws which allow women to conduct businesses in their own names: a sure sign of uncivilized thought.

--Rhegedrene ships are capable and the captains knowledgeable as they have been known to sail to the far north and return with exotic hides and strange treasures from the fabled lands beyond Zaksebar, but they have seldom traded directly with Edolon, though their merchants have begun to appear in Southshores more regularly the last ten years, perhaps due to their more steady peace with Meridiez.
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