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Default Carolei Vikary

- Character Information -
Name: Carolei Vikary
Titles, if any: Former Lady of Snakewood
Age and Birthdate: almost 24 (15 4M, 307)
Hometown/Area of Origin: Cliffton, Kinsgsreach
Noble House, Affiliations: House Vikary of Cliffton, cousin to Princess Ziamara
Position at Court: Lady-of-the-Chamber to Princess Parissa

Appearance: 5'6, golden hair and bright blue eyes. Her figure's a touch athletic from time spent riding and walking about the countryside and minding the business of a remote household. Her hair is carefully kept and conditioned because who cares where you live, a lady must have standards.

PB: Hannah New

Personality: Carolei is outgoing and eager for friends, fun and gossip. She likes to laugh and spares very little apparent thought for the serious things in life- at least in public.

Some people call Carolei sweet, and in general she would like to live up to such a descriptor- she tries to be thoughtful and consider other people's comforts and amusement as much as her own (she does not always succeed). Inquisitive is another word for her: she is always curious and sometimes that can lend her to being a bit of a gossip. She would claim it's just force of habit for someone who grew up around the royal court.

307: Born. Milknamed Peach.
308: Named. Older brother Ryam is sent off to be a page. Bye, bro. It's just meee--- oh wait.
309: Younger brother born. Hog. He is smelly and he squeals and it's upsetting.

313: Ryam is squired to a Fairwind somewhere. More importantly, Carolei is fostered to Tal Volorro, joining the pack of royal wards and fosterlings. She does get to see her father more but that's not half as important as everything else.
314: During a visit home, she manages to keep Hog (now Luceon) from falling down stairs and he seems to like her after this. It's kind of flattering, and she gradually decides he is not the worst thing to ever happen in the history of the world.
315: The Summer Fever sweeps through the land and Carolei is likewise swept off to Summerhall with the rest of the royal wards and children.
317: Luceon is fostered with House Sollis.
318: Myles Fairchild is born to King Rothgar and his current mistress. Carolei is aware of her father bristling over this for some reason.
319: Ryam gets himself knighted. Carolei's betrothal to Arion Dane is announced- he is heir to Snakewood, a prosperous holding located on the Kingsroad to Blacktide (vassals to Kingsport), who have plenty of ties to a lot of the merchant houses in Blacktide and Kingsport.
321: Watches Prince Jason's knighting, and later cheers when he wins a melee. Why don't her brothers ever make such showings in tourneys? Life is so not fair.
322: Carolei is wed to Arion but continues to reside in Tal Volorro as a lady-in-waiting to Lady Whitney Wolfe. Her cousin Prince Rollant is wed to Elizabeth Ambrosios, and Caroeli revels in the party and the fact she gets to be in the wedding procession- soooo much bigger than her own smaller revel in Cliffton.

324: Carolei finally takes her place as a lady wed in Snakewood. Arrives just in time to meet her goodsister Cara then witness her death in childbirth.
325: Ryam and everybody else goes off to fight in the war. Including Arion. Carolei is not happy.
326: Lord Everard dies and Carolei becomes Lady Dane but before her husband can be informed, a glorious victory (or so they tell her) in some gods-forsaken hell plane named Ongol Valley sees her husband wounded. His leg refuses to heal, and they send him home. The time on a ship nearly kills him but he makes it to Snakewood. His healing rapidly improves but it becomes clear he may never ride again.
327: Luceon is knighted after some business with Edric Sollis' hounds and a boar. She is proud and brings him gifts including new saddle and new jousting tunics so he'll make a good showing in the tourneys. Her husband's recovery leads him to foolishly try to do more than he should have and he suffers an attack of some kind at table during the autumn feasts. He never regains consciousness and dies four days later. Carolei is inconsolable.
328: Her father gets almost as inconsolable about Ryam being wounded. Carolei returns home and decides to remain to help her mother in managing the estate, letting Arion's uncle manage Snakewood on behalf of Mors, who has yet to return. Her cousin Prince Rollant dies in Abat Charn this year, and she spends a lot of time writing letters to Ziamara, but her cousin seems even less consolable than Caro was about losing her husband.
329: Ryam returns home, he and Carolei get into a giant fight. She sort of forgives him, but not really.
330: Luceon takes Ryam's place. Carolei blames Ryam. 7M sees everyone returning home: Luceon, her goodbrothers, the whole wide world seems more crowded with half-forgotten faces. Luceon manages to get himself named as falconer at court, and Carolei is called on to join Princess Parissa's household, but is delayed as she must take Zara (Arion's niece) back to Snakewood to remain there until Carolei's settled with the princess. She finds the city gates closed for quarantine.
331: Ryam's engagement to Elinor Vellfyre is officially dissolved. The world's getting less crowded as the fever sweeps up the coast and through the land. It seems to burn itself out. In 2M, Carolei AT LAST can make it into the city to take up her place in the court.

Family Tree:

*<s>Everard</s> (b.269-326) m. <s>Grania Pellam</s> (b.277-301)
---*<s>Arion</s> (b.296-327) m. Carolei Vikary
---((Mors)) (b.297) m. <s>Cara ????</s> (b.304-324, d. in childbirth)
------ Zara (b.324)
--- Owain (b.299), a knight
Serena _______ (b.273)
Dristan (b.277) m. ????
---Elowyn ______ (b.300)
---Balin (b.303), a priest
---Ryence (b.309), a knight errant
Olga VAUGHN (b.280), a widow, a priestess in Kingsport.

Mya - her maid. Mid 30's, quiet demeanor.
Zara - her husband's niece, age 6. A very sweet, pretty child, who Carolei tends to treat rather like a pet. She even does tricks.
Berenice - Zara's nurse, a lady of middle years who is stern but affectionate.
Selene Applewood - lady-in-waiting, age 18, her father is sworn to House Dane.

- Player Information -
Name: Summer
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