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Foreigners & Heathen Enemies Notes on the lands and peoples beyond Edolon's borders.
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Default Trimeris

Trimeris (to the west and south) (Trimeran, Trimerid)

-- Name comes from Asseryan, meaning Three Rulers (Tri-Mahri)- as ancient Trimeris was one kingdom ruled by a triumvirate. The Asseryans conquered them, and split the land among three vicarii, and when the Empire was weakening, those same officials rebelled and kept their power, naming themselves kings in their own right.

-- Considerably larger and more acquisitive than Meridiez or Edolon, but Trimeris was the first to suffer from the Zakish incursions and helped to broker the accords between Meridiez and Edolon so that all three kingdoms could unite to push back the heathens.

--Trimeris has been on mostly friendly terms with Edolon for the last thirty years, when House Vellfyre assisted the Trimeran King Boabdil the Great to conquer the warlord Alzaran and thus secured the border of the two lands- there have been no border skirmishes of any note between the two lands since then.

-- The capital city of Serren was Serenei, Renada's was Emberlayne, Elonia's was Kamorra. The Boabdil and Lindaraxa hold a traveling court but their primary residence is in Aventhall, lying to the east side of the kingdom not far from the northern coast.

-- Trimeris being west and parts of it reaching more north than Edolon, it experiences a slightly warmer climate, with almost unbearably warm summers and very mild winters.

-- Three kingdoms (Serren, Renada, Elonia) who are only just settling into a joined rule after a King Boabdil of Serren and a Queen Lindaraxa of Renada united their lands with their marriage, and conquered the third kingdom of Elonia and its last warlord, Alzaran- with help from Edolon.

--Currently ruled by the elderly King Boabdil and Queen Lindaraxa, both now past their seventieth years, but few doubt there will be any interruptions to the rule when it passes to their eldest child, Prince Hassan.

-- Anyone bearing the name Aldarayth or Firuzahn (or their children) is titled Prince/ss, in formal announcements the children of the king and queen are referred to as Prince/ss Royal. Other Trimerid nobles are referred to as Lord or Lady.

-- Trimeris practices equal primogeniture in theory but often female heirs will be pushed aside in favor of their brothers.

-- Culturally, Trimeris has become more martial-oriented in the last hundred years as the three kingdoms battled one another, their neighbors and foreign powers. Even females in Trimeris often receive cursory training in weapons, and there are many jests that Trimerans wed their knives as well as their spouses. Trimerid horsemanship is a celebrated even beyond their own borders- mostly it has been a product of learning from the Zaksalam enemies they have been fighting.

-- Both before and under Asseryan rule, Trimeran nobles sometimes wed first cousins, the children of their siblings or on occasion wedded sibling to sibling, a habit some historians say is one of the vestiges of the Altaean Empire which fell a thousand years ago. The practice still persists though it is not as ubiquitous as it once was, with the nobles seeking to forge alliances across the old borders.

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Default The Ruling Houses


Boabdil (b.256) m. Lindaraxa (b.259)
-----Attenolfus (b.274-284)
-----Hassan (b.275, 56) m. Gauzia (b.280-305) m. Afiya (b.295)
----------Annaia (b.295, 36) m. Kasim, killed in battle
---------------Sanzia (b.314-326), killed in Zakish ambush
---------------Thecia (b.315, 16)
---------------Landricus (b.317, 14), a squire
----------Diaco (b.297, 33) m. Rixenda
---------------Ysabellis (b.316, 15), a shieldmaid
---------------Leonora (b.325, 6)
----------Xain (b.301, 30) m. Sarana
---------------Reynard (b.317, 14)
---------------Isfandiyar (b.320, 11), a scholar
----------Alesine(b.305, 26), a widow and shieldmaid.
----------Perizad (b.312, 19)
----------Siraj (b.315, 16), a knight
-----Avolhacem (b.276-327, 55) m. ??? (b.285)
----------Lorenco (b.302, 29), a scholar
----------Alsarana (b.307, 24), a widow
-----Chirazadh (280-304, 51) m ??? (b.270)
----------Violante (b.304, 27), a widow
-----Adelaisa (b.282-311, 49) m ???
----------Aiora (b.302-324, 29) m.??? - died in Zakish attacks
---------------Nicolau (b.318, 13)
----------Bastian (b.305, 26)
----------Lindara (b. 309, 22)
-----Bashir (b.284-300, 45, d. in the last days of the Border Wars)
-----Rayz (b.286, 45) m. ???
----------Jarem (b.308, 23) m. Valencia Vellfyre (b.306)
-----Dania (b.287-326, 44, in an ambush.) m. ???
----------Alazais (b. 309, 22)
-----Vasco (b.291-323, 40, in battle) m. ???
----------Bashir (b.314, 17), a knight

FIRUZAHN (Rulers of Renada)
Lindaraxa (b.259) m. Boabdil
Amira (b.262-297, 69) m. ???
-----Faraj (b.275-323, 56, d. in Zakish attacks) m. ???
-----Vaasco (b.280-299, 51, d. in Border Wars) m. ???
----------Laurana (b.298, 33) m. ???
---------------Shyra (b.316, 15)
---------------Theodor (b.320, 11)
-----Urraca (b.282, 49) m. ???
----------Berren (b.304-329, 27)
---------------Zara (b.323, 8)
----------Yelena (b.308, 23)
-----Airas (b.285-328, 46, d. in Asserya) m. ???
----------Martym (b.310, 21) m. Tarra
---------------Baby Girl (b.330)
----------Sansa (b.314, 16)
----------Quentyn (b.316, 15), a squire
Zane (b.265-300) m. ???
-----Tryston b.285
-----Tytos b.286

ALDARAYTH (Rulers of Serren)
Zahira (b.253-273, d. in battle)
-----Jalil (b.272-281, d. a hostage in Elonia)
Boabdil (b.256)
Merrek (b.257-274, d. in Border Wars)
-----Idris Aldarayth (b.275, legitimized by Boabdil) m. ????
------- Merrek (b.305-324, d. in Asserya) m. ????
--------- Dania (b.323)
------- Lindaraxa (b.310) m. ????
------- Hassan (b.314)
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