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Default Oliver Meadows

- Character Information -
Name: Oliver Meadows
Titles, if any: Not unless you count the name of Meadows as a title. Or champion eater and drinker. Or Purveyor and Teller of Bawdy Tales and Jokes.
Age and Birthdate: Thirty years of age. Born on the ninth month, the third day, in the year 300.
Hometown/Area of Origin: Tal Volorro (the slummy part, since he was a year old), Kingsreach
Noble House, Affiliations: Serves the House of Vellfyre
Position at Court: Court Fool

On his right cheek you might notice a scar. This is from a night of drunken revelry…he dropped a wine bottle, passed out, and fell right on the glass. Though the tales on how he received the scar vary depending on who he talks to. People tend to like tales of valor, and thus, that what he tends toward.

PB: Peter Dinklage

The gods saw fit to touch him with what some might call an affliction. He is only four feet, five inches tall, and has spent the whole of his life looking up to men, women, and in most cases, children. But whereas most might see it as a curse, he sees it as an advantage. People have underestimated him his entire life because of his height, and through his trials and his hardships, he has learned to develop quite the snarky, clever tongue and sense of humor to get through the hard days and the hard nights. He feels this is what he has to offer: he won’t be a warrior, or a learned man, so he can bring laughter to people at the expense of himself and others (if called upon to do so).

Honesty is also his curse. Which is why the position of fool is a bit of a perfect one for him. Nobles tend to ask and expect honesty from him, and he offers it in spades, but in a rather humorous manner. Think of him as the ultimate comedian…his honesty and insults can be taken as all part of an act.

With all this, it may seem like the man doesn’t know how to be anything but funny and humorous. However, if called upon to be serious, he can be serious. It may take him quite a bit of wine to get through such drudgery and boredom, however.

Ninth month, 300: a tiny baby is born to a maid working in a noble house, the result of a night of passion between her and the lord of the house. His head is a bit large, and his arms and legs a bit small. He should have been immediately dumped in an orphanage or somewhere where he could be left to die, but the mother could not bear to part with the tiny little boy, and immediately gave him the milkname of Tiny (yes, quite original).
Ninth month, 301: the baby is named Oliver. His mother dies, and rather than care for a child he cares not for, the lord of the house sends Oliver to an orphanage. It happens to be in Volorro because he wants the “little troll” as far away from him as possible.
301-308: As the child grows, it is quite clear that he is not to be a giant amongst men. He is tortured for not only being a bastard child and being dumped, but also for being a dwarf and being of small stature. If you ask him about his early years, he won’t like to talk of them much.
309: The gods bless him with the beginnings of a sense of humor and a silver tongue. Though they don’t spare him from the beatings and torments of the other orphaned children that he lives with, however.
310: He comes down with such a crippling fever that it looks like the gods might take him. Apparently the gods have some kind of humor to keep him in this world, for he survives.
312: An owner of a brothel takes an interest in him. Apparently they’re looking for additional entertainment for the guests. No, not that kind of entertainment…one to go around to the guests while they’re waiting to be serviced, wipe down tables, serve wine, and tell bawdy jokes.
313: As a reward for his thirteenth birthday, he receives a present: a tumble in the bed with the prettiest whore the brothel has to offer. He performs quite adequately. In spite of his inexperience, she seemed…um…quite satisfied.
315: The gods seem to like giving him fever. Once again he is afflicted by it. Once again, he survives it.
316-319: Much of the same—work at the brothel, entertain, and perhaps sneak off into bed with a whore or two.
319-324: A nobleman at court just so happens to visit the very brothel Oliver works at, a young lord of about twenty years of age named Jacob Achard. And wouldn’t you know it? He is quite amused by Oliver’s wit and charms. Jacob spends a lot of time at the brothel over the years, and Oliver and he become rather close friends.

In the year 324, Jacob brings him to court to introduce him to the king, and thus begins his employment as court fool.
325: War, war, war. A shame Jacob had to leave to go fight. Oh, and by the way…more war. Since he can’t fight, he does his best to keep the remainder of those who have been left behind in good spirits.
328: A bad harvest year…well, at least it’s not fever or the plague? There’s a positive in everything, he guesses.

330: The men come back from war (thankfully Jacob, though the lad is a lot quieter now), though not all of them (Prince Rollant being one of them). In spite of the losses, they are compensated by all the many celebrations and parties…these are right up Oliver’s alley.
Twelfth month, 330: A wedding early on between Prince Jason and the now Princess Parissa. Drinks all around!

People start contracting the plague. For once, the gods decide to spare him.

The Misrule Celebrations were the scene of a rather nasty fight between two lordlings, Kalden and Kain. Though he does think it quite impressive Kalden could fight drunk, he also thinks him an idiot boy who can’t hold his liquor. Made for fine amusement though.

Princess Whitney is the first to fall to this plague, and Prince Bryce also loses his daughter a few days into the next year.

Many succumb to the plague’s effects. So much sickness and sorrow abounds, and he doubts anyone would like any jokes while they’re moaning about in bed with the fever, so he quarantines himself, in a sense.
331: People are still quarantined from the plague, and now, chaos in the temples. He knows he’ll have to make sure he’s quite entertaining especially during these times, or else he’ll be tossed out on his arse.

Family Tree: N/A
Information on the Family: N/A

Retinues are not for the likes of fools.

- Player Information -
Name: Brandy
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