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Default Elizabeth Ambrosios

- Character Information -

Name: Elizabeth Ambrosios
Titles, if any: Lady
Age and Birthdate: 5th month, 23rd day, year 303
Hometown/Area of Origin: Iron Shore
Noble House, Affiliations: House Ambrosios, House Vellfyre (serving)
Position at Court: Lady-in-waiting to Princess Valencia


Elizabeth is not a great beauty, but she is pleasing enough and usually has a nice smile. Her hair is nearly black, but her eyes are a bright, sparkling blue, and she considers them her best feature. Next to the more pronounced loveliness of the others at court, she’s less noticeable. But her sharp humor and quick wit means she’s remembered well by those who actually get to know her.
PB: Jessica Brown Findley

Born after three brothers and a sister, Elizabeth grew up tough rather than babied. Her mother died before she was named, and she has no memory of her. Her sister Miranda was the far prettier of the two daughters, and the more girlish; Elizabeth learned how to ride, fight, and wrestle with her brothers. Eventually, she showed an aptitude for numbers from her overseer father, which contributed to her fosterage with House Wolfe. Practical and hardworking, Elizabeth excelled at the schooling she was given with the Wolfes, and counted on a future as the wife of a prosperous merchant. She had the leeway to develop a wicked sense of humor, to be easygoing and without guile. Perhaps it was the lack of influence from a mother, or just the nature of the town of Iron Shores, but she was rather far removed from a polished court lady.

She first met Rollant when he came to foster with the Wolfe family as well. She only saw him distantly, as they held different roles, and she knew she wasn’t of the same class as he was, even if he was a bastard. He was still the king’s son, after all. Still, she developed a crush on the young prince, taking it with her back to Iron Shore like a little secret. Never in a million years did she think it would come to anything. She had an extended flirtation with one of the Wolfe cousins, enough that she thought her father might negotiate a marriage there. When it didn’t pan out, she merely shrugged her shoulders and went on with her life.

Rather, her father’s dealings are what brought Elizabeth to the idea of the court, as far as she believes. Her sister Miranda, beautiful to the last, succumbed to a sickness, and it thrust Elizabeth into a household position she didn’t want. Shortly after her sister died, Elizabeth started paying attention to the rumors and the gossip. Before then, it was something that the lovelier Miranda occupied herself with. No one had doubted that Miranda would make a good match, but Elizabeth? She would make someone a solid partner, and that was that. She had counted on Miranda to be the face for their House, the hostess, the lady. When she died, Elizabeth was not only grieved, she was bereft. She had never realized how much she relied on her older sister, in the absence of a mother.

For reasons Elizabeth was never able to verify, her betrothal to Rollant was announced, and it stuck. The more practical side of her could make lists and weigh the factors, but she always had that bit of doubt at the back of her mind. Was there some reason House Ambrosios was chosen to ally with the king in such a way? Elizabeth wasn’t a fool; she knew that Rollant had clashed with his father at least once, and been banished. Perhaps this was merely a way to marry him to a decent vassal house, without offending anyone. After all, House Ambrosios was a small house and jumped at the chance, she was sure. At the same time, she disliked the implication that Ambrosios were only good enough for a bastard prince. Perhaps they were little more than a merchant House, but she was proud of her family and where she had come from.

Still, Elizabeth got to marry someone she already had feelings for, and that was a sight better than most of the women she knew. Their wedding was much more enjoyable than she expected, complete with a rather exciting tourney that she secretly liked more than the other aspects. Furthermore, she actually thrived at suddenly having a large household of her own to manage; books and numbers were a delight, and she knew how to motivate her servants and running a tight ship, so to speak. She only faltered when she had to deal with politics now and then. It was a steep learning curve, from a family-run business in Iron Shore to a palace rife with innuendo and rumor.

Although her marriage wasn’t as ideal as a romantic would have it, Elizabeth’s initial attraction to her husband grew into genuine care. She had to admit that she was never really in love with Rollant, but she developed a deep affection and bond. He was outspoken, sometimes abrasive, and passionate, and those were all qualities she complemented. She became pregnant only a few months after their wedding, and was happy to be starting a family, but it started to go downhill from there.

Only two months in, a winter fever caused her to lose the baby. Then the Trimeris queen came, turning their thoughts towards war. Rollant was already pulling away from her, his attention on the fight to be had, alongside his brother, Prince Jason, so it was no surprise when he was among the first to head out to the front. His letters were infrequent; the news always ratcheting up her worry. Then they became even more scarce, then stopped altogether. Those last few months until she received the final word were full of dread, so much that Elizabeth was almost relieved when she knew for sure. Rollant was dead; she was a widow before her thirtieth year.

The problem now, really, is that Elizabeth is just….there. She was Rollant’s wife long enough for it to make a difference, and she was rather firmly entrenched as Valencia’s lady-in-waiting. But she simply wasn’t very notable. She’s pretty sure that the king forgets she’s around; she is always seated somewhere several tables away from her late husband’s family among whatever Ambrosios’ were attending court at that time. Sometimes, she was glad to be sitting near a Wolfe or two, as she felt a kinship to them. But Elizabeth wonders if she’s simply going to be stuck as Rollant’s widow, haunting the castle until she died. She chafes at it, this relegation of her person, but she is torn between wanting to return to Iron Shores or hoping she can salvage a life in Vellesca. After all, it had become her home. Either way, Elizabeth might be quiet, but she certainly was not content to watch the future pass her by.


Fifth month, 303: The fifth child of Isiah and Rixenda Ambrosios, and a second daughter, she comes into the world quiet and alert. Because of pensive nature as a baby, she is nicknamed Blue. Her mother eventually succumbs to a fever before she is a year old.

304: She survives her first year and is given the name Elizabeth.

309: Her oldest brother Cael becomes a squire to House Wolfe.

311: Her brother Taran sires a bastard son at 16, her nephew Gabriel. Elizabeth is sent to foster with House Wolfe of Blacktide, far away from the now juicy gossip.

312: James Vellfyre dies suddenly. Even the Iron Shore is affected, and there is much talk. It is too far away from Elizabeth’s day to day life to think much on it.

314: Prince Rollant, becomes a squire to William Wolfe of Blacktide. Elizabeth meets him in passing and develops a crush.

315: Her niece Trinity is born. A fever sweeps through Southshores, but it miraculously never makes it to Iron Shore. Cael married Madeline Veracora, which Elizabeth thought was pretty romantic.

316: Her niece Isabella is born, but her goodsister, Madeline, dies in childbirth. Her brother is distraught and vows not to remarry.

317: Elizabeth angles for a betrothal to one of the Wolfe cousins, which to her seems like a very good arrangement. Her father tells her she should think higher, which makes no sense to her at all.

318: She hears that Rollant is knighted.

319: Her older, and only, sister Miranda perishes at age 19. It is the same year her niece Judith is born. For all that Elizabeth is pleased to have another niece, she is very broken up about her sister’s death.

321: Freya Fairchild is sent to be fostered with Elizabeth’s family. Elizabeth immediately takes to the young girl. At the same time, Elizabeth’s bethrothal to Prince Rollant Fairchild is announced. Elizabeth is completely floored, but as the only living daughter from the Ambrosios line between her father and his two brothers, she assumes it makes sense. All her cousins’ daughters were too young to pledge yet. Her dowry probably did not hurt, either. Her uncle Logan dies just after the announcement.

322: Eight years after she first met him, Elizabeth marries Prince Rollant Fairchild. Kellan Vellfyre is knighted at their wedding. Elizabeth brings Freya with her to court, seeing it as an opportunity to assist her young friend.

323: Her nephew Eric is born. Elizabeth becomes a lady-in-waiting to Princess Valencia, her good-sister (half, anyway). Elizabeth also becomes pregnant at this time, but has a miscarriage after two months.

324: Queen Lindaraxa of Trimeris visits Edolon, and there are talks about impending war.

325 - Edolon joins other kingdoms in allying against the Zakish horde. Her husband, Prince Rollant, leaves for Zaksebar with the rest of the royal forces.

328: Rollant dies during the siege at Abat-Charn. Elizabeth is devastated; she is supported by many friends and family but it only lessens the grief a little bit. Freya comforts her, but Elizabeth sees that Freya is distraught over her family’s losses as well, and she dismisses her so she can recover with those family members she has left. There are riots in Blacktide; House Wolfe puts them down.

329: Elizabeth’s father dies in battle. Her lady, Princess Valencia, marries but by proxy, so they remain at court.

330: Her cousin Shawn joins her at court, becoming the squire to Ryam Vikary. Elizabeth promises to look out for him.


Handmaiden, Isobel

Handmaiden, Brielle

Magister, Tren Vasili

- Player Information -

Name: Mel
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