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Default Natalia Seyfert

Name: Natalia Seyfert
Titles, if any: Lady Natalia of House Seyfert
Age and Birthdate: 19, born the twenty-second day of the eighth month 311
Hometown/Area of Origin: Delving in Kingsreach
Noble House, Affiliations: Daughter to the lord of Delving

Height: 5'2"
Eyes: Light Brown
Hair: Dark Brown. Sometimes she lightens it.
PB: Camilla Belle

There is definitely an old soul in Natalia Seyfert. Her tastes have definitely become mature and she does have a great passion for finery and fashion. It was a taste that she developed later in life, but she threw herself into it with everything she had and made up for any lost time. A social butterfly to the core, Natalia enjoys the company of the courtiers and can mostly adapt to whatever group she happens to be associating with the time. There are exceptions to the rule, of course. While she might say otherwise, she loves listening to gossip and in this way is able to keep in mind who she ought not be affiliated with. It won't do to associate with somebody who is out of favor. Her refusal to associate with certain people has earned her a reputation as a snob among some. There are others who would also call her a prude, a rumor perpetuated by a jilted lord who was denied her hand in marriage, but Natalia believes that these people are just jealous or upset because for one reason or another she chose not to consort with them. On that bright note, while she is certainly friendly and extremely loyal to those she considers to be her closest confidants, she can, at times, be a bit conceited...

Though she is charismatic, she is not extremely talkative. Not unless she knows you well enough will she warm up with lively conversation. Otherwise, she is more the observant type, speaking when spoken to and offering her opinion only when asked. It is important to her that she maintain a respectable appearance not just in looks but in actions, which is mostly why she does choose to remain quiet most of the time. The more one speaks, the easier it is to say something that is not considered wise or tactful. It is, therefore, very reasonable to say that she thinks before she speaks

Though she exudes confidence in abundance, beneath it all, she is deeply insecure about herself, being her harshest critic. She fears that she pretends to be smarter than she actually is and therefore is constantly striving to better herself in any way that she can. She attributes this all to being nineteen, still young and still needing to experience much before she can truly call herself a woman of wisdom. She has a bad habit of trying to grow up far too fast, much to the displeasure of her father and brothers. Her passion for learning has extended so far as to teach her reading, music, and history - conversation topics that she finds to be the most readily needed at social events. Natalia is not a musician, however, but can go in length about music history and has an ear for what sounds good or what does not. That ear has taught her well that she should probably not try to sing as a profession. . . ever.

Sadly, she is not all wisdom and feminine meekness. Being the only girl among boys, her father and mother tended to spoil her... Though they are rare now, when she was younger, she threw no small amount of tantrums when things did not go her way. These were not at all put off, and rather positively reinforced as she often got what she wanted if for no other reason than to make her stop throwing her childish fits. And this is why her father allowed her to train. At first, Natalia imagined her skills becoming so good as to rival all the knights in Edolon... and it wasn't until later that she would learn that her father had put restrictions on her training. Daggers, mostly... Archery was allowed but it was not her passion so she did not foster it like she did a blade. But swords were never on the table. Even if they had been, she never developed the height to be able to properly yield more than a short sword, and even that is questionable. As far as her skill goes, Natalia was taught well and was a good student. Her training has allowed for her to be swift, agile, and athletic. That said, she is not ignorant of how things work. Regardless of her expertise, she knows that she can be easily overpowered by men with less skill just by virtue of strength.

The indulgences, over time, became less and less, and perhaps because her uncle complained about his niece growing into a brat, and that a girl who talks back and carries daggers with her everywhere would never hold a betrothal, her father began to tell her 'no' more often. Of course, she resorted to her tantrums, hoping to change his mind, but after the first few slaps and confinements to her chambers, she finally learned that she couldn't do those anymore. She still received training, of course, but not so often so as to make time for embroidery, dancing, Trimerid, and the general running of a household. It was these lessons that really helped to define Natalia as she learned how to balance what she wanted to be with what she was expected to be. She resented it at first, but after a year or so began to reconcile a life where she could have both, respecting the art of combat while also respecting the way the world worked. While it could be argued that her father and mother's change of heart where she was concerned had tempered her bratty behavior, more than anything she attributes her maturation to her education. (All of this aside, Natalia can still throw a tantrum with the best of them. She's just better at picking her battles.)

She gets along well with her family members, is obedient to her father as a daughter should be (now), loves her mother with all of her heart, and all but hero worships her brothers (especially after they went to war at such young ages). Though she is well behaved, her reluctance to break social protocol in any fashion should not be confused with lack of adventurousness. She is always up for a good adventure, and she does so love to travel.

311: A little girl is born, first milknamed Chickpea.

312: In eighth month, Chickpea is officially named Natalia. This is also the year that Prince Jason's brother and heir to the throne dies unexpectedly. To say that she knew him before he returned to court would be foolish. But she swore up and down at first that she had - probably because Kyle never shut up about missing him. Her family did travel to Volorro that year to pay respects to the prince.

314: Alisa Seyfert is born

315: Alisa Seyfert dies. Her youngest brother is born later in the year. It does much to bring her mother out of the melancholy of Alisa's death. Natalia was still too young to say she fully understood what happened. One day she had a sister. The next day she did not. And then later on her sister was a brother. It was quite much for a four year old.

316: Kyle leaves home to serve as a page to Lord ____.

317: Sent to foster with House Hawke, vassals to Delving, in a small holding not too far away.

318: Lady Hawke dies in childbed. Her daughter dies a few days later. Because of this, Natalia is recalled home until another arrangement can be made. Informal education starts with her mother, not meant to be permanent as her father should really start getting on that fostering elsewhere? Maybe in Tal Vayth? Yes. Tal Vayth sounds all right. Oh, and in the meantime, he supposes Natalia can start training with daggers. If it will shut her up about it.

320: Ryan finally admits that Natalia needs to focus more on her formal education. Reduces the amount of training she receives and forces her to focus more on more practical subjects. She hates it at first. And him. But this is the year she discovered how wonderful clothes are. Music is fun, too. Maybe she should have done that instead of daggers. Too late now. Okay, so maybe it is not the worst thing in the world to be a lady of the court. At least he didn't completely say she couldn't train, even if she did have to buck up and learn Trimerid. Something about them being right across the damned mountains and needing to know how to speak it because, well, they were right across the damned mountains. Stupid mountains. This year, the Seyferts would go to court to witness the wedding of Princess Ziamara to Lord Artos Vayth. Natalia develops an absolute love affair with all things Vellesca.

322: Keith is sent to serve as a page to Lord _____. Begs her father to let them go to the wedding of Prince Rollant because she so desperately wants to see the tournament. Her father relents (mostly because she managed NOT to throw a tantrum about it) and she is pretty much happy for the next two years.

324: Her father starts talking about betrothals and such. Somebody even brought their son to visit. Some small lordling with a smaller lord who was about her age. She didn't like him very much, but her opinion didn't matter so she didn't offer it. Fortunately, her father decided that this particular match was not in their best interest. Something better might have come along, if she remembers right, and she remembers him talking about how she WAS betrothed, but as he did not confide in her these details, she is not completely certain. All she knew was by the end of the year, he did not talk of it anymore.

325: Her eldest brother, Kyle, is wed to Leandra Vellfyre. It is... well... at least she's a Vellfyre? She watches her brothers leave for the Northern Wars... which is tough given Keith is only ten and her eldest brother is only ten-and-six. Still, pages and squires were needed, too, so there wasn't much to be said against it.

327: Kyle is knighted after the Second Battle at Black Sands. Natalia could not be any prouder of this accomplishment. She brags about him endlessly until she is quite sure she has talked to literally everybody in the castle about it at least three times.

330: Her brothers return home. Her youngest remains in service as a squire, but Kyle begins to shadow his father. The Elonian attack on the Fairdragons shatters the calm in Delving. They look to the Northern holdings and to Tal Vayth, keeping a close eye on the situation in the Reach. Fearful of leaving the city, he sends his son to represent their family and make a showing at Jason’s wedding to Lady Parissa. Natalia didn't have to beg to accompany this time. She was told in no uncertain terms that she would be going whether she liked it or not with Kyle carrying a letter for Georg asking that he try to find a place for her in Vellesca where it's safer. Well, safer than the border at least.

Maid: Hannah Marlow

-Player Information-
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