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Pound Puppets Adoptable Characters. You may use their timelines, updated to the point in the game you are entering into. Their personalities and appearances should remain similar.

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Default Kadreth Vellfyre

- Character Information -
Name: Kadreth Vellfyre
Titles, if any: Lord Constable, Ser
Age and Birthdate: 06-30-286 (44 yrs)
Hometown/Area of Origin: Tal Volorro
Noble House, Affiliations: House Vellfyre
Position at Court: Royal Constable
Appearance: Considered to be tall among most men, Kadreth stands at an ordinary height with his male family at a couple of inches over six feet. He is long limbed and strangely graceful, and though he's spent years in constant physical activity, he's never managed to put on bulk muscle as some men have. His hair is a very dark blond, though like many lighter haired men his beard grows in with a more reddish hue. His eyes are an indeterminate blue gray and usually far more expressive than the rest of his face.

PB: Toby Stephens
Personality: Kadreth hasn't inherited the fabled Vellfyre charm, but he's all right with that. He is stubborn and dedicated, and keeps strong opinions more easily than submits to another's suggestions. He is not without the ability to be warm and friendly, but it is a side he reserves for family (Bryce especially) and close friends. His loyalty has never been easy to earn and he expects as much from those around him as he expects from himself.

His temper is not exactly volatile, but when it strikes, it is often severe. Few people would consider Kadreth openly brutal or violent, but he has done brutal and violent things in the name of anger, as well out of a sense of protection for a few choice others.

Never one to talk at length and even less likely to openly share his feelings, Kadreth is still quite passionate at heart, but it is more likely to come through in his actions than in discussion. He feels everything deeply, from despair to happiness, but rather than share his feelings, he's more likely to seek some kind of conduit for them. Often this is swordsmanship or hunting, but Kadreth also has a talent for woodcraft and it isn't unusual to find him with a saw or a hammer in hand, or even just a knife and a block of wood. He finds the work therapeutic for his dark moods, which descend sometimes to make him hard to reach and harder to comfort.

Kadreth loves his children, even the troubled Kaleb, but he knows he's a little bit of an indifferent father. There was always someone close by to take them out of his arms, and eventually it was just easiest to let them do that. He does not understand either of his daughters, both of whom are so unlike him. While he's not stingy with compliments, he's also not shy of handing out criticism where he thinks it's necessary, and that goes for either the girls or anyone else. With Kaleb it is impossible to feel pride, but he carries with him the ever-present love of a parent for their child.

His wife's death impacted his life immensely. Unlike many marriages of politics, Kadreth's was also a love match, and he has made his opposition to remarriage known. Even though he continues to harbor love for his late wife, he is more afraid of losing another woman than dishonoring one's memory. The affairs he's had since Helaina's death have been brief and secretive.

286 - Born to Kyler Vellfyre and Lorna Harrowmont and given the milk name of Lion.
287 - Named Kadreth after his great-grandfather, King Kadreth.
289 - Queen Alexandria dies, although Kadreth doesn't recall this much.
290 - Sister Lysette is born.
291 - Sister Lucinda is born.
293 - Kadreth is fostered in Blacktide.
294 - King Kaiden dies and Kadreth returns home for a few months before he goes back to Blacktide.
298 - Kadreth is taken on as a squire to Waylon Wolfe.
300 - Peace is declared in the Border Wars, Queen Kylianne dies.
301 - King Rothgar marries Charlotte Howe.
306 - Receives knighthood after helping to defend a seaside vassal town beset by seaborne raiders. Betrothed to Helaina Vikary and married later in the year. It is not love at first sight, but love follows swiftly.
307 - The king's mistress dies. He and Helaina have their first child, a boy later named Kaleb.
309 - His daughter Elinor is born.
311 - His youngest, Lucia, is born. It is a difficult pregnancy for Helaina and a difficult birth.
312 - Helaina dies after lingering in poor health for not quite a year. Kadreth is devastated and descends into deep mourning. The Crown Prince dies in the same year.
314 - Kaleb begins showing signs of some sort of affliction. Magisters say it's possibly due to missing his mother, but Kadreth suspects otherwise, though he keeps it to himself. Kaleb is sent to foster in Copplestone, anyway.
315 - A year of bad fever. His daughters are sent to Summerhall for most of the year as a precautionary measure against sickness. The fever provides an opening for Royal Constable, which Kadreth is named to.
320 - Princess Ziamara married to Artos Vayth. Kaleb's worsening condition sees him return home at thirteen, and it's clear he'll never manage to receive knighthood.
322 - Prince Rollant marries Elizabeth Ambrosios.
324 - Queen Lindaraxa of Trimeris visits Edolon, and there are talks about impending war.
325 - Edolon joins other kingdoms in allying against the Zakish horde. Kadreth does not immediately go with the troops, still being charged with the constabulary in the royal lands. As a result, his presence in the war is not continual and he frequently returns to Edolon to attend his duties.
326 - Kadreth's deployment north is cut short at the news of his son's worsening condition and an injury sustained by Lucia. The result is Kaleb's confinement, and it grieves Kadreth, but there's nothing to be done.
328 - Prince Rollant dies, as does Bryce Vellfyre's oldest son. There are riots in Blacktide, and Kadreth is sent with a few royal armsmen to assist House Wolfe in putting them down.
329 - Kadreth spends most of the year in the war, though he was not present when Prince Jason was captured.
330 - Deployed to Asserya instead of Zaksebar to oversee some diplomatic issues during the drawdown of the war. He ends up participating in Battle of Three Waters by accident when his ship is among those attacked in an Asseryan harbor. The war ends and near the end of the year, most of Edolon's forces return. Waylon Wolfe dies, Kadreth takes on his grandson Wyatt as a squire out of respect.

Squire - Wyatt Wolfe

Writing Sample:
Kadreth sat with a block of wood in one hand and a knife in the other. The royal court was very full of people and it gave Kadreth the kind of headache that made him want to avoid others, for at least a few hours. The wood peeled away beneath his carving knife a layer at a time and it would have been ideal if he could have shorn away his restlessness in a likewise fashion.

The block was slowly becoming something else, even though Kadreth hadn't decided on a form when he'd picked it up. It showed signs of a likeness now with a pair of arms and legs and a round head yet undefined. It was maybe a soldier, like the ones Kadreth had owned as a child. He'd carved a set for his son. The restlessness touched him again. Son, he thought as he scored away another layer around the foot of the wooden man. Sons.

He laid the knife in his lap for a minute, squinting out into the daylight beyond the window he sat under. Those were exactly the types of thoughts he was trying to escape. Fool. His inner voice rattled inside his head, full of contempt and pity, but Kadreth wondered who the target of it was.

- Player Information -

Name: Kat
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kadreth vellfyre

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