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Default Zanara Solvitreo

- Character Information -
Name: Zanara Solvitreo. Ara, or Zaza (Zsa Zsa) if you're one of her
family members.
Titles, if any: Lady Zanara
Age and Birthdate: 19. 10.13.311
Hometown/Area of Origin: Tal Solarii, Southshores
Noble House, Affiliations: House Solvitreo
Position at Court: Lady-in-Waiting to Princess Alianor

Appearance: 5'2, with blue eyes and fair skin (often tanned by the sun in summer), Zanara is petite but she has curves. Her hair is naturally medium brown, but she lightens it to blond or darkens it with henna depending on her mood and that year's fashion. She'll also wear wigs
as easily as she'll wear a veil, so her appearance often reflects her mood.

PB: Emilia Clark

Zanara is the second twin, and she knows it. She's just the shadow, or at least the submissive one where her sister is concerned. The twins are close, and Tyana always puts her sister first - Zanara does the same- but if push comes to shove, usually Zanara gives in. Usually.

When Zanara's in a full temper: watch out. What she lacks for in stature she will make up for in pure, rabid, single-minded rage until she's either got her way or just runs out of steam. If she has to tackle someone and throttle them, she'll do it- as Alodie has found out once or twice, though she usually gets along with her youngest sibling. Zorayda has mentioned an occasional concern that Zanara may have inherited the Merideen royals' tendency to excess- whether it's anger, amusement, or a love of sweets. Zanara herself doesn't share that worry: she may or may not exaggerate her own actions sometimes just to get a response.

Zanara is flirtatious and a bit wild, enjoying riding and hawking, and she's not afraid of being forward and maybe a bit scandalous. She usually knows the line to tread with her father, and keeps in his good graces in part by pushing propriety and conservative thoughts just far enough. She enjoys putting down bets on the arena games, and encourages her sister Alodie and others who try devising new versions and amusements for them... them being either the twins, or their circle of friends. Another word for Zanara's usual form of amusement might just be: Instigating.

Zanara learned to read very quickly when they were little, and she had a great love of literature and history throughout their youth, up until they were ten-and-two and moonsblood and hips arrived, followed by other curves. Zanara discovered she could have fun with flirtations and that knights and lords might kneel and sing to her instead of just having to read about it. Flirtation became her new passion, and the books became something to do when the weather was bad and no other amusements presented themselves.

She loves swimming and walking along the beaches, and would happily spend all the summer swimming and riding, in between watching the games and going to tourneys to parade around in pretty new gowns and dance with dashing knights and lords.

311 -- Twin girls are born to Adhemar Solvitreo and his wife, Adalyde Harrowmont. Mew is the eldest, followed by Sleepy. Their wetnurse is Catraine, Darres' mistress and mother of his son.
312 -- Mew becomes Tyana, Sleepy becomes Zanara. Their milkbrother becomes Marrek.
314 -- Adalyde has another girl. Late in the year Zanara pleases their nurse by recognizing letter shapes in the form of cookies. If she gets the letter, she gets a cookie. This is a very good reason to read, in her opinion: they might give you a cookie for every letter.
315 -- Their eldest sister Cyrenna, along with the younger sister, barely named Luzia, both die after the summer fever that also claims their grandfather. Tyana and Zanara both get sick, but Tyana stays sick longer. Papa becomes Lord of Southshores. Another sister is born. Their cousin Amina gets named.
316 -- Sister Alodie is named. Natural half-sister Elorra is born. Grandma Zorayda declares a moratorium on Zanara's cookies, concerned that more than baby-fat is showing. Zanara comes down with a chill this winter- a theme to be frequently replayed.
318 -- There are rumors Belandra may be betrothed, Zanara realizes she is third on the list of priorities. Considers finding more cookies. Marrek is sent off to be a page. Zanara decides she hates Darres and her father and only loves the pastry cook.
319 -- Zorayda and Adalyde join forces to make Zanara stop overeating, she's getting chubby.
321: Tyana gets a crush on Rodrigo. Zanara gets a crush on lemoncake, or whoever has lemoncake that she can possibly trick out of said lemoncake. .
323 -- Their cousins Parissa and Jonath arrive from Westridge. Zanara discovers what moonblood is. Cookies will no longer help. She discovers Trimerid Chocolates do a lot for this.
324 -- So does snow wine. But hey wait: boobs! These seem to get her more chocolate...
325 -- The armies of Edolon march north and west to aid Old Asserya and to beat back Zaksebar. Both of her brothers leave with the army, as well as her cousin Rymund. Rymund dies within the year. Zanara doesn't take it well. There's a lot of chocolate vanishing. And snow wine. Boys are really good for that. And they sing songs, you know? Books... no time for books, she's got boys to flirt with now.
327 -- Dad gets sick, gets really cranky about it.
328 -- Tyana is assigned to Queen Charlotte's retinue, Zanara to Princess Alianor. Tal Volorro is not Tal Solarii, and Zanara mopes and indulges in homesickness for a few months. Alianor fixes this with a prescription of: More Stuff To Do, and a lot of Zanara's flirtation and wildness seem to be curbed under her influence..
330 -- Tag and Jayr return home. Zanara spends Corvidum in Vellesca thinking of Rymund. Parissa marries Prince Jason.


Ioanna - 20-35 (Who can even tell with servants?), a handmaiden. Her most distinguishing feature is that she is Zanara's handmaiden, not Tyana's (according to Zanara, especially when preparing for an event gets hectic).

Caspar - Music tutor and player for entertainment. Mid-20's.

Ubert - A young(ish) magister of early to mid-30s (maybe? he was one of the few scholarship students and an orphan, so no one's sure of his age), sent as a precaution against Zanara's susceptibility to chills.

Hoyt - Zanara's puppy, though he's been mostly in the care of the Solarii kennels since he's being trained to hunt. He was the best out of the litter of her father's favorite hound, as a bribe to stop sulking about her latest broken engagement.

Writing Sample:

Zanara held the looking glass at an angle and tilted her head to admire the effect of the kohl on her eyes. It would do, she decided. Tonight was not about her, after all, but a celebration for Princess Ziamara's nameday and if Zanara looked a bit Merideen, so what? Her hair was dark as well, for it was winter after all. She set mirror down and nodded her approval at her maid, Ioanna, before rising to go look over the two dresses laid out for her. One was Merideen as well- warm, but with the stiff bodice and a tight-sleeved underdress. The blue silk of it suited her beautifully, and the bodice would show off her figure, accentuate her waist... but the other was far more comfortable: a simple green silk cotehardie, also warm but much easier to move in, with full hanging sleeves so long that Ioanna would have to knot them to keep Zanara from stepping on them... Hm. With her hair down as well and dotted with pearl pins and a simple band of gold suns in her hair...

"The green," Zanara said at last. "And the golden pendant."

"You were going to wait to wear that at the wedding, my lady."

"It will look just as good the second time I wear it."

"As you wish," Ioanna said with a faint smile.

As she was helped into the dress, and Ioanna set about buttoning it, Zanara looked off out the window into the darkness of the early winter evening. She should make sure Ioanna brought some extra snow wine... and hm, who would be at the party? Hopefully her brothers... Damn, she was going to be late to meet Ty...

- Player Information -
Name: Rarity
Contact: PM me! I'll answer!
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12M A330: Zanara joins Parissa's retinue.

1M A331: Zanara falls ill with the plague, and is still in bed with the fever during the riots. Privately, she draws closer to Thane Voldryn. Zanara recovers though Parissa and half the retinue are still ill- without Princess Whitney's influence (the princess dying in the Holy Days festivals during 12M), Zanara struggles to keep everything together, including the household accounts and ledgers. She begs help from Lord Warrick Wolfe, the treasurer.

2M A331: Flirts with Warrick Wolfe. She accompanies Parissa's household to Summerhall. Speaks to Prince Jason about Princess Cendrine and ends up being tasked with helping to guide the youngest royal children's education until a true chaperone for Princess Cendrine's household can be named. Goes riding with Parissa and they play an ill-fated game of chase with their guards that lands them both in the doghouse with the prince.

3M A331: Goes with Parissa and co for the royal progress. Her sister almost gets banished from court in Delving, when Zanara is arrested by Lord Seyfert in his madness believing the gods wish her as a sacrifice or some nonsense... and then Tyana burns down his tower, with him inside. Whoops.

Winds up injured in the hailstorm, with a broken rib and bruising as well as a deep cut from a falling beam when a tent collapses.

4M A331: Hairline fracture on her right shin, plus a cracked right arm. Thank you, bandits. She has to stay in Grey Glenn with Princess Alianor and company and misses out on most of the court's sojourn at Moonspire.

5M A331: Arrives in Fairgrove with the rest of the court.

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