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Default Adan Vayth

- Character Information -
Name: Adan Vayth
Titles, if any: Lord Adan, The Fox or The Vayth Fox
Age and Birthdate: 15th of the 2M, 280
Hometown/Area of Origin: Tal Vayth, Kingsreach
Noble House, Affiliations: House Vayth of Tal Vayth
Position at Court: Lord of the Chamber to the King


At his 6'3" height you would think he would stand out in a room full of people, but it's quite the opposite he has perfected the ability to blend into his surroundings. He was tall even as a boy, perhaps even described as gangly in his youth but somewhere around puberty his gangliness transferred into a lithe athletic frame that he's kept throughout the years from his vigorous lifestyle. He's been fortunate that it's only now that his dark Vayth hair is starting to feature traces of grey; although, it's his mother's Vellfyre blue eyes that break the monotony of his softly lined features. A once famed knight with the sword, an injury has reduced the strength in his sword arm but it has not dulled his cunning or catlike lithe grace. As an old war horse, Adan is marred by various battle scars and a few from a vengeful mistress intent on ending his life.
PB: Pierce Bronsan

Personality: Adan is quietly confident, unassuming, and highly intuitive - living in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities. Despite his reputation, he offers a gentle and caring demeanor. While being a mostly private, almost secretive person, there are only a handful of people who (almost) understand him. Despite his years as a crusader, Adan doesn't stomach conflict well causing his normally good nature to turn into a state of agitation or charged anger.

His family treads an impossibly thin line of 'exasperated annoyance' and 'devoted loyalty' causing him to take up the position often as the peacekeeper and familial buffer. He holds himself at a high standard and just naturally expects those around him to portray those same standards of behavior. Undoubtedly a perfectionist, Adan rarely is content with what he accomplishes and is always thinking of how he could improve himself; and consequently, he doesn't spend a lot of time reveling in his accomplishments.

Adan loves to be surrounded by beauty. A decent singer in his own right, it's no surprise that he is a purveyor of the arts and music.

280: He is born to Jayme Vayth and Lystra Vellfyre
281: He is named Adan.
283: Brother Artos is born.
286: Begins training for knighthood.
292: Begins to squire for Prince Rothgar.
294: King Kaiden dies and Prince Rothgar ascends the throne. His brother, Gawen, has his first son, Keven.
296: Adan joins Rothgar on the battlefield for the first time in Westridge. Gawen's second son, Rhaegar, is born.
297: Mourns with Rothgar, Kellan Vellfyre's death.
299: PEACE TALKS BEGIN. Boabdil and Lindaraxa have solidified control over their part of Trimeris, wish to bury hostilities with Edolon to subdue the fractious warlord Alzaran in Elonia (who, admittedly, has been causing most of the problems in the west).
300: PEACE IS DECLARED. Gawen's third son is born, Cedric.
301: Rothgar weds, again (how exciting!), this time to Charlotte Howe of Oldcastle.
303: Lyonel and Raethan Vikary get into a violent fight in Tor Vellesca, Rothgar banishes Lyonel from court.
302: Gawen has a daughter born, Maressa. Rothgar's son Jason is born by Charlotte.
305: Rothgar has another child and Adan starts to lose count. Lyonel Vikary leads an attack on Cliffton, Adan stands behind Rothgar's choice and watches as Lyonel loses his head.
306: Gawen's second daughter, Sindra, is born.
307: Adan's friend and Rothgar's mistress, Lyenthe Vikary dies after a brief illness, probably caused by another pregnancy.
310: His mother, Lystra Vellfyre, dies. Byrony is born to Gawen.
311: His brother, Gawen's wife, Adorra Fairwind dies.
312: Crown Prince James dies of a sudden illness, even Adan can't reach Rothgar.
313: His nephew, Rhaegar, is knighted and joins Corwin's mercenaries, The Golden Sons.
315: A Summer Fever sweeps through Southshores and affects some northern cities. Gawen's oldest son, Keven Vayth has a daughter born to be named Ildaria.
317: Adan's on and off again mistress, Elena Martel of Redwater, went into a jealous rage and tried to kill him after she found out about his admiration for Rothgar's sister, Princess Alianor - he's a few scars from her but it was something for him to laugh about afterward.
319: His brother, Artos Vayth becomes betrothed to Rothgar's daughter, Princess Ziamara.
320: Arthos Vayth marries Princess Ziamara. Gawen's son, Rhaegar has a son born to be named Tybero.
323: Rhaegar's wife, Talea of Asseyra dies in childbirth. Rhaegar becomes too reckless for Adan's tastes and is captured by the Zakkish, luckily he is rescued, barely.
325: Goes with the Edolene forces to join the the battles.
328: Carries a few bad memories of the battle of Abat-Charn in Zaksebar - Adan suffers severe laceration to his sword arm and while it doesn't kill him it is slow to heal that leaves his sword arm a little weaker then it once was. Adan's nephew, Keven dies in battle in Zaksebar. Brother Artos dies of dysentery in Asserya.
330: The Zakkish army abruptly stop pressing eastward, the wars reach a stand-still allowing some of the men to return. Adan decides he's too old for battles and makes a full circle returning to Rothgar and finally accepting his offer of a position as Lord of the Chamber.

- Squires
1 - 8 year old - Petar
- Personal Servant
1 - Valet - Bronn

- Player Information -
Name: Kate
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