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Default Adhemar Solvitreo

- Character Information -
Name: Adhemar Solvitreo
Titles, if any: Lord of Southshores, Shield of the Southern Seas, Sun of Tal Solarii, Patron of the Magisterium, etc., etc, etc.
Age and Birthdate:45, born 18 Fourth Month, A285.
Hometown/Area of Origin:Tal Solarii, Southshores
Noble House, Affiliations: Lord of House Solvitreo, liege lord of Southshores, protector of the Magisterium and its students, and the son of a Merideen princess (altho there are lots of those creatures about). Also happens to be responsible for Southshores in general. His sister is married to Keegan Vellfyre, whom he quite likes and will go out drinking with.
Position at Court:He doesn't need one, he's got his own court.
Appearance: 5'10" with dark hair and a sardonic smile, often sporting a moustache or even a beard depending on the season .Yet it is his voice that gets the most comments, as Adhemar has a gift for oratory and speeches (and charming the skirts off some ladies).

PB: Ian McShane

The unquestioned master of all he surveys, Adhemar Solvitreo does not take his duties lightly but certainly sees room in life for levity and good humor. "Be generous with thy friends and implaccable with thy enemies," his father once told him, and he's held to that.

He is quite happy to be seen as benevolent and even a bit a soft touch- so long as no one crosses him. The instant a vassal seems to be getting ideas, or a merchant tries to smuggle in a bit too much extra cargo past the port inspection, Adhemar will not even bat an eye before ordering their execution-- preferably a nice, public, entertaining one, so the crowds at the arenas get their proper entertainment.

Adhemar likes to watch people, intrigued by what makes each one tick. Mostly he's pretty benign in his observations and attempts to needle someone just to get a response: he sees it as an exercise in natural philosophy. If he'd been able to become a magister he would have happily observed animals in the wild, but he's a lord so he must observe and research the human animal. Plus, he finds amusement in the foibles of mankind in general.

He enjoys and encourages learning, and has ensured his children and wards get outstanding educations- if one of the children (his own, a fosterling, or ward) asks to learn a subject or skill, they get the lessons as soon as a teacher can be found. Except in matters of religion. Adhemar spent the entire summer of 315 begging the gods for help and lost a father, two daughters, and his adored cousin Valla. He decided it was a waste of time.

In Adhemar's opinion, Adalyde has learned enough religion for the whole family. Oh, he observes the holy days and keeps on the good side of the temples and most powerful orders, but he's not going around spending extra time on the gods when they obviously aren't spending a lot of their extra time on humanity.

As a parent, he can be the embarrassing father who says exactly what his offspring don't want to hear. He also tends to be generous with his time and gifts (as long as the kids aren't being too obnoxious), but just as with everyone else, when his children misbehave he will put a stop to it, however harsh the measures have to be-- he just tends to give them a larger amount of leeway. He claims that the reason none of the Solvitreo children were fostered with another family is that Adalyde couldn't bear it after the girls died, but the truth is that he didn't fight her on the idea, and he didn't argue when she took on more wards and fosterlings. He really does like children on the whole, and being the beaming father figure suits his ego.

Though he loved his wife quite deeply at one time, her constant prayers, tithes, sacrifices and oracular quests have driven a bit of a cold wedge between them. Adhemar has had a mistress for many years- the affair began in 315 after the deaths in his family, when Adalyde would hardly come out of Maia's temple.

A285: Born to Harith Solvitreo and his wife Princess Zorayda of Meridies.

A286: Given the name Adhemar. His sister is born, and she will be named Melantha.

A288: His brother is born, and will be named Vimarro.

A291: His youngest sister is born, she will be named Lianor. Melantha joins him in the scholarly chambers.

A292: Begins studying and voices his hope to become a Magister. Harith refuses to hear of it, increases Adhemar's weaponry and warfar lessons instead.

A295: Turns ten, and is betrothed to Adalyde Harrowmont, who is 8. Neither one is particularly thrillled with this but they get cake and a banquet, so it seems acceptable.

A297: Serves as a squire for his uncle Alazar in Westridge, fighting the warlord Al'zaran.

A300: The wars are over, and Adhemar attends classes in the Magisterium more than he gets to the fighting yard, until his father has some stern words with him about what will happen to bookish little lords when the Zaksalaan armies come sweeping down upon them. Melantha is betrothed to Keegan Vellfyre.

A301: Rothgar weds Charlotte Howe.

A302: His sister Melantha weds Keegan Vellfyre. Adhemar approves of this. Alazar dies, and Adhemar mourns bitterly, especially as this sees his knightly training returned to his father's hands and he gets a LOT less chance to speak with magisters and wise men.

A303: Adhemar is knighted after a brave performance in a tourney melee. He's not all that pleased but the celebration is nice and it makes his father happy. Married to Adalyde Harrowmont, though he doesn't mind too much. She's 16, he's 18 and they have known each other long enough not to be shocked.

A305: Adalyde gives birth to a girl. His brother Vimarro weds Lucinda Vellfyre.

A306: The girl is named Cyrenna. Adalyde births a boy.

A307: The boy is named Tagganaro.

A308: Adalyde gives birth to another boy.

A309: They name the boy Jayr.

A310: Adalyde has a girl.

A311: The girl is named Belandra. Adalyde has twins.

A312: The twins are named Tyana and Zanara

A314: Adalyde has another girl.

A315: Becomes Lord of Southshores when a the summer fever takes his father, as well as two of his daughters, Cyrenna and newly-named Luzia. Adalyde retreats to the temples, Adhemar quietly begins an affair. Adalyde births another daughter.

A316: They name their baby girl Alodie. Adhemar's mistress gives birth to a daughter that will be named Elorra. He names his brother Lord Marshal of Sunspire. As a way to salvage some of the upheavals following the deadly Summer Fever of the year before, Adhemar takes as wards many highborn and merchant children left parentless- some are heirs, and of course their estates come under his jurisdiction until they reach majority.

A318: Adalyde miscarries, and the Magisters say she will likely not be able to bear another child. From this point, Adalyde begins to get steadily more religious, and Adhemar begins to find it annoying.

A325: The armies of Edolon march north and west to aid Old Asserya and to conquer Zaksebar. Adhemar gives both his sons his blessings to go as well as his nephews. .

A327: Adhemar falls ill, and at long last the gray hair shows up. His recovery has been slow, and subsequent to this he has not stirred further than Fairgrove, and Vimarro has served as his voice in court and though the 'Shores.

A330: Somehow both boys are coming home, so clearly they must have learned something. Looks like the king's son has made it, as well as Melantha's sons, and one of Vimarro's... The crown prince marries a Harrowmont in 12M, and the need to see about marrying off his own numerous offspring becomes more of a thing...


Marya, 36ish: is a travelling mummer, part of a troupe that performs in Meridies and Southshores during the warm weather, sometimes even up to Kingsreach. When she's in town, she's in Adhemar's bed, which is how Elorra happened- Adhemar supposes the girl could be someone else's but she does look an awful lot like the rest of his children so he doesn't care. ((Okay she's not technically retinue but she is whenever she's around. >.> Cause that's what we're calling it these days. ))

- 3 Squires. Open to suggestions.

- Magister

- Musician

- 2 Guards

- Khorane Solvitreo, 40: Lord of Fairgrove. Adhemar's cousin and childhood friend, he was given the village of Fairgrove not far from Tal Solarii, which hosts a thriving orange grove- it was the Solvitreo estate during the Asseryan Occupation and often serves as a de facto winter seat when the main family comes to escape the cold ocean winds, or a plague in the city. He was lamed ten years ago in a duel over a lady, though the exact details have been kept quiet. He and Adhemar remain close, still sharing their common interest in wine, women and song.

- Vimarro Solvitreo, 42: Lord Marshal of the Sunspire. Adhemar's brother, and not so much in his retinue as the person often tasked with being his representative as Adhemar has not left Sunspire much in the last three years. The two are still close as... well, brothers, and though they've had their arguments, those have not happened often.

-Player Information-
Name: The Oracles
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adhemar solvitreo
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