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Default Thane Voldryn

Name: Thane Aeron Voldryn II
Titles: Lord Thane of House Voldryn
Age and Birthdate: 24, the twelfth day of the first month, 306
Hometown/Area of Origin: Malderin - small town near Tal Solarii in Southshores
Noble House and Affiliations: Born to House Voldryn, sworn to Solvitreo

Height: 6'1"
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Scar: Burn on his leg from cauterization. (Took an arrow to the knee)
PB: Ben Barnes


"A person who kills for coin is not a murderer. They are merely the weapon. It is the person who pays them who is the murderer."

Thane Aeron Voldryn is a deeply spiritual and philosophical man. This is not to be confused with religious. Introspective to an almost alarming degree, when he can, he spends his mornings in meditation, refusing to see anybody or be seen unless, of course, the king demands his attention. What he contemplates is not known to many, but more than anything he chooses the time to center himself, to affirm his purpose, and to consider his plans for the day. He is a man who lives in the past and the present, but not so much the future. His considerations for plans only extend so far as the well being of his family, but as his father is still alive and is capable of maintaining the responsibility, there is little need for him to do so. It is possibly true to say that he lives more in the past than the present, discerning the events that have made him the man he is today, divining meaning from the seemingly mundane to the blatantly important. He truly does believe that all actions and all words happen for a reason, and it is negligence to not discover the reason.

He is intelligent, and while he valued his time at the Magisterum learning, enjoying the benefits of different methods of thought and education, he never felt quite at peace there. That is not to say he is at odds with them, only that he believes that was not the path he was intended to walk. He excelled mostly in law and perhaps might have chosen to pursue it if not for the war. However, he is often highly critical of many laws and sometimes justifies some of his actions in his belief that law is only a defense if you are bound by it... and often people are not.

His way of thinking is very black and white. There is good and evil, wrong and right, sin and salvation. This, however, does not mean he strives to be a good man who does right and strives for salvation. He sees the necessity of evil, the necessity of those willing to do terrible things to make the world a better place for those who are innocent. In this, he does hold that there will always be a market for vice and sin, and the proprietors of both are those who keep the world from truly descending into chaos. If shades of gray exist, he does not know what to do with them, has no use for them, and shoves them aside in his philosophy. Ironically, Thane acts as a shade of gray... often becoming the hand for those who need terrible things done, but he does not accept the responsibility of his action for he can be no more guilty than a sword or a bottle of poison.

None of these lines of reasoning are unique to Thane. He learned much of it from his father. But above all, the most important thing for the Voldryn family is the family unit. All things are done for the benefit of the family, and all things are done in such a way that maintains the safety and the security of them. Though in the past the family was reputed to be involved in high profile assassinations, the Voldryns have strayed away from that, adapting with the times and the laws. Their role is more a business one, and they serve as both advisers to wealthy merchants and benefactors. Thane admires his father for how he maintains the family's earnings and their good name, and would never dream of doing anything to compromise his hard work. His relationship with his father is a healthy one, as it is with most members of the Voldryns.

Publicly, he is a very quiet man, but not unapproachable. He is extremely observant to an almost obsessive degree and tends to remember details that others might consider menial. Still, despite everything, he does deeply long for companionship, seeking the approval not only of his father but of his peers. He is not insecure. He is very sure of himself and of who he is, but that does not mean that a confident man does not know loneliness, or pain. He forged many friendships in the war, and he found his purpose there, found what path he wished to walk. Killing became an art, and he a master. Stealthy, graceful, but powerful and committed... There was no mercy to be had on the field of battle. It scared him, at first, not only that he was good at killing, but that he enjoyed it, but he has come to terms with the fact that all men may not ask where their talents lie, but they must embrace them nonetheless and use them in a purposeful way. When he was injured in 328, he did not let himself drown in melancholy at his uselessness. He took the time he needed to recover to meditate and discover what to do with this new found talent, opening up the door to the new path he has decided to walk.


306 -- born in Malderin in deep Winter
307 -- named Thane Aeron Voldryn
308 -- a baby girl is born to Nolan and Ilsa Voldryn. Thane is pretty much all right with it.
309 -- sister is named Elissa Mae Voldryn.
310 -- brother born. Thane doesn’t like him. At all.
311 -- brother is named Rafael Vasili Voldryn. Thane still dreams about drowning him.
317 -- Thane’s younger brother breaks his arm after falling down the stairs. The truth would come out later that Rafael had bitten Thane who decided to answer that with a solid kick to the stomach which resulted in the fall. He contested it was an accident… That he’d only meant to hurt him ‘a little.’
319 -- Thane is bitten by a snake that was put in his bed. It was not venomous, and while it was by pure luck that Rafael had chosen one that didn’t have death in its fangs, Thane decided not to tell his parents until years later. Mostly because this was the first time Thane began to believe his brother was worthy of being a Voldryn. There was considerably less fighting between them after this.
320 -- Thane begins study at Magisterum
324 -- Elissa is married to Tagganaro Solvitreo
325 -- Thane abandons study at Magisterum to join his father in the war
326 -- Elissa dies in childbirth
328 -- Thane is injured in the Orjen conflict. He took an arrow to the knee. His recovery was slow, but after some complications (including an infection that nearly killed him) he was able to regain full use of his leg. He suffers from lingering pain at times and some stiffness as a result.
329 -- Thane is recalled home and sent on an errand for his father who had embarked in matters of business with Rothgar. His younger brother is injured in the Second Battle of Lykka.
330 -- Second month, Thane is named to King Rothgar’s retinue as a Lord of the Chamber. Rafael returns home from the war.

Family Tree:
-See Voldryn of Malderin-

Family Information:
-See Voldryn of Malderin-

Members of the Voldryn family are expected to attend the Magisterum, though it is not always required that they finish their course of study. They range in appearance depending on their mother’s blood, but for the most part, they are of a fair complexion with hair that is either black or brown in color. Their eye coloring is, most times, similar. Traditionally, their children are given names highly reminiscent of Asseryan culture, they may deviate. However, almost always are the children given two names. It is also not uncommon to name a child after a father, a grandfather, or an uncle, and they are given suffixes to denote if they are.

Giorgio DeMarco - personal guard

-Player Information-
Name: Cee
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1.331 - Giorgio DeMarco dies in the fevers that swept through Tal Volorro.

4.331 - Thane is injured in a bandit attack while trying to protect Zanara Solvitreo. His servant breaks his hand protecting Thane from being stuck with a club. Thane breaks two ribs and injures his elbow badly.
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thane voldryn
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