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Default Lenore Vellfyre Sollis

-Character Information -

Name: Lenore Vellfyre Sollis

Titles, if any: Lady Lenore Vellfyre, Lady Lenore Sollis, Lady Sollis

Age and Birthdate: 22 Years old. Born in the 4thMonth on the 14th day of the year 308.

Hometown/Area of Origin: Tal Volorro, Kingsreach

Noble House, Affiliations: By birth she is House of Vellfyre, by marriage she is affiliated with the House of Sollis.

Position at Court: Lady-Of-The-Chamber to Princess Alianor


PB: Cheryl Cole.

Lenore often exhibits the true hard-headedness of a real scrapper and a keen sense of adventure. There is no doubt that her competitiveness sometimes lands her in trouble especially considering her knack for causing a stir among her peers. Determination defines her and drives her to obtain the things she desires by any means necessary. Yet it's no wonder Lenore turned out the way she did since she is not only the youngest of Lord Keegan Vellfyre and Lady Melantha Solvitreo's children but furthermore she is the only daughter... possessing not one, but two older brothers. Confident and assertive, she is a force of nature all in herself. Coincidentally, it's these very traits that draw male attention to her and separate her from being just another pretty face at court.

Growing up with two older (and considerably attractive) brothers, she's more then at ease around the male population and equally a veteran of the wars women play with one another to be noticed by men. Once burnt twice shy? On more then one occasion, Lenore has been burnt from trusting people with alternative motives. She comes across as strong but inwardly she is quite vulnerable. For this reason, Lenore isn't the most trustful of ladies and at court and doesn't let down her walls too often. It's undeniable she enjoys the attention she draws but don't step over the line with her unless you are prepared to be poked in the nose or other cherished parts by her small but mighty fist. You can thank her brothers for this and a few other seemly and unseemly skills.

Eager and energetic, she enjoys most physical activities including horseback riding and hawking. Few people grasp that without an outlet for all her energy she possesses a strong tendency to fidget about with jerky sharp movements that bring about a less then graceful side of her. On the demure side of things, Lenore is fond of singing and while she is not the worst of singers her silky voice isn't suited for conventional barbs' songs but rather the mellow and often eerie folk songs sang by the country peasants.

No expense was spared by Lord Keegan Vellfyre on his daughter's tutor once it was discovered that she thrived on the challenge education provided her. Educated in almost all the subjects that she would have learned at the Magisterium, Lenore ‘s sharp intelligence shines in her remarkable talent with numbers and consequently business. For all of her sharp intelligence, however, she has almost no ability to understand the motivations and feelings of herself or others. Lenore lives her life rationally: she decides what constitutes success and what constitutes as failure. Often too focused its not uncommon for her to accidently overlooks things like pride, honor, and yes, even at times kindness if it doesn't fit in her parameter for success.

It is important to point out her assertiveness should not be constructed as bullying because it is done with the best of intentions. Her brothers, her husband, and his mother, Princess Alianor, are perhaps the only four people in the entire world who can change her mind once it has been made by various means of persuasion. That being said, she has stepped on a few feet of some rather loose-lipped peers who enjoy criticizing her behavior behind her back because they lack the nerve to say so to her face. High-strung and a bit hot-tempered, Lenore is always ready to go head to head with her opponents and unafraid to talk back. Not the sort of girl to wear her heart on her sleeve Lenore pretends not to care what is said about her, but those who know her well know it bothers her.

Regarding her family, her husband, her children, and Princess Alianor she is fiercely protective. You cross them and you've made an enemy of her – simple as that.


308: The third, last, and only daughter was born to Lord Keegan Vellfyre and Lady Melantha Solvitreo and given the milk name of Pinkie for screaming so much she'd flush her entire body a bright pink shade.

312: Lenore doesn't remember much up to really this year and even it's a bit fuzzy. Crown Prince James dies. Rothgar decides the children will spend most of their days in Summerhall – they return in fall/winter but leave in spring.

314: Trying to follow her brothers and got thrown from her pony, breaking her collarbone leaving a small scar on her collarbone from the accident. Her cousins Luiza and Amina are born but to Lenore's disgust she can't hold them because of her injury.

315: Kalden is sent to squire for Walden Wolf and Lenore mopes for a couple of weeks before she finds something to distract her - namely developing her first infatuation with Jason and irritating Kain since it was so easy (eventually became one of Lenore's favorite pastimes). Cousins Cyrenna and Luiza perish from Summer Fever and losing baby Luiza brings about Lenore's first awareness of death and what it means to die.

319: Engagement was arranged between Lenore and Brandon Fairwind.

320: Kalden returns after the man he squires for dies and Lenore can't wait to show him how much she's grown up even at 12 years old. Rollant gets banished to Summerhall. Ziamara is married to Artos Vayth and Lenore spends most of the reception hiding from Brandon Fairwind.

321: Kalden and Jason are knighted.

322: Rothgar knights Kellan after he wins a large tourney melee at Prince Rollant's wedding.

323: Started service for Princess Alianor as a Lady-in-waiting.

324: Cousin Kain is knighted, finally… and Lenore is a bit smug that her brother Kellan, same age as Kain, has been a knight well over a year.

325: Lenore's father, brothers, cousins, and fiance left for the Northern Wars. Valencia is promised to a prince of Trimeris while Rosina is promised to a Meridian prince. Only a few months after receiving word that Brandon had died in battle she married Edric Sollis while he was on leave from the war. Rymund dies in battle, but her brothers and father are still safe and well. Becomes a Lady-Of-The-Chamber to Princess Alianor and sparks up a closer friendship with Ziamara.

326: Lenore suffered a miscarriage after which Princess Alianor used some of the influence she likes to exert to find Edric a position at court instead of on the battlefield. Kaleb is quietly locked away in the tower after an ‘incident'.

328: A son was born and given the milk name of Pudge from his robust physique. Rollant dies in Zaksebar and Ziamara's husband dies. And while Lenore mourns Rollant's death and feels for Ziamara but it it all takes second after the joy of her healthy son's birth.

329: Her son was given his true name of Richard Sollis in honor of one of Edric's companions on the battlefield.

330: Her father,brothers, and cousins return from war and while Kellan seems normal, Kalden has changed. Although, Lenore wonders if Edric is unhappy that he was called out of service she's thankful he was. The homecoming combines with the reception of Valencia's new husband and Rosina's leave taking with Meridan envoys. A daughter was born and given the milk name of Lilly for being as pretty as a flower.


Dalia – Handmaiden

Salome – Handmaiden

Writing Sample:

Lenore scanned the room for the third time that evening, if you'd been to one of these parties you'd probably been to them all. Turning her head just the right amount that she could look up from her lashes at the gentleman standing in front of her she gifted him with a dazzling smile and laughed. "You don't say!" Those dark eyes of hers had a way of making someone feel like they were the most important person in the world. "That is a coincidence that you were thinking of wearing this exact shade of green today." Her smile widened and two dimples appeared.

If the truth were known this was undeniably the most boring conversation she'd ever had the pleasure of standing through. Lifting the goblet she took a dainty sip and wished it was something stronger, where were her brothers when she needed them they almost always had something a little stronger tucked away. "Oh, I am sure you would have looked quite dashing in it…" She purred daringly at him.

Catching a glimpse of her favorite cousin to pester entering, she brightened up a little bit. Feigning as if someone had bumped her, she lurched forward just a little bit letting her wine slosh out a little and onto the gentleman's wrist as he reached out to steady her. She smiled sheepishly and reached to into her pocket producing a handkerchief and dabbed at where the wine had spilt. "I am so sorry. How clumsy of me!" She purred again, not feeling the least bit sorry. "Perhaps, you should see if you can get that taken care of before the stain sets."

Making a beeline for him, she hardly even noticed the gentleman sputtering behind her. Siding up to Kain she offered a cat-that-ate-the-canary grin, "Well, well… look what the cat drug in." Lenore purred cheekily.

- Player Information -

Name: Kate

Preferred contact method: kdilworth613@icloud.com(email is easiest since it goes straight to my phone – hehehehe!)
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