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Default Velasco Ascalon

- Character Information -

Name: Velasco Ascalon
Titles, if any: Sir Velasco Ascalon, Lord of the Chamber to the King, Heir of Sandmark
Age and Birthdate: 17th of 5th, 300 (30 years old)
Hometown/Area of Origin: Sandmark, Estersand
Noble House, Affiliations: House Ascalon, House Solvitreo, House Vellfyre
Position at Court: Lord of the Chamber to the King, Rothgar Vellfyre

With his mesmerising turquoise eyes, his comely face, mess of wild curls in his dark hair, dark brow, perpetual stubble, full lips that often sport a winsome smile, strong jaw, and a powerful build to go with his 6'3'' of height, Velasco is a strikingly handsome man, and makes the most of it, too. He is always impeccably dressed, in stylish clothes of quality material perfectly fitted to his form, and favours dark colours paired with bright decoration. He enjoys being healthy and looking good, so he takes excellent care of himself - he has a personal physician, he's meticulous about his hygiene (from the sage, camomile, and calendula powder he rubs into his teeth and gums, to the way he takes care of his nails, to his subtly fragranced skin, soft like a baby's from the use of oils and balms, even if it is heavily scared from the wounds he acquired in both tourneys and battles), uses cosmetic liberally, and is generally nothing short of a dandy.

One would think a man like that would be a total ninny, but Velasco behaves as if he all but oozes masculinity. He walks with a confident, languid gait, and carries his body, chiselled by years upon years of nigh-obsessive practicing of various martial arts, with pride. Far too convinced of his own awesomeness and superiority when compared to other males, he is cocky and makes exactly zero effort to hide it... though whether or not this arrogance is justified is up for debate. He is rather fond of stealth weaponry - hidden blades, potent powders in cases masked as precious baubles, a garrotte wire coiled inside a bracelet, and many, many more (and often made by his own design) - and always has a few, if not on his person, than within arm's reach.

As for traditional battle, Velasco partakes in it when he must, but generally avoids it, as his strengths lie elsewhere. For those moments when battle is imminent, though, he uses a light composite armour made by his own specifications. Each part of the armour is made of 20 layers of laminated linen fabric quilted together into a 1 cm thick mass sculpted to fit various parts of his body and have a leather finish as the outer layer. Over the body armour, Velasco wears a hauberk mail shirt that reached to the mid-thigh and has long sleeves, while his barbute helmet is fitted into a metal coating. Velasco came to the idea for the armour when pouring over some Old Asseryan texts, and had an experimental cuirass made just to test the claim that it can stop an arrow. When it turned out this was very much true, Velasco went overboard and worked on the project for three years until he finally came up with the model he wears today. Out of more conventional weapons, he is fond of the bow, but will use the short sword and the spear as well, though his proficiency in their use is rather average.
PB: Clement Becq

Personality: Velasco Ascalon is a delightfully wicked rogue of a man, blessed with ample charms and skills, an epicurean with an unquenchable thirst for life and all it's pleasures, a gentleman, a warrior, a poet, and a scholar... and has a snazzy taste in fashion, too.

His main strengths lie in his... shall we say feline personality? Because Velasco very much resembles a cat. Sleek, sophisticated, sneaky, and refined... and very, very arrogant. It is true that he has many things to be proud of - his education, his manners, his noble bloodline, talents he has been blessed with - but he overdoes it more often than not. He is not always obvious about it. Brought up to be a pleasant companion and quality courtier, Velasco is capable of both following and engaging in conversation with many, he is social, polite, and mindful of etiquette, a gracious host and a pleasant guest. He will instantly dislike anyone who is annoying, disrespectful, rude, boorish, or unintelligent - though whether or not he will show his dislike (and how he'll go about it should he chose to) depends on just how much use he has of the person in question. He probably won't, though, at least not in an open and offensive manner. One can rarely afford to burn any bridge.

Despite being a man of deep passions and voracious appetites, Velasco doesn't believe in making a spectacle of one's pleasures, and though an outrageous flirt, he conducts his sexual liaisons discreetly. He considers orgiastic behaviour and extreme over-indulgence of any kind vulgar (well... outside of establishments specifically created for such activities, that is. He is an Ascalon after all). Over the course of his life, he's tried everything, and liked most of it. He is nearly indiscriminate about whom he shares his affections with; as long as they're human, in full possession of their faculties, interested, between sixteen and sixty, and not a virgin, they qualify.

Family is the most important thing to Velasco. Every Ascalon has his love and loyalty, and he would die and indiscriminately kill for each and every one of them. He deeply respects his elders, especially his parents, and his siblings mean the world to him. As luck would have it, he is rather well matched with his wife, Zahra, and while he neither is nor has any intention of ever being a faithful husband, she has his friendship, love, and respect. He is kind and indulgent to her, and has only one rule he will never budge on - until they have secured an heir and at least one spare unquestionably fathered by Velasco, he is to be the only man in her life. Until then, she is free to have her pick of the ladies if she feels in need of variety (he certainly invites her to join in on the fun with him often enough), and afterwards, she has his blessing to do whatever she wants with whomever she wants to do it, so long as she is as discreet about it as he is. Hell, he won't even be upset if she ends up with a bastard or two. He has, after all, fathered three himself; might as well take care of a few, too.

But Velasco's voracious appetites aren't limited to sex only. He applies himself with the same passion to academia, arts, and martial training, though his level of success varies based on natural inclinations for whatever activity he attempts to master. He's managed to learn enough about medicine to make for a decent field medic, and knows enough of botany and chemistry to be able to create simpler herbal concoctions, powders, and tinctures. He has tried his hand in many arms and fighting styles (just like any other knight), but has true proficiency only in the use of light, stealth weaponry (knives, daggers, projectile blades, bow and arrows). He's good enough with sword and spear, but there are far more knights that could beat him with than not. He has some acrobatic skill, and can swim, ride, run, hike, and climb with relative ease. Wrestling and other forms of hand-to-hand combat suit him well, and he spends a lot of time training in their use. He does not like to do so, but when needed, Velasco will use his knowledge of medicine and weaponry, and his wicked imagination, in some rather creative techniques of enhanced interrogation. He is very musical, and has a good ear for language, enjoys literature, especially poetry, very much, and dabbles in some himself. He favours games such as cards, dominos, or chess, and he draws well enough to be able to capture a likeness well, but he's much better at mapmaking.

To someone who knows him only superficially, Velasco may seem like man of few, if any, morals, but that is not true. He has a code of ethics that he follows at all costs, and is unfalteringly loyal and obedient to his family, his King, and his friends. Velasco always keeps his word, he will never hurt anyone he doesn't have to or more than he has to, and all of this makes him both the best friend and the worst enemy anyone could ever have.

That being said, he's also nowhere nearly as deep or as complex as he likes himself to be. He is prone to holding grudges, sometimes even over the pettiest of things, and will avenge himself if you're ever dumb enough to give him a chance. He pegs himself a great intellectual, but in reality, he's just compensating for the lack of skill as a knight (because, as much as he pretends he is not bothered with it, but it hurts his pride that he's no better than mediocre, and that those of the martial arts he is good at aren't as respected and popular as, say, jousting or melee combat). He is convinced that his proves in bed is unrivalled, but his desire to please his partners is fuelled more by self-love than any concern as to how his lovers feel (i.e. he likes to give them reasons to praise him to others). He claims that the meticulous ways he takes care of his health and his stylish appearance are products of the respect he has for his body, but he is basically just a vain hypochondriac. He makes friends with ease, but he feels superior to the majority of them regardless of whether or not he has justification for it. None of this makes Velasco bad... just don't mistake him for good or selfless, because for all the love he has for you, for all his trustworthiness and loyalty, for all that he would do for you, he will always love himself fist.

A300 - A son is born to Lord Garth Ascalon of Sandmark, a large baby with a mighty pair of lungs that earn him the milkname Boomer.

A301-305 - The Heir of Sandmark is still big, strong, healthy, and fond of causing a ruckus, but still beloved by all. He finally receives the name Velasco. Has a very happy early childhood, during which he welcomes his brother Jayme and sister Ysabeau into the world, as well as his cousin Kyel. More kids to play with, yay!

A306-312 - Velasco's education officially begins. The boy thrives under the tutelage of his many teachers and instructors, and shows great promise both in the classroom and in the training fields.
On his twelfth nameday, has a 'special' conversation with his father, upon which Velasco is escorted to the temple of Milena for his fist introduction into the goddess' arts by a pair of young but very experienced Fornicatasii. Velasco is instantly hooked.
Some six months later, Velasco is squired with Clement Saherazai, and while he may not see much combat at his master knight's side, he receives an exceptional education in the martial arts and is allowed to continue with his other studies in peace.
Attends his first tourney, and decides he enjoys them greatly. Might have something to do with the fact that this particular tourney had two very exciting happenings - the death of one knight (Alaric Harrowmont) and the making of another (Darres Solvitreo).

A315 - The summer fever takes him over, and though he survives, he does just barely so. His obsession with health is officially kick-started.

A317 - Partakes in his first tourney, and is shocked to realize pretty much everyone is better than he is. Angry with himself, he applies himself even more to his training, vowing to improve at least enough to win one competition (spoiler alert: he fails).
His then-mistress, a Saherazai maid girl by the name of Aide, gives him his firstborn, a daughter, and passes away after a very difficult labour. Velasco has his daughter sent to Sandmark, to his mother.

A318 - His daughter is named Marisol. Velasco comes home for the naming ceremony, but doesn't stick around too much.

A319 - Takes part in another tourney, and does better, but not well. He does come in second in the archery competition, but he takes that as an insult rather than success.
Velasco becomes a father to another bouncing baby girl, born to him by his at-the-time favoured prostitute. The little girl has the exact same eyes as him, which he takes as an irrefutable proof of parentage, and accepts her into his fold.

A320-324 - His second daughter is named Seraphina. She is a year and a half old when her mother hands her over to Velasco, who promptly hands her over to his mother, as he is too busy chasing tournaments to bother himself with kids.
No matter how hard he trains, his progress, while notable, is hardly drastic, and he gets more praise for his perseverance than his skill (which never gets much better than average). He does make a name for himself as a quality archer, and wins several competitions, but that doesn't do much to heal his wounded pride.
He is, eventually, made knight at twenty-one, but Velasco has a feeling this was done more to get him off his master knight's back and returned home than anything else.
Since obtaining his knighthood, Velasco spends time between tourneys visiting home, paying homage to Milena, and performing odd jobs and duties in the name of his uncle and his father. At one such visit, he is informed that a marriage has been arranged for him with Zahra Veracora. He takes the news nonchalantly, but shows much more enthusiasm once he meets his betrothed, who is quite a beauty indeed. As they get to know each other better, Velasco comes to the conclusion that, whether he intended to do so or not, his father chose for him someone he'll get along well.

A325-326 - The Northern Wars begin. For the first time in his life, Velasco argues with his father. He wants to leave for the North. Lord Garth wants him to stay put. Velasco is deeply conflicted, but begrudgingly obeys. He doesn't stop talking about it, though.
Tired of his heir's constant grumbling, Lord Garth eventually relents, but he has a condition - as soon as Zahra Veracora turns sixteen, they are to wed, and Velasco must spend at least six months in honest effort to gain an heir. Velasco agrees, and counts the days until his wedding.
To burn off frustration, he takes to bedding the stable master's daughter, and gets her with child. But when he tries the same with his newlywed bride, he is less successful, and upon the end of the six-month mark, Zahra is still not pregnant.
Lord Garth does his best to convince Velasco to stay, but our boy is already packed and has no intention of being swayed. Departs for the Asseryan front as soon as possible.
His third child, a son, is born shortly before he departs.

A327 - Velasco's takes part in Lykka, but it's the Siege of Tryglav where he truly shines, for his sneakiness and tactical thinking come in pretty handy to him and his superiors. At Lykka, he meets Ser Darres Solvitreo, and the pair of them strike up a fast friendship. Velasco does his best to learn from his friend, but alas, it barely helps at all.
Back at home, his son receives the name Isidro.

A328 - Heavily wounded at the Orjen Conflict, breaking what seems to him like every bone on the left side of his body (actually broke only his upper arm, two ribs, and thigh bone). As soon as the physicians judge him capable of surviving the voyage, Velasco is sent back home.

A329 - Towards the end of the year, Velasco is named Lord of the Chamber to King Rothgar, mostly as a result of his uncle's efforts to gain better representation for the family in front of the King. The tale of how Velasco and other knights from the Southshores helped secure the victory at Tryglav through clever use of mummery and subterfuge helped, because every King needs a sneaky bastard at his beck and call. By this time, he is out of his casts, but still undergoing physical therapy under the watchful eyes of his wife, Zahra, and Master Julien, his physician. He packs his little household (leaving the children in Sandmark with their grandmother) and moves to Tal Volorro.

A330 - Once he's fully fit and able, Velasco and Zahra continue their efforts to conceive, but he does not feel particularly pressed for time. He enjoys his life at Court, fulfilling his duties and spending his free time in straining, study, and romancing.
Very happy to hear of his friend, Ser Darres Solvitreo, being appointed Lord of the Chamber alongside with him, and welcomes his grumpy ass to Court.
The Northern Wars slowly come to an end, and Edolon's armed forces return home.

Family Tree: House Ascalon of Estersand & Sandmark

- Balthazar Salt (13) - Velasco's squire, bastard son of a childhood friend who met his end in the Zakish Wars.

- Magister Yaris (33) - Velasco's secretary, clerk, and accountant, formerly employed by his father. A talented orphan whose education was sponsored by the Ascalon of Sandmark. He is a pale, wiry man with no interest in anything but his job, and no loyalties to anyone save to his patron family, particularly Velasco himself.

- Magister Julien (47) - Velasco's physician, has worked for him for over a decade.

- Player Information -
Name: Gresskar
Contact: PM
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