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Default Melantha Solvitreo Vellfyre

- Character Information -

Name: Melantha Solvitreo Vellfyre

Titles, if any: Lady Melantha

Age and Birthdate: 44, born 8th month, 5th day of 286

Hometown/Area of Origin: Southshores

Noble House, Affiliations: House Vellfyre, House Solvitreo

Position at Court: Princess Alianor's retinue, as a Lady of the Chamber

Appearance: Tall, with black hair and dark eyes, Melantha is a Solvitreo through and through in terms of coloring. She holds herself very regally and moves with self-assurance. She prefers the rich colors and ostentatious jewels as her homeland brethren, despite her years in Tal Volorro. While she often leaves off the half-veil when she is simply assisting Charlotte and Alianor, she never attends an event in anything less than the most beautiful half veils.

PB: Madchen Amick

Melantha is a woman who defines herself by family. Wife of Keegan, and mother to Kalden, Kellan, and Lenore, she is also daughter of the Princess Zorayda of Meridiez, and sister to Lord Adhemar of Southshores, Seneschal of the South. Her husband Keegan is Lord Marshall. Melantha feels she had much to be proud of in her blood. Everything she wears, from the rich colors to the dark jewels and veils, speak of her Southshores heritage to all who look on her, but none can doubt her devotion to House Vellfyre as well. She assists Princess Alianor and Queen Charlotte in running the royal households, and her skills are well-honed. The only anomaly in her duties is that she often consults her astrologer and other learned in the art, as well as charting the stars herself, as part of the decision making process in the household.

Her childhood was rigid and scheduled, and she gladly attended lessons alongside her older brother. In this way, Melantha is very knowledgeable about subjects from cyphers and bookkeeping, to astronomy, religion, music, and history. Had she been born a boy and allowed to attend the Magisterium, she would have done excellently. Her intelligence can be formidable, when she chooses to employ it to have her way. Thankfully for those in the family, she is dedicated to using all her skills to assist Alianor and Charlotte.

From early on, Melantha was pleased with her marriage to Keegan. She is very fond of him, and considers him easy to manage. He is a bit of a drunk, but as long as he does not embarrass her, she sees little reason to harass him about it. He has given her three beautiful children, and that is all she desired. Companionship is secondary, but she will admit to liking his company now and then. The only time she actively avoids him is when he is drinking with her brother Adhemar. She finds their conversation uncouth and unbefitting a royal when they are in their cups. She chalks some of it up to his being a Vellfyre (aren't they a cult to Bromius as it is?). She is also very aware that Keegan has fathered a few children with his mistresses. It is beneath her to acknowledge anything about them, and in private, has made it very clear to him that he shall never legitimize one, or face her wrath. She will not tolerate any competition to her own children. She cannot control where her husband goes outside of their bed, but she can put her foot down about that.

With her children she is firm but mostly fair. She doesn't tolerate displays of weakness or laziness. Her children have no cause to doubt that she loves them, but will raise her hand if they displease her. She expects them to be brave, honorable, and obedient to her.


286: A daughter is born to Harith Solvitreo and Zorayda of Meridies, named Melantha. She is their second child after their son Adhemar, and their first daughter.

288: Melantha's other brother, Vimarro, is born.

291: Her sister, Lianor, is born. Melantha begins tutoring alongside her brother Adhemar.

297: Adhemar leaves to squire under Alazar Solvitreo in Westridge, which alarms Melantha, as her uncle and cousin Valla are still fighting at times in the Border Wars.

300: End of the Border Wars. This has a big impact on Melantha, not alone for the fact that it ended a war that had been going on longer than her whole life. The peace celebrations are marked with her betrothal to Keegan Vellfyre, to mark increased solidarity and prosperity for Southshores and Kingsreach.

301: King Rothgar takes Charlotte Howe of Oldcastle as his bride.

302: She leaves her homeland of Tal Solarii to journey into Edolene lands and marries Keegan, the same time that Charlotte gives birth to Prince Jason. Her cousin Azemar, hero of the Border Wars, dies and is deeply mourned by the family.

303: Her first son, Kalden, is born. She also begins service to Princess Alianor as a Lady of the Chamber.

304: Her older brother, Adhemar, marries Adalyde Harrowmont.

305: Two years later, her son, Kellan, is born. Melantha's niece Cyrenna is born.

306: Charlotte births a girl they will name Valencia. Princess Alianor becomes governess to the household of the two princesses, Melantha takes part of Alianor's previous duties with regard to the court (patronage, assisting Queen Charlotte). Melantha's nephew, Tagganaro, is born.

308: Princess Laetitia Vellfyre dies at age 81- Laetitia had never wed, nor had taken vows but had lived at court where she was rumored to be variously half-mad, or else the most deadly of enemies, or perhaps both. Charlotte's influence at court is notably heightened without Laetitia's presence. Melantha and Keegan's daughter Lenore is born. Her nephews Jayr and Rymund are also born.

309: Her nephew Rodrigo is born.

310: Her niece Belandra is born. Melantha starts to wonder at the number of her older brother's children.

311: Charlotte miscarries again, for the final time. The magisters confirm to Rothgar she will not bear another child. Adhemar's wife gives birth to twins, Zanara and Tyana, which is just getting ridiculous.

312: Crown Prince James dies of a sudden illness, Rothgar is secluded for a month and Jason becomes Prince of Summerhall, and his days of fostering end. He is officially recalled, but fear of illness makes Rothgar decide the children will spend most of their days in Summerhall, far away from the miasmas of the city- they return in fall/winter but leave for spring.

314: Her nieces Luiza and Amina are born.

315: At the age of twelve, her son Kalden is sent to squire for Walden Wolfe, at Blacktide. Melantha worries desperately, even though she hides it. The Summer Fever sweeps through Southshores; her nieces Cyrenna and Luiza perish of the sickness, along with her father, Harith, and her cousin Valla. She dons white to mark the sad losses for her kin. Her niece Alodie is born at this tim, and her brother officially becomes Lord of Southshores.

320: Walden Wolfe, the man Kalden squired for, dies. Kalden returns to Tal Volorro to complete his training with his father.

321: Kalden is knighted.

322: The King also knights Kellan, after Kellan wins a large tourney melee at Prince Rollant's wedding to Elizabeth Ambrosios.

325: Northern War begins. Both of Melantha's sons are sent off to fight, along with her husband. Her daughter, Lenore, is married to Edric Sollis. Following the course of the wars closely, Melantha receives word that her nephew Rymund dies in battle, but her sons and Keegan are still alive and well.

328: Her first grandson, Richard of House Sollis, is born to her daughter Lenore.

330: Her husband and her sons finally return from war. Kellan seems much the same, but Kalden is embittered. Melantha's first granddaughter is born at this time, to her daughter Lenore. Melantha wastes no time in encouraging suitable engagements for her sons, and is pleased that Kalden is to marry a royal ward. She rather wishes one of them could have been tied to Southshores again, but she is glad to have them close to her still.


Ladies-in-Waiting (4)
- Parissa Harrowmont
- Shiera Veracora

Maids (2)

- Vandehal of Tal Dragore , astrologer

- Priano Calogerus and Nestor Ovidius, private musicians

- OPEN, magister (for continued tutoring)

- Player Information -
Name: Mel
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