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Default Rosina Vellfyre

- Character Information -
Name: Rosina Vellfyre
Titles, if any: Lady Rosina
Age and Birthdate: 26 (born Y304, 2m5)
Hometown/Area of Origin: Tal Volorro
Noble House, Affiliations: House of Vellfyre
Position at Court: Lady in Waiting to Queen Charlotte (until her marriage to Meridiez)
Appearance: Rosina is darker haired than her brothers and sister, favoring her mother's coloring. However, she has the exact shade of her father's eyes. She is also quite tall, nearly 5 foot ten, and is slim built.
PB: Saorise Ronan


Personality: Rosina is a classic eldest daughter, responsible and trustworthy, and a bit insufferable. She has absolute hero worship of her father, although she loves her mother. She does not mean to be a pain, and her heart is always in the right place, but she tends to be too accommodating for someone in court. Rosina spends most of her time striving to be calm and collected, and graceful. This is sometimes marred by her irreverent humor, through a wry smile or inappropriate, muffled laugh,

Rosina used to be a rough and tumble child. She liked horseback riding and running and climbing walls and anything that she could get way with (if the twins weren't looking). When she was seven years old, and starting her lessons, she initially rebelled against having to sit and behave. However, she began to see how proud her father would be when she excelled at something in her studies, and in time, she began to work harder to impress him. Her mother encouraged this, seeing the positive change in her daughter from a tomboy to a lady. Rosina threw herself into it wholeheartedly at that point, since it seemed to make both her parents happy. She still has an adventurous streak, and the tales told at court are her favorite pastime, but she's become too well-behaved to do anything more than listen. She learned all the important aspects of running a household, has a deft hand at mending, and learned the lute.

Rosina loves her brothers and sister to distraction. She would do anything to make them smile, and as she got older, this desire to cheer them and please her father made her into a far too agreeable person. She has a hard time telling any of them no to whatever they request of her. Inside, she does wish she could express herself better, but when any of her family looks at her, she just wants to do whatever they ask. Rosina has a much easier time putting her feelings down in words, and can often be found lurking in her solar, writing pages and pages in her precious journal. She adores writing letters.

Her marriage to a Meridiez prince truly frightened her. She knew that as a daughter of Prince Bryce, she would be given over in an advantageous marriage, but she had hoped she would still be able to remain near her family. After all, there had been plenty of discussions of other Houses, and men she was familiar with. And in Meridiez, the extreme restrictions on women, and the many tales of the bloodthirsty sports enjoyed just made her even more nervous. It doesn't help that she will be traveling to a place in the midst of war. She just reminds herself that it will be a new adventure, and perhaps an exciting one. Furthermore, Rosina would love to have children of her own, to dote on as she always has with her brothers and sister. She misses her brother Garrett very much, and grief makes her want to hold the rest of them that much tighter. She prays every day for their safety....and her own.

A304: The first daughter is born to Prince Bryce and Princess Whitney, in the second month, fifth day. Her milk name is Flower.
A305: Rosina is named during the summer months, after the roses that bloom there.
305: Kain Vellfyre is born to Bryce and Whitney. Although he and the other children are kept at Summerhall, Rosina immediately claims him as her own personal toy, and anytime she is brought along on a visit, she cries to be in the nursery to play with him, Kellan, and Ziamara.

307: Leandra Vellfyre is born to Bryce and Whitney. As far as Rosina is concerned, this is even better than Kain.
312: Rosina is sent to foster with House Wolfe, her mother's family, at 8 years old. At first, she is despondent to be separated from her siblings, but she soon makes new friends. Crown Prince James dies of a sudden illness, sending shockwaves through the royal family. Rosina learns that the King has secluded himself: Prince Jason is made Prince of Summerhall and called back from his fostering.

313: Rosina hears that the twins are off to continue their knighthood training elsewhere. She hears talks that she will be married to one of the Harrowmonts, possibly Alaric, but she doesn't put much stock in it, at only nine years old.

315: Whitney becomes very ill, along with many others during the Summer Fever. Whitney does not recover until the following year; all the unfostered royal children are sent to Summerhall to hopefully escape the sickness. Her cousin Kalden comes to Blacktide to foster as well, serving as a squire to Walden Wolfe.
317: Returning from Blacktide, after her five years of fostering, Rosina is granted a place among Charlotte's ladies-in-waiting. The same year, she hears of an engagement to Tagganaro Solvitreo. It would be at least two more years before she could expect to be wed, so she doesn't think much of it, other than she liked Tagg when he briefly visited court with his father.
318: Bryce suffers a serious injury after falling down some stone steps after a rather rambunctious evening with his cousins. Breaks his leg. Rosina fusses over him until both her parents chase her off. Her engagement to House Solvitreo is called off, in favor of a different arrangement with House Solvitreo and House Voldryn.
319: Rosina is told she might marry one of the Saherazai of Tal Dragore, which she finds fascinating, given then worship of Valdis in that area. Still, she pragmatically ignores the rumors, and soon enough, they fade. The same year, her beloved cousin Ziamara is bethrothed to Artos Vayth.
324: Her father and her uncle meet with delegations from Trimeris, Asserya, and Meridiez. War is declared. This sobers Rosina up very much, as she has several brothers old enough to battle. Then talk surfaces of marrying her off to Meridiez, which she studiously ignores even as the others in her retinue find it terribly exotic.
325: Her cousin Valencia is bethrothed to a Trimeris prince, and Rosina is betrothed to a Merideen prince, something that pretty much terrifies her. She starts studies on the language and the culture, which only increases her worry. She secretly hopes that it will be called off, as the other engagements before. In the same year, her sister Leandra married Kyle Seyfert.
328: Receives word that her brother, Garrett, was killed in battle, along with her cousin Rollant. She is devastated, and is inconsolable for weeks.
329: Her cousin, Prince Jason is captured, then rescued but injured. At a ceremony in Kingsport, Princess Valencia is married to Prince Royal Jarem Aldarayth-Firuzahn from Trimeris, and Rosina is married to Prince Isarn of Merediez, both by proxy. She accepts her fate of being eventually sent to Meridiez.
330: Though the war is not over, the Zakkish have stopped advancing and many of the boys are coming home, including her brothers. Rosina starts preparing to leave for Meridiez, to finally meet her husband. Envoys from Meridiez, including the younger Prince Isarn, named for her true husband, come to escort her on the voyage.

Angharad, handmaid
Mikala, handmaid

Writing Sample:
Gently, Rosina laid the pale blue dress in her truck, tucking the muslin around the edges to keep it secure and uncreased. Her fingers lingered across the fabric a moment; it was really an outdated gown, but she'd resisted parting with it. Her father had given it as a nameday gift two years before, and she remembered how he had complimented her in it. No, she wanted to have the sentimental gown with her in her new home.

Angharad bustled into the room, immediately making a noise of disapproval as she saw Rosina packing her trunk. "My lady, don't trouble yourself. I will have the trunks packed long before the coaches are ready. You should be resting."

Rosina stood up, resisting the urge to roll her eyes. "I've got a nice long voyage to rest on," she answered, wryly. Still, she stepped back so her handmaid could close the trunk and usher her out of the dressing room. Rosina allowed herself to be directed to the stone balcony, where she was soon ensconced in an upholstered chair with a blanket over her legs, and eventually a mug of warm mulled wine was pressed into her hands. She didn't have the heart to tell her faithful servant that she didn't need any of this coddling. She rather thought it made Angharad feel useful, and helpful. They were both anxious about the trip to Meridiez, and if her handmaiden needed to fuss, then Rosina would let her. Automatically, she reached for the small wooden lap table lying near her chair, and set it across her lap with a sound of satisfaction. She could get more letters done. She wanted to leave one for each of her brothers and her sister, and then one each for her parents. Likely, she'd end up having one for each of her cousins as well, at this rate. The thought made her smile.

"Are you pleased with the idea, then, my lady?" Angharad said, as she brought Rosina a fresh parchment.

"Hmm? Oh....marriage is marriage. I'm even a bit old, as it took so long. With any luck, I'll be bidden to be seen and not heard, and then left to my letters and books. I cannot say I'm looking forward to attending any arena," she gave a small shudder at that, "but I'll do what I am told." She paused, looking up with sudden alarm. "I will be left my letters, don't you think? I don't recall reading anything about Meridiez women being forbidden books and such. Do you?" Rosina reached for the small stack of volumes and scrolls on Meridiez history, and started leafing through again.

Angharad merely moved the inkpot off the desk before Rosina upset it onto her blanket. "I cannot say one way or the other, my lady."

"Hmm." Rosina murmured again, already engrossed in yet another book. "Well....they are just letters. Plus, everyone will be too busy with war. I'll have to gauge how accommodating my new lord might be..."

- Player Information -
Name: Michelle aka Melantha
Preferred contact method: email at setsunaluna at gmail, on AIM same thing.
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