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Default Warrick Wolfe

Name: Warrick Wolfe
Titles, if any: Lord Warrick Wolfe
Age and Birthdate: 37 years old at game start, born the fifth day of the eleventh month in the year 292.
Hometown/Area of Origin: Blacktide in Kingsreach
Noble House, Affiliations: House Wolfe... by privilege of birth.
Position at Court: Lord Treasurer

Height: 6'2"
Hair: Brown. Sometimes he grows a beard. Depends on his mood.
Eyes: Brown.
PB: Hugh Jackman

He is both very much his own person, and very much not. Such is the circumstance one finds themselves in when they are born a twin. He could not be any more different than his brother. Night and day, some might say. At the very least as far as appearance would go. By looking, if one was not aware of who they were, they would be hard pressed to identify them as relatives let alone twins, but the similarities are beneath the surface. As one might expect, and as one has most likely heard before when speaking with another pair, Warrick feels a very close bond with William, one he knows nobody else can quite comprehend or relate to, and one that offends him when somebody tries to. To describe it would be to say that William is half of him, and that is perhaps rather close to the truth.

Warrick was always a serious person. Even in his infancy, he was not the most exuberant of babies. His mother would describe him as observant, watching rather than interacting. His father attributed it to shyness, but she did not believe her child to be shy. And really, he was't. He possesses many faults, but inhibition is not one of them. Naya would also explain that getting him to smile was quite the chore, and laughing was a rare sound indeed. It was not that he was unhappy. Thinking back on his earlier years, he can't say that he was ever discontent in general. It was just how he was. Observing, always watching. Studying. Always studying. His passion for learning only rivaled by his passion for winning. It is said that almost all Wolfes are born with a competitive spirit, and in his case, he could not argue against such a claim.

He values his family dearly. Well, most of them. He loved his mother dearly, respected his father with steadfast loyalty, and he knew he would take a sword for William if it ever had to come to such a thing. But if ever there was a reason to complain of a miserable childhood, he knew exactly who to point his finger at. He never much liked his eldest brother, Wallace. A mean-spirited person to the core, he was often, along with his brother William, the target of many spiteful pranks. Despite how hard Warrick actually tried to forgive his brother, to love him, Wallace made it all too easy to turn the attempt to hate. That hatred would grow over the years. Even after they became adults, returned home after being knighted... Wallace had proven that time does change people. Some people went from bad to plain rotten. For his part, Warrick tended to give him a wide berth, trying to avoid him at all costs. And after the birth of his two children, he found it much easier to forget Wallace was there at all and he focused all or most of his attentions on them.

It would be accurate to say that if ever he cared about anybody more than William it would be his daughter and his son. A devoted father, he would do anything for his children and would go to great lengths to harm anybody who even dared to try to hurt them.

He is regarded as a brutally honest man. People who go to Warrick to find solace or comfort learn very quickly he's not one who says what people want to hear. He is very unapologetic about speaking his mind, and will give advice when asked. Just... be aware of what you are asking before you ask it. Feelings are hardly ever spared. A lot of people would mistake this quality as cynicism or surliness, but it is not so. He's not a cynic nor is he particularly unhappy. But he does accept people tend to say such things when they are upset, and he does have a tendency to upset a lot of people.

He's quite smart. Especially in terms of business and politics, but he's not exceptionally charismatic and does not necessarily enjoy being the center of attention. He supposes this is a symptom of being born a third son, but he has always been more than happy to concede attention to his brother.

He shows great talent in martial pursuits. Mostly with the sword, but his build has made him quite good with a spear. It is his weapon of choice, particularly when he's mounted.

While serious and quiet, he does possess quite a vast sense of humor. While he does enjoy dry wit and clever jokes, he's been known to laugh at the more lighthearted jests and mindless shenanigans that some might prefer. It is a very adaptable humor that can mold to whatever company he's keeping. Still, he does believe nobody quite understands his jokes like William does and finds it easier to relax and be himself when around him.

He is a good singer. Music is perhaps the only art he enjoys. He does know the value of art as a business man, knowing how to make a piece appear more valuable than it is, but he's not extremely fond of it.

292: Born... incidentally ten minutes after William. Would become the source of much grief for the next thirty-something years.
299: Became a page. It was pretty fun.
311: Knighted by King Rothgar. Of course, he was knighted ten minutes after William. Would become the source of much grief for the next twenty years.
312: Warrick marries Katarina Feron, daughter of a wealthy merchant in Blacktide. She was pretty, so he was mostly okay with it.
314: Emily Wolfe is born late in the twelfth month. Would become the most important girl in Warrick's life.
317: Anthony Wolfe is born in the second month.
319: Katarina dies during childbirth. Despite the efforts of the midwife, the child also did not survive.
320: Lord Walden Wolfe passes away of being old. Wallace takes Blacktide. Warrick gets drunk.
324: Lady Naya Wolfe dies. Some said of a broken heart, but she was about four years too late for that excuse...
325: Sailed to Zaksalam with William.
326: Broke his hand during the Battle of Ongol Valley. Forced a quick recovery... Regrets it now for the hand still gives him trouble.
328: came back to assist with the uprising issues in Blacktide. Something about there being no food.
329: Warrick is named Lord Treasurer, appointed by King Rothgar after the previous treasurer died

Dylan Durand - page
Jory Hatland - squire
Rylen _______ - servant

- Player Information -
Name: Cee
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