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Default Salindra Harrowmont

- Character Information -
Name: Salindra Harrowmont, Lin to close friends and family
Titles, if any: Lady Salindra
Age and Birthdate: Eighteen years of age. Born in the fifth month, on the twenty-third day, in the year 312
Hometown/Area of Origin: Ashmark
Noble House, Affiliations: House of Harrowmont
Position at Court: Companion to her cousin, the Lady Parissa Harrowmont.
PB: Amber Heard
Salindra is the first surviving child of her parents, and as such, they spoiled her rotten, giving her everything that was in their means to give. In their eyes, Salindra can do no wrong, and as such, she is used to getting what she wants and not taking no for an answer. When there is something beyond her grasp, or someone tells her no, she is as tenacious as a terrier and does whatever she can to get what she wants. Currently, what she wants is to find a place at the royal court, so she is doing her best to watch for an opportunity to get what she wants. That is not to say she is not beyond messing up and making mistakes...it's just when she does, she is entirely too hard on herself. When she cannot get what she wants, or she messes up, she gets into a bit of a temper and gets very sullen and silent; in this state, she retreats into herself and you will find her hard-pressed to talk to anyone.

She finds serious people and overly pious people boring...she gets enough of that with the members of her family who heed the call of the mountain spirits. Salindra would rather do the fun things in life as opposed to getting worn knees and threadbare skirts from shouting up to the skies and hoping gods will answer her prayers. You will often find her enjoying jousting tourneys, playing jokes on her cousins, and dancing with handsome men who catch her eye.

Speaking of men, nothing gives her more pleasure than to watch them squirm, in the best of ways. Yes, women seem to be good for only one thing in the eyes of men, and she loves to show them--in her mind--what they cannot have. Thus, she wears her hair in eye-catching styles, and her dresses show just enough cleavage to tantalize and be provocative. She cannot find a man to challenge her enough, but she does so love to flirt and to make them feel like they are the center of her universe. She cannot hunt, but men to her are her hunt...her sport. And to have a chance to be at the royal court...that is the best of hunting grounds.

Fifth month, 312: After several sons not surviving past infancy, Markus and his wife welcome a baby girl, whom they gave the milkname Kitten to because her crying sounded more like a kitten's yowl.
Fifth month, 313: She survives her first year and is given the name Salindra.
314: Her cousin, whom she will be a future companion to, is born, and given the milkname Lemon.
315: Lemon turns into Parissa.
316: Her younger sister is born, and given the milkname _____.
317: Younger sister is given the name Zoe.
319: She begins her education. Over the years, she learns dancing, music, conversation...all the skills required of a lady to be at least somewhat interesting.
323: Parissa is sent to Southshores, and she secretly gloats at the fact she did not get sent there. Having to wear those tiresome veils and listens to her aunt drone on about the gods...
327: To learn about the finer points of a household, Salindra is sent to be a lady-in-waiting for one of Lord Attericus's vassal's wives.
328: Her cousin, Julian, dies in the battle of Abat-Charn. Gods, war. Such a thing...it takes more than it gives.
330: Salindra is called back to Ashmark, along with her cousins Kaelyn and Vespera. They meet with Parissa, and are told they are to be companions to her when they journey to the royal court.. The royal court! Her father and mother take her aside before she leaves and tell her to remember her education and her training...to get a place at the royal court would not only benefit her, but also her family as well. She tells them not to worry.

She is attending on and being a companion to her younger cousin, the Lady Parissa, along with her other cousins, Kaelyn and Vespera. Salindra also sees a lot of Parissa's maids and Parissa's tutor, but beyond that, she has no one in her personal retinue other than a maid to help keep track of her clothes and belongings and the like.

- Player Information -
Name: Brandy
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salindra harrowmont
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