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Plotting & Planning Post here with your introductions, plotting ideas, conversation about the game, etc.
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   ♕Royal Progress (3.17.331-????)

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The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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The Oracles
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Question Who Plays Who

Ann (Ann)
- Kaelyn Harrowmont

BRANDY (Brandy)
- Amina Solvitreo
- Bryony Vayth
- Jayr Solvitreo
- Kalden Vellfyre
- Markus Harrowmont (Temp)
- Oliver Meadows
- Salindra Harrowmont

CAZ (Caz)
- Alianor Vellfyre

CEE (Batman)
- Alys Fairwind
- Benedar Mondragon (Temp)
- Bryce Vellfyre
- Cael Ambrosios (Temp)
- Elijah Vaughn
- Gabriel Drake (Temp)
- Gareth Agrivale
- Jason Vellfyre
- Lanius Draven
- Lucia Vellfyre
- Natalia Seyfert
- Orsino Voldryn (Temp)
- Thane Voldryn
- Vidanrik Tethras
- Warrick Wolfe

KATE (Kate)
- Adan Vayth
- Lenore Vellfyre Sollis
- Zoe Harrowmont (Temp)

MEL (Mel)
- Alaric Harrowmont (Temp)
- Elizabeth Ambrosios
- Melantha Solvitreo Vellfyre
- Rosina Vellfyre

NAPIER (Napier]
- Ryence

RARITY (Rarity) (hiatus due to moving)
- Jeharraz Zisemides
- Zanara Solvitreo

RED (Red)
- Freya Fairwind

SUMMER (Khaleesi)
- Carolei Vikary
- Jacen Mondragon (Temp)
- Kain Vellfyre
- Olivia Seyfert (Temp)
- Parissa Harrowmont
- Rhaegar Vayth
- Rothgar Vellfyre
- Ziamara Fairchild

*THE ORACLES (the oracles)
- Adhemar Solvitreo
- Attericus Harrowmont
- Charlotte Howe-Vellfyre

XOCHITL (Xochitl)
- Elinor Vellfyre
- Gavin Vellfyre
- Irisa Mondragon (Temp)
- Tyana Solvitreo
- Valisa Stone (Temp)

*== the mod account
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