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Default Parissa Harrowmont

- Character Information -
Name: Parissa Harrowmont
Titles, if any: Lady.
Age and Birthdate: 6M 20, 314 (16)
Hometown/Area of Origin: Highclere Cross, Westridge.
Noble House, Affiliations: Her father is Lord of Westridge, her aunt is Lady of Southshores.
Position at Court: Being sent to wait on Melantha.

Appearance: 5'0 and delicately built, Parissa is graceful in her movements and suited to court dancing and masques... and being elusive. She has thick, wavy blond hair she sometimes darkens a bit with henna, not that it makes it any more controllable, and it often gets away from her- easily mussed, often escaping whatever style her maids wrangle it into. Her skin is cursed with freckles that she keeps mostly hidden with powder these days, and unremarkable, dull, stupid brown eyes that she hates almost as much as the freckles.

PB: Emily Kinney

Parissa is reckless as only a teenager can be- often forgetting to think about the future, or that she might not be immortal. This is (luckily?) tempered by her shyness in unfamiliar company (not shyness so much as just freezing up) and her insecurities about her appearance. Her diminutive frame and fragile features added to her general shyness around strangers have led many people to dismiss her as a mere child on first acquaintance- and perhaps a rather silly one at that.

Parissa sees herself as plain and forgettable: the last one to ever get noticed, especially because she hasn't got her Solvitreo cousins' glossy dark hair, or their exotic accents (although some of them share the curse of freckles). She's convinced herself of her own blandness- and that it can be a good thing. After all, if she looks wide-eyed and innocent, people often forget her age and assume she must have been led astray by some other, wicked influence (usually Alodie in Southshores, or Salindra in Westridge).

She is aware of the pressures of her father's family and the expectations of the eldest daughter of House Harrowmont but it hasn't all fully sunk in yet. Everything went mad in her life all at once, and Solarii was a world away from Highclere- so she's still sorting out what returning to her father's court will entail. She's learned about history, languages, etiquette and all the other things a Solvitreo education could provide her with but she's unsure of herself or her place in the world, which makes her both ready to lash out and to try to please whoever happens to give her any sense of security.

Her early childhood was spent with her cousins Ryence, Kaelyn, Edric, and her brother Jonothor. Before her 9th nameday, in early 323, her mother died after giving birth to her younger brother Kaiden. In short order, Parissa and Jonothor were packed off into a caravan heading to Southshores, accompanied by their father's soldiers and kinsmen- including their oldest brother Alaric and Robert who'd just squired to him, with their older cousin Julian as captain of the party. The trip was not easy- or safe. An attack by outlaws scattered part of their number into the hills and as they moved south, a river fording turned into disaster as the ferry carrying Jonath and Parissa overturned. They were dragged to safety before drowning but Parissa had trouble going near open water for a couple of years. The upheaval did not end there- as she and Jonathor were welcomed into the riotous Tal Solarii court, among the horde of wards and fosterlings. The end result for Parissa was hero-worship of her older brothers, and a terrible shyness as she hit culture shock head on.

It got better, and Parissa made new friends. Her cousins Alodie and Tyana, Elorra, and countless of her fellow fosterlings. She pushed away her old life, taking joy in the reckless riding and daring games of her southron cousins. Cards, dice, drinks and dancing were the coin of acceptance here, and she was determined to be good at that. As a result, while Pari is pretty reserved with new people, once she's comfortable in new surroundings she's ready to play.

Favored Pastimes:
Riding, hawking, hunting, archery, cards, doing anything Princess Zorayda said not to, getting into trouble with her cousins and fellow fosterlings, cosmetics, and fashion. Not necessarily in that order, and all of them dependent on her whim that day.

314: First daughter, Parissa, born to Attericus and Lyonore, milknamed Lemon. Domeric's firstborn is a girl, Kaelyn. Roland's latest child is Ryence.

315: Fourth brother but first littler one, Jonathor, is born. Domeric also has a son, Edric, and there is a massive party. Summer Fever claims a few lives in the 'Ridge.

318: Alaric squires to __________.

319: Little sister, Zarina, born. Domeric has a son, Lucan.

320: Gaiseric squires to _________. Parissa catches a chill after playing outside with her cousins- it turns into pneumonia and she is ill for several months.

321: Her mother and father consider sending Parissa to foster in Southshores, but her mother urges Attericus to wait as Parissa's not thought to be strong enough for the journey.

323: Alaric is knighted for helping to kill a dangerous group of outlaws. Fifthborn son, and next little brother, Kaiden arrives, but their mother dies soon after. Robert is sent to squire for Alaric; Parissa and Jonathor to Southshores to foster with their aunt Adalyde- Jonath meant for the Magisterium. Zarina and Kaiden were left in Godsgrace, with Roland and his wife. The road to Southshores, despite their father's guards, proves hazardous: first, their band is set upon in one of the passes; later a river crossing ends in near fatal disaster when a ferry overturns. Had it not been for their cousin Julian and brother Alaric's quick actions, both children might have died.

324: It takes several months for Parissa to acclimate to Tal Solarii- the rules, the Meridiez court tongue, the veils... but Tyana takes her under her wing, and Pari manages to make friends among the many wards and fosterlings in the vast Sunspire household. At least Adalyde lets her keep practicing with her bow and arrow.

325: Adalyde takes them north to the Leave-Taking in Summerhall. This is the last glimpse she will have of her eldest brothers, as well as her foster brothers, for five years. She was a nervous wreck beforehand, desperate to show that she'd done well in Solarii and wasn't a disappointment- she wore her hair and veil like her cousins, copied their accents, and could even get a few Merideen phrases down.

326: Age 12. Suddenly her freckles are REALLY UPSETTING.

327: Her uncle Domeric falls in battle against the Zakkish.

328: Cousin Julian also killed in Zaksebar, and Parissa mourns him even more than her uncle. Is totally convinced she is in love with Bashir Solvitreo. This love is clearly thwarted by freckles. And ugliness. And also boys are stupid.

329: Her cousin and childhood companion Edric is sent to squire for King Rothgar. Never mind about Bashir, have you seen Symon Ascalon...?

330: Early in the year, Parissa is summoned from Tal Solarii to Ashmark in the west, to await her father's court. She flips out a bit, because this is early and she wonders if she's in trouble... or worse, about to get married. Alodie is supposed to accompany her but gets into trouble and is forbidden to travel by Zorayda. Parissa is met at Ashmark by her cousins Salindra, Kaelyn, and Vespera. This is difficult to notice because Jayme Ascalon was among the knights accompanying her north and he is clearly divinity among men. This is so obviously true love... except for that whole 'talking' concept, which she cannot manage to do if he's anywhere near. Also he probably hates freckles. Maybe more powder will fix that...

Maids: (2) Kessya, Mara (d.1M A331) (one of which positive is reporting back to Zorayda). Mara is replaced by a Kingsport girl named Tya.
Magister/Tutor: Barnabas Lamora
Companions: (3)
~ Salindra 18 (b.312), daughter of Markus the steward of Ashmark. Has a younger sister, Zoe. Salindra is more lowlander than mountain child, born and raised in Ashmark among the rolling hills and vineyards. Her cousins may heed the mountain spirits, but Lin would rather enjoy tourneys and dancing. Being at the royal court would be the ultimate joy for her, and she is praying for that chance.

~ Kaelyn, 16 (b.314), daughter of Domeric, niece and ward of Lord Attericus. Milk-sister to Ryence and Parissa. Kaelyn is painfully aware that her father's death has left her as one more name on a list to her uncle Attericus. She does not get along all that well with Vespera, who revels in being the daughter of one of the stewards- and now she is the least of a company that includes both stewards' daughters, and the High Lord's eldest girl.

~ Vespera,17 (b.313), daughter of Roland the steward of Godsgrace. Has an older, already-wedded sister and younger brother. Vespera was raised in Godsgrace- the impregnable mountain fortress, with a thousand tales and thrice that many ghosts. The green and gentle court at Ashmark is foreign to her, and she is conscious of her Western accent, as well as the myriad differences she sees between herself and her cousins. Her quiet demeanor is easily mistaken for hauteur- and she doesn't try to correct others for thinking it.

- Player Information -
Name: Khaleesi
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8M: Accompanying her father to Summerhall for the festivities of welcoming the Prince and his armies back from the North, Parissa finds herself engaged to wed Prince Jason Vellfyre. Salindra is named as a lady-in-waiting to Princess Ziamara.

12M: Her cousin Kaelyn becomes a lady-in-waiting to Lady Melantha, but Parissa's retinue are settled as Vespera, Shiera, Zanara, Bryony. She and Jason are wed at the beginning of the Holy Days court, though their nuptials are soon overshadowed by the arrival of the Merideen Fever, which burns through the city and the court alike and results in the closure of the city and palace. The first to die is Princess Whitney who had been Parissa's Lady of the Chamber, and had been intended to help the young bride manage Summerhall. Parissa is among the first to fall ill and the magisters fear for her life.

Among her Holy Days presents are a rescued street puppy named Patch from Roland Salt and a Westridge Rabbit from her father, later named Ser Hopswell.

1M: Jason places Ausla Trunt among her ladies-in-waiting. Parissa is still very sick as the city erupts in the Temple Riots. Just after she recovers, her husband is stricken with the illness. The new princess's household is in chaos as she and her inexperienced ladies-of-the-chamber do their best til Lady Sollis is handed the reins as the new mentor. Her maid, Mara, dies on 1.13. At the 1.18 executions, Parissa convinces King Rothgar to spare Lady Ganiya a prolonged execution and merely behead her.

2M: Parissa and Jason return to Summerhall with their households, and under Lady Lenore and Lady Melantha's oversight the household is installed in the palace (Parissa is not yet 17 and thus isn't considered quite old enough to do this on her own). Several royal wards and children make the journey with them, as well as Princess Ziamara who is still recovering from the injuries and illness following the riots. Parissa's favor falls on a minstrel named Westley who begins singing an old epic song about a love triangle. He begins coloring the heroine to sound a bit like Parissa, finding it funny since the jilted lover in the story is named Jacen. The prince does not find this amusing and the musician is summarily dragged out of Summerhall and banished. First real marital fight ensues.

3M: She follows her husband on the royal progress. In Delving, a major upheaval hits when Lord Seyfert, having gone quite mad, arrests Zanara and has her imprisoned in the tower. Parissa sends her brother, Gaiseric, to defend Zanara while she goes to the king. Her interference (and a smart aleck comment) results in a reproving speech and a severe slap from the king.

The royal caravan is caught out in a storm on 3.29 and Jason's tent collapses in the middle of deadly hail. They manage to get out from under it and return to Parissa's retinue.

4M: There is publicly acknowledged tension between the prince and princess in Mirrormount though they seem to have reconciled. On the way from Mirrormount to Moonspire, the royal caravan is attacked. Parissa's lady-in-waiting, Ausla, is killed in front of her. Zanara's leg is broken, Lenore's ankle injured, and Bryony is kidnapped though returned late in the night. Unfortunately, before Bryony's return, once the royals seek shelter in Grey Glenn with House Hunter, Jason orders the execution of Jayme Ascalon.


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