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Default Amina Solvitreo

- Character Information -
Name: Amina Solvitreo
Titles, if any: Lady Amina
Age and Birthdate: Sixteen years of age. Born the second month, the sixteenth day, in the year 314.
Hometown/Area of Origin: Tal Solarii
Noble House, Affiliations: The noble house of Solvitreo.
Position at Court: Lady-in-waiting to her cousin, Tyana (by extension, Amina would also be in Queen Charlotte's household)

PB: Hailee Steinfeld

Amina always had been a tomboy. She was the only girl born to her mother and father, as well as the youngest, though there was no shortage of children around for her to play with. What she really wished to do was learn the sword, though it is not allowed for a lady, so archery and hawking, to her, is better than nothing at all. She didn't really wish to learn the finer points of being a lady but knows she doesn't have much of a choice. Amina hates sitting still and she especially hates sewing. Her stitches are always too large and too uneven, as her hands never really took to working the needle. The only part of her education she really took to was the running of a household and dancing. At least with those two things, she is not idle.

Amina is well aware of a woman's place in the world, and she knows it is her duty to be married off to a man quite a bit older than her and bear his heirs, though it doesn't mean she wants to be treated with disrespect. She has her opinions and more than anything she wants them to be taken seriously, and she doesn't wish to be treated like she is only a sixteen-year-old girl.

More than anything, Amina is mischievous. Along with her cousin Alodie (who is also by all rights her best friend), they love to cause mayhem and chaos...in the name of fun, of course, and she doesn't mind poking fun and pulling pranks on other people, such as the house wards or her younger cousin, Adalyne. She's been reprimanded for such more than once, but the words always seem to go in one ear and out the other.

314: Amina is born, the last of the children born to Vimarro and Lucinda, and the only girl born to them. However, she grew up around her cousins, so there was no shortage of female influences.
315: Luzia, Cyrenna, and Harith died this year, but she was very young and cannot remember. In later years, she does remember everyone being sad (mourning, as it was explained to her).
321: Amina begins her education, such as it is.
325: She hears word of her brother, Rymund, dying as a squire in Zaksebar. She was eleven years of age.
330: Amina is appointed as a lady-in-waiting to her cousin, Tyana, and is now at the royal court with her.

She does not have a retinue, being as she is a lady-in-waiting.

- Player Information -
Name: Brandy
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