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Default Kalden Vellfyre

- Character Information -
Name: Kalden Vellfyre
Titles, if any: Lord Kalden
Age and Birthdate: Twenty-seven years of age. Born the second month, the twenty-eighth day, in the year 303.
Hometown/Area of Origin: Tal Volorro, Kingsreach.
Noble House, Affiliations: the noble house of Vellfyre
Position at Court: cousin, and knight
PB: Colin O'Donoghue
Kalden is not the most kind of men. It is not that he is terribly cruel-hearted...he cares greatly for his family and would do anything for them. The rest of the world can go hang, for all he cares. He tends to be a bit more of a realist than anything, and doesn't really partake in a lot of merriment and revelry (with the exception of the drink; you'll find him more than willing to partake of this merriment and revelry. And perhaps a few whores every now and again). Any comment he makes is tinged with a bit...no, not correct. Any casual comment he makes is tinged with a lot of biting sarcasm. This is his preferred method of communication, for he can easily get away with insults...not only because of his noble birth, but also because sarcasm disguises the insults.

Do not ask Kalden a question if you want an honest answer. He will tell you the truth, in every regard. Do not ask Kalden a question especially if he is drunk, for it will come out a bit more cruel than when he is sober. When sober, his mind is a brilliant one and trend toward strategy and diplomacy. He loves how with just a few words, someone's mind can be changed and you can exert your influence. Since he was young, he trained in chivalry and the knight's code, but if he had a choice, he would be a diplomat. Negotiating treaties and alliances hold more of a thrill to him than defending countries and taking lives. Though insult his family, and you will find it hard for him to stay his tongue...or his blade.

303: Kalden Vellfyre is born to Lord Keegan Vellfyre and Lady Melantha Solvitreo.
305: Two years later, his brother, Kellan, is born.
308: His sister, Lenore, is born. The first of drinks (hard drinks), passes through Kalden's lips. He is five years old.
312: Prince James is found dead in his bed.
315: At the age of twelve, he is sent to squire for Walden Wolfe, at Blacktide.
320: Walden Wolfe, the man Kalden squired for, dies. Kalden returns to Tal Volorro to complete his training with his father. Yvanna Fairwind (his childhood friend) is married.
321: At the age of eighteen, he is knighted. Yvanna dies in the child-birthing bed.
325: Northen War begins, and he is sent with his brother and cousins to do his duty and fight. His sister, Lenore, is married to Edric Sollis.
328: Garrett, his cousin, and Rollant, are both killed in Abat-Charn.
330: Called back home. Takes to drinking more and more, and is a bit bitter from the wars, the fighting, the deaths, and the killing.

Family Tree: See House Vellfyre
Information on the Family: See House Vellfyre

One squire.
One valet.

Writing Sample:
Feasts. Revelry. All a load of shit, if you ask him. Not many besides those close to him, dared to ask Kalden, for no one unfamiliar asked him a question if they knew of his feared and reviled demeanor; his way of speaking the truth so well, it disarmed them. Rather unexpectedly, as well. He sat high upon his perch, and nursed a cup of wine, and looked out upon those braying jackasses. Laughing, agreeing with how wonderful everything was and seemed to be. "Bullshit. It's all a load of bullshit. Don't you agree?" he asked no one in particular, and fiddled with the rim of the cup, his finger going round, and round.

A homely little serving wench appeared by his side, asked him if she might get him anything else...another helping of food, another serving of wine. A slight blush painted her cheeks a berry red, and made the freckles dotting her cheekbones stand out even more. His eyes raked over her. No, he was not drunk enough for someone like that. "No, lass. But there is something you can do. You can get out of my sight and stop fucking me with your eyes. If you wish, try one of the more drunken gentleman." He pointed at a table, where the wine continuously flowed and the men bellowed boozy baritones of nothing in particular. "And if you wish to cry, wait till you're away from me."

The little mouse scampered off, and left him in relative peace. Just the way he liked things.

- Player Information -
Name: Brandy
Preferred contact method: PM
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