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Default Attericus Harrowmont

- Character Information -
Name: Attericus Harrowmont
Titles, if any: Lord of Westridge, Seneschal of the West.
Age and Birthdate: 7 8M, 281 (age: 49)
Hometown/Area of Origin: Westridge
Noble House, Affiliations: House Harrowmont, the West.
Position at Court: NONE.

Appearance: A rough man, often with a beard he's forgotten to tame down. Dark hair whose curls are never ordered, weathered features, and piercing blue eyes. 6'2" of sinew and strength, Attericus has never met a fight he didn't want a part of. His sword and blades are never far from his hands, and he's more used to the weight of armor than of silk.

PB: Kim Coates

Personality: A mountain lord to his core, Attericus was born amidst the Border Wars, got his spurs in battle and had difficulty settling into the peace but he has kept his sword sharp with adjudicating the disputes and bloody fights among his nobles. He acceded his eldest son Alaric's wishes and let the boy go north with his brothers and future king, though it grated on him to see so many of his kinsmen leaving the mountains. Still, he had to consider that there was more unrest in Elonia, and that would mean future need of Vellfyre favor.

Attericus is more of a warrior than a politician, but he has had to learn both skills. Squiring under Prince (later King) Rothgar helped with that, but he has spent the last thirty years mostly in the mountains. He ventures very seldom from his own borders, though he often meets with Rothgar's yearly progress at his lowland castle of Ashmark- once or twice their meeting has been at Delving or somewhere just near the border.

He holds himself a bit apart, in company. His beliefs and emotions are known to few, if any, and he is closest with his brother Roland and cousin Freya. Fairly frequent letters are exchanged with his sister Adalyde in Southshores. Of his children, he keeps Alaric and Gaiseric closest.

281: Born
283: Brother Roland born
284: brother Andrixus born
285: Cousin Azarion born.
287: sister Adalyde born. Cousin Markus is born in Ashmark.
288: brother Domeric born. Cousin Iohan is born. Attericus begins his training under his idolized uncle Alaric.
290: Father Rabastan dies in battle.
292: Uncle Sebatiano dies in battle.
293: He becomes a squire but is horrified that it is not to Alaric, but to Crown Prince Rothgar. He does come to like Rothgar, as they fight on the western fronts.
294: King Kaiden dies, and Crown Prince Rothgar is now King Rothgar. Squire duties remain rough as the war continues regardless.
295: Cousin Rodrigo dies in battle.
298: Cousin Diego dies in battle. Confirms Markus as steward of Ashmark, with his mother as regent.
299: Grandfather, Lord Petrus dies. At 18, though barely knighted, Attericus is Lord of the West. His cousin Freya is born to his uncle Alaric. He accompanies Rothgar for the peace talks.
300: PEACE IS DECLARED, though that doesn't help pick up all the pieces of their lands.
302: Andrixus joins a cult.
304: Sister Adalyde weds Adhemar Solvitreo.
306: He weds the beautiful Lyonore Spicer, who bears his first son: Alaric
307: Makes his brother Roland the steward of Godsgrace
308: Second son, Gaiseric, born. Azarion has a son, Landrikus.
310: Azarion's second son is born, Zayne.
311: Roland's wife presents him with a girl, Liliyana.
312: Uncle Alaric dies in a tourney accident.
313: Third son, Robert born. Roland's wife ahs a girl, Vespera.
314: First daughter, Parissa, born. Domeric's firstborn is a girl, Kaelyn. Roland wins this round, as his baby is a boy, Ryence.
315: Fourth son, Jonathor, is born. Domeric also has a son, Edric, and there is a massive party. Summer Fever claims a few lives in the 'Ridge, including cousin Iohan.
318: Alaric squires to __________.
319: Second daughter, Zarina, born. Domeric has a son, Lucan.
320: Gaiseric squires to _________.
323: Alaric is knighted for helping to kill a dangerous group of outlaws. Fifth son, Kaiden born. Lyonore dies soon after. Facing five children at home, with no heart to wed again so quickly, he set Robert to squire for Alaric, and sent Parissa and Jonathor to Southshores to foster with their aunt Adalyde- Jonath meant for the Magisterium. Zarina and Kaiden were left in Godsgrace, with Roland and his lady.
325: Sends Alaric, Gaiseric, and Robert off with the Westridge forces answering the royal call to arms.
326: Zarina is sent to foster in Shatterstone.
327: Domeric falls in battle against the Zakkish. Attericus takes full responsibility for his children, and mourns deeply.
328: Cousin Julian also killed in Zaksebar. Attericus takes Julian's son Rothgar as a squire.
329: He sends his nephew Edric to squire for King Rothgar.
330: Early in the year, Parissa is summoned from Tal Solarii to Ashmark in the west, to await her father's court. Kaiden is dispatched to foster with House Vellfyre in Tal Volorro, where Gaiseric is also serving.

3 Squires (including Rothgar Harrowmont)
2 Guards
7 Men-at-Arms

- Player Information -
Name: The ORACLES.
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