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Default Rhaegar Vayth

- Character Information -
Name: Rhaegar Vayth
Titles, if any: Lord Rhaegar, A Captain of the Golden Sons.
Age and Birthdate: 14 3rd Month, 296. 34 years old.
Hometown/Area of Origin: Tal Vayth, Kingsreach
Noble House, Affiliations: Heir to House Vayth of Tal Vayth
Position at Court: n/a, though he's employed by/friends with Prince Jason

Appearance: Dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin. Rhaegar stands 6'1 and has the muscled build of a man who has lived with sword and armor since he was a boy.
PB: Eduardo Verastegui

Personality:Rhaegar is a knight and a soldier. He's quiet, efficient, not one for flowery language or poetic imagery. He received a good education befitting a nobleman's son but most of his life has been spent on battlefields or in the middle of a war, with precious little time left over for courtly virtues or etiquette lessons. Serving with the Golden Sons in Old Asserya and some in Zaksebar, he has traveled quite a bit, serving kings and warlords or merchants- anyone who could pay. He acknowledges that chivalry is a good ideal to have, but he tends to be more pragmatic about his actions.

Rhaegar doesn't often answer questions about which battles he took part in, or where he served. He might make an offhand comment or two from time-to-time regarding this land or that one, perhaps some feature of a castle, but that is generally all the clues one will find. Of course, he doesn't talk about his wife, either. Or about his friends. Or... all right, he just doesn't talk much about anything.

He spends most of his time training, his swords his most constant companion. He's used to command; serving as a leader in the mercenary companies he has made his living with, and has been one of the chief commanders among the Golden Sons for several years.

He is quiet, not often speaking unless it is needed. Rhaegar in general prefers action to long speeches, and while he can be patient enough to wait for something he will not talk about it. He knows his own mind, and rarely bothers to let others in. Despite his vocation, Rhaegar does attend the church, and he prays although he does not say for what.

A296: born
A304: begins training for knighthood.
A309: 13, is taken on as a squire by Ser Edric Vimes.
A310: Ser Edric decides to try his luck fighting for the Asseryans against the burgeoning Zakkish armies, and Rhaegar sails with his knight.
A312: He gets word that his mother has died, and doesn't feel any further impulses to go home.
A313: His knight dies in battle, and Rhaegar is dubbed a knight by Ser Corwin Arden. He joins with Corwin's company, The Golden Sons, becoming a mercenary.
A317: Weds Lady Talea of Asserya, a daughter of old Asseryan nobility, after rendering service to her father.Does not write home to get his father's permission, does not care when a tersely furious letter arrives the next year about said lack of permission either.
A320: His son is born.
A323: Talea dies in childbirth, taking their second babe with her. This is not a good time to be anywhere near Rhaegar. He mourns her by throwing himself into the midst of any battle, brawl or fight he can get into. He gets himself captured by the Zakkish and winds up on the wrong side of their interrogations. His captains get him out- barely.
A325: The Edolene forces join the battles. Rhaegar takes his part of the company north and east to meet up with the Prince of Edolon's army, arranged in part by his uncle Artos.
A328: Brother Kevan dies in battle in Zaksebar. Rhaegar makes sure his body gets seen to.
A329: Prince Jason is taken captive, and Rhaegar's men know the place he's held far better than the rest of the Edolene troops could. Rhaegar takes part in the rescue mission, and finds himself remaining by the prince's side.
A330: With the withdrawal of Zakish forces, there are too many mercenaries and not enough battles. Rhaegar decides he has earned enough coin and comes back to Edolon to see whether it’s worth inheriting his father’s estates.

- Tybero, 10: His son by Talea of Asserya.
- Shevraeth, 20-40ish. A man of an island nation somewhere east or west, depending on how much he’s drunk that night. Wears colorful garments sewn with lots of gold trinkets on them, prays to gods that look like animals, and has a sailor’s vocabulary. Served in the Golden Sons.
- Vidanrik, 20-40ish. A warrior of Old Asserya. Another former member of the Golden Sons.
- Alekeyne, mid 20’s: An Edolene, though he’s never said from where. He joined the Golden Sons as well, and has spent most of his life fighting for pay and/or survival like the others.
-Olyvar Tallheart, 14: A squire (originally a page), inherited from a dead Edolene knight in Zaksebar. Tends to the fluffy side and has a weakness for candy, but he’s growing fast and learning well.

-Player Information-
Name: Summer
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(Ser) Rhaegar Vayth
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Autumn/Winter: A rumor persists that he may or may not be attached to Lady Saherazai. The prince weds Parissa Harrowmont at Holy Days. In the midst of the festivities comes the revelation that his sister Maressa had a hand in helping his brother Cedrik and good-sister Ganiya to poison their father while Cedrik and Ganiya also orchestrated the death of Kevan (and probably of their uncle Artos). All three are tried and convicted summarily but executions are delayed as the city falls to the Merideen Fever.

1M: Rhaegar is mildly ill from the fever but is recovered before 1.03 when the temple district is attacked and all but destroyed by rioters. Unfortunately he is caught up in the district itself when it falls, and gravely injured as he tries to reach Princess Ziamara. He manages to find Lady Saherazai and her maid, but all three are badly hurt. He spends most of the month recovering though he attends the 1.18 executions of the rioters and his brother and good-sister.

2M: Leave Tal Volorro with his father to assist in the shoring up of the western defenses.
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rhaegar vayth
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