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Default Charlotte Howe-Vellfyre

Name: Charlotte Howe-Vellfyre
Titles, if any: Queen of Edolon, mother to the heir.
Age and Birthdate: (46) 2, 3M, 284
Hometown/Area of Origin: Tal Volorro
Noble House, Affiliations: House Vellfyre mainly, though in the midst of negotiations about her family's estates of Oldcastle.
Position at Court: (see title)

Height: 5'10"
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
PB: Charlize Theron

Personality: One would be hard pressed to find a woman more dedicated and more driven to reach her goals than Queen Charlotte. Fiercely smart and terrifyingly crafty, she just would not feel right without a plot or two running through her head which involved somehow advancing herself or her two children. A social climber to the extreme, some might say she has proven to be rather successful. After all, how much higher can a woman go than queen? But it does take effort to remain at the top and that is an effort Charlotte is perfectly happy to expend.

Many comment on her devotion to her children. Since her son's birth, she has been his constant champion both in court and in public. In him, she hopes that Edolon will have her most decorated king. In her daughter, she sees... well. She hopes Valencia will be as strong as she herself is. One day. Her husband's bastards she treats somewhat more distantly, though she has kept Ziamara closer to hand the last five years. So long as her step-children prove loyal to her and to her son (and of course their father, never forget) they are useful enough, and sometimes sweet.

Yet for all her devotion, it forever seems that neither of her own children are overly grateful. Jason often keeps a distance from his mother, rarely appearing at her side when duty is not demanding it. Her daughter is a bit more... emotive one might say, but the two have become closer over the years. It is almost to Charlotte's private dismay that she finds Valencia nearer to hand lately- perhaps some sign of Alianor's weakening influence, one could hope.

Charlotte has a somewhat... obsessive nature. When she has a goal or something she wants, it endlessly drives her until she has attained it. But with the obsession comes a hint of something else. For it is often said that there is a fine line between genius and insanity... And where it proved true for the great queen Lysandra...

Hints of something less than stable come out more usually when she is not the center of attention. It is one thing when the attention is on her children: in this she is able to live somewhat vicariously through them. But if this is not the case and people are not giving her the notice she is due, she gets abnormally upset and angry. Her reactions vary and perhaps the severity of such prevents them from being called mere tantrums. Still, she is all about appearance and maintaining a strong outward facade to the people... so she at least takes great care to save her less than pleasant personality for more appropriate times.

284: Charlotte is Born to Earl and Rebekah Howe

297: Tyrone, her older brother, dies of a stomach attack

299: Earl Howe dies of fever. Never having had a great deal of feeling for her father, she doesn't particularly care.

300: becomes lady-in-waiting to Queen Kylianne. Queen Kylianne dies that same year

301: Marries Rothgar Vellfyre - becomes Queen of Edolon. Does her damnedest not to show her fury at his mistress Lyenthe producing a son.

302: Gives birth to Jason Vellfyre, second legitimate son to King Rothgar

306: Gives birth to the first legitimate daughter to King Rothgar. Suffers through watching Lyenthe's sister marry Rothgar's cousin Kadreth. Her brother Tyrone dies, and that she is quite sad about. She does take in his bastard boy, Gareth.

307: Her daughter's naming, and the death of Lyenthe Vikary. Both are surely cause for rejoicing.

308: Rebekah Howe dies. So does Princess Laetitia- Rothar's vicious and scheming crone of an aunt. At last, full sway of the court falls to Charlotte's hands. She sets Alianor to the task of caring for her daughter and step-daughter, then quickly ships her step-son Rollant off to Southshores, all to better the boy's education of course.

309: Jason leaves to study under House Seyfert. Charlotte is not a fan of this, is not happy about this and most certainly isn't the one to make the suggestion. Delving? Of all the disgusting, dreary, backward places to send her son...

310: Charlotte miscarries

311: Charlotte miscarries again, and the Magisters confirm she will bear no more children. Meanwhile, Helaina Vikary gives birth to (yet another) daughter. Charlotte endeavors to look happy about it.

312: James Vellfyre dies. Jason becomes heir apparent to the throne of Edolon. Helaina Vikary also passes away from a lingering illness following her daughter's birth.

315: Charlotte becomes ill. Recovers three months after. Some whisper it was yet another miscarriage, others that she had a touch of the Summer Fever.

318: Stepson, Rollant, returns to the court.

320: Presses Rothgar to hurry up Ziamara's marriage, and helps stir discontent with her stepson. Rollant is banished to Summerhall for the year.

321: Jason is knighted, finally. Really, his father took long enough about it...

325: Jason marches to war. Charlotte takes up an interest in prayer.

328-330: After his eldest (bastard) son's death, Rothgar is somewhat withdrawn from the court and Charlotte's prominence comes to the fore, especially as her husband is occupied with finalizing negotiations for Valencia and Rosina's nuptials.
328: She pauses to comfort her daughter and step-daughter in passing after Rollant's death, but has much else to do.
329: Jason is captured and she spends a lot of time in prayer. She may or may not have also tried to sort out what would happen if she had to support Valencia in a bid for the throne.

330: Jason returns home from war. Valencia's new Trimerid husband arriving. Her cousin Alystare Howe succumbs to his wounds at last and dies- leaving the future of Oldcastle in much debate. Charlotte, finding it too late to try changing Rothgar's mind to giving Oldcastle to Valencia, fears he'll bestowe it on one of his by-blows and takes up the cause of her illegitimate nephew, Gareth instead. If it's going to a bastard's hands, at least let it be a Howe bastard...

~ open

~ Tyana Solvitreo
~+4 OPEN

MAIDS: 2. She doesn't bother remembering their names.

Gavin Torwin - bodyguard

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