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Default Ziamara Fairchild

Name: Ziamara Fairchild, called 'Zee' by close family or friends
Titles, if any: Princess, by courtesy. Also referred to as "Daughter of the King." Was formerly Lady of Sevenstreams until being widowed.
Age and Birthdate: 17 Twelfth Month, A305 (25)
Hometown/Area of Origin: Tor Vellesca.
Noble House and Affiliations: House Vellfyre, half-sister to Crown Prince Jason and Princess Valencia, as well as Myles, Cendrine, and Jayme. The feud between the factions of her mother’s family has stuck Ziamara in the middle of it a time or two, especially as her father decided to place her cousin Arista Vikary in her retinue.

Appearance: 5'5", with long golden hair often worn loose and falling in curls. Ziamara usually wears a band of gold about her head along with various other bits of jewelry. Her clothes are beautiful and well-fitted but always white since her brother Rollant’s death.
PB: Helena Mattsson

Personality: There are some stereotypes of illegitimate children as sullen or envious of their trueborn siblings but Ziamara is none of those. A lively and vivacious part of the royal family, Zee is more apt to shows of affection and enthusiastic support of her siblings, with the occasional sarcastic quip. She was always close to her older brothers, more so after James' death, and always keeps close to her milk-brothers, Kain and Kellan.

Raised amid her own and her sister’s household, in the wider world of the royal court, Ziamara is very close to her half-siblings. Her step-mother is not exactly cuddly or all that maternal but she’s also not outright cruel, and Charlotte was more a distant presence most of the time. Most maternal influences on her life come from Princess Alianor.

From their births, Valencia and Ziamara were mostly in the care of their nurses and their aunt, Princess Alianor. Thus they had the advantage of being coddled and adored by Queen Charlotte’s multitude of ladies-in-waiting, the Vellfyre cousins, visitors, and servants. With playmates aplenty among the royal wards, pages, and even some of the servants’ children, and all her needs (and most of her wants) cared for, it was hardly a life of isolation or hardship. As a result, she tends to be quite at home and happy when at court, more noted for her flirtatious ways, gaiety and delight in masques and revels than any political inclination.

Her marriage did not do much to curb her flirting or her participation in masques and mummery, but no one’s ever come up with any evidence she was unfaithful. It did not help that on her marriage she was promoted to Lady of the Chamber for her aunt Alianor, placing her in the midst of court entertainments, poets, and bards.

A person who prefers the role of peace-maker, she spends quite a bit of time smoothing over the constant kerfluffles between the dance master and the steward, as well as patronizing musicians and poets to see that the court ever has new verse, music and performances..

Ziamara is subject to somewhat frequent illnesses, though minor- but they increased in the years of the war, perhaps due to the stress and worry for her brothers. Since Rollant's death and Jason's capture, Ziamara has been somewhat quieter and more withdrawn in company though her brother Jason's return has done something to lift her spirits. She's spent more time at her father's side as delegates from Trimeris have lingered as well.

Zee’s closest associations beyond her siblings are Maressa Vayth, her sworn sword Ser Mark, and her cousins Kellan and Kain, and Lenore. Her younger cousin Lucia is also a pet, not the least because Zee appreciates Lucia’s hobbies. Her astrologer Emrello and her father's magisters are often in her company, as well as her favorite musician, Thomas.

A305 - Lyenthe has a daughter, also acknowledged by Rothgar, and milknamed Applecheeks. Bryce also has another son, as does Keegan. The three babes end up sharing nursemaids.

306 - Queen Charlotte bears a daughter. Lyenthe names her own daughter Ziamara. Princesses Laetitia and Alianor become governess to the household of the two princesses, Melantha Solvitreo takes part of Alianor’s previous duties with regard to the court (patronage, assisting Queen Charlotte). Kadreth weds her mother's sister, Helaina.

307 - Charlotte’s daughter is named Valencia. Lyenthe dies of pregnancy complications. Leandra is born to Bryce and Whitney. Kaleb is born to Kadreth and Helaina.

308 - Princess Laetitia Vellfyre (great aunt) dies at age 81- Laetitia had never wed, nor had taken vows but had lived at court where she was rumored to be variously half-mad, or else the most deadly of enemies, or perhaps both. Charlotte’s influence at court is notably heightened without Laetitia’s presence. Alianor assumes sole rule of the princesses’ extensive households. Rollant is sent to foster with House Solvitreo. Keegan’s daughter Lenore is born. Ziamara mostly remembers asking endlessly after Rollant, and vaguely missing her great-aunt.

309: After some debate, Jason is sent to winter in Delving as a way to familiarize him with the western marcher lords, without keeping the second in line all the way in Westridge. Elinor is born to Kadreth. Jason's departure makes Zee clingy to an extreme with her nurse and aunt. Kain and Kellan become her playmates of choice, and Valencia to some extent.

311: Charlotte miscarries again, for the final time. The magisters confirm to Rothgar she will not bear another child. Lucia is born to Kadreth. Zee thinks the baby is the cutest thing in the world, but not quite as exciting as the pony her brother James gives her for her nameday.

A312 - Crown Prince James dies. At seven, Zee is devastated and does not completely understand how her brother was there one day, and dead the next. This gets worse with Aunt Helaina's death and her clingy tendencies resurface, and Princess Alianor considers sending her to foster but is overruled. Rothgar is secluded for a month. Jason becomes Prince of Summerhall and is officially recalled, but fear of illness makes Rothgar decide his children will spend most of their days in Summerhall, far away from the miasmas of the city- they return in fall/winter but leave for spring. She mostly celebrates getting Jason back, as he's the only one who seems to feel that James left a hole somehow.

314: Rollant becomes a squire to William Wolfe of Blacktide, and is around a lot more. This too is a vast improvement.

315: A Summer fever sweeps through Southshores and affects some northern cities. The Vellfyre children sent to seclusion in Summerhall for most of this year. This isn't so bad: lots of time to squabble with her siblings and cousins, as well as sharing in pranks and jests.

318 - Rollant becomes a knight, rejoins King Rothgar’s household. Ziamara welcomes this, and her father's new bastard son, Myles.

319 - Announcement of Ziamara’s betrothal to Artos Vayth, a hero of the Border Wars. Zee freaks out a bit, but wasn't overly concerned since it was hardly the first betrothal talk for her. ... unfortunately this one seems to hold. Rumor say she throws a true tantrum about it at the Holy Days, as she becomes ill for several weeks.

320 - King Rothgar appoints Ser Mark Sterwein to be Ziamara's Sworn Sword. As the wedding plans commence, Rollant argues with his father over his sister’s arrangement and is banished from court- he goes to Summerhall for a year. Ziamara is wed, and becomes a Lady of the Chamber to Alianor. Notices her brother Jason's withdrawal but her own duties keep her from getting to see much of him.

321 - Gets to watch Jason's knighting, and his later victory at the melee tourney and is beside herself with joy for him.

324 - Talks of the Great Sutherland Alliance begin. There are rumors of a Trimerid princeling in a flirtation with Ziamara. She hears people bandying about talk of Valencia marrying this or that foreigner, or Rosina. Feels kind of jealous about that. Must be nice getting to maybe marry someone fun and interesting and FOREIGN.

325 - The armies of Edolon depart for Zaksebar and Old Asserya. Valencia is promised to wed a prince of Trimeris, and Bryce’s daughter Rosina to a Meridian prince. Ziamara misses her brothers and many of her chosen companions to distraction. Writes to Jason, Rollant, Kain and Kellan as often as messengers are being sent by her father.

326: Negotiations on the exact arrangements of Valencia’s contract drag on, as do the arrangements for Rosina’s nuptials. Kaleb Vellfyre is quietly locked up in a tower after an ‘incident.’

328 - Rollant falls in battle at Abat-Charn. Late in the year, Ziamara’s husband dies of dysentery in western Asserya. The princess announces she’ll wear three years deep mourning, wearing all white. There's another hole, worse than the one James left.

329: Princess Valencia’s betrothal to Prince Royal Jarem Aldarayth-Firuzahn from Trimeris is finalized at long last, and preparations for the proxy wedding begin. All interest in this is entirely lost as word comes of Jason's feared death, then news of the capture came. She spent her days in prayer, and few of her nights doing anything else either, even for some time after his rescue. She sent her letters still, and even dared ask her father leave to sail north though she didn't get anything but the resounding "no" she expected. At least she had to try.

330: The Khan’s men fought into a stand-still and seeming to withdraw behind established borders, many highborn lords and knights return home. The homecoming combines with the reception of Valencia’s new husband and Rosina’s leave-taking with the Meridian envoys.

-Carissa, a handmaiden, 30ish, has been with Ziamara for ten years.
-Lucia Vellfyre: Lady-in-Waiting
-Arista Vikary: Lady-in-Waiting . 14, daughter of the lord of Vimark and possibly heiress.
-Celestia Hayford: Lady-in-Waiting.
-Maressa Vayth, Lady of the Chamber, a niece of Ziamara's husband
-Emrello the Asseryan, an astrologer and wide-travelled man of somewhere near 50... or maybe 60? Or maybe 40... it's hard to tell. He was a Zaksalaan prisoner for years, and claims to have learned their art of reading the stars as well as having had a traditional Asseryan education.
-Thomas the Blue, a bard. Handsome, well-spoken, and very talented with a lute and pipes.
-Ser Mark Sterwein, a knight and Ziamara's sworn sword since 320.
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(Princess) Ziamara Fairchild
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9M:: Her father engages her to Jason's best friend, Elijah Vaughn, almost certainly at Jasons' insistence.
10M:: Rumors swirl that Ziamara is pregnant as another of her illnesses keeps her secluded for several weeks. She recovers, but has a relapse outside of her stepmother's chambers when she faints on the stairway and takes a bad fall.
12M:: The Holy Days court starts well with her brother's marriage but goes rapidly to hell as she ends up in the middle of a fracas at a family dinner that ends with Valencia punished. The week gets worse as Whitney dies- the first to fall dead of the Merideen Fever.

1M:: Ziamara is caught in the Temple Riots. She and Lucia attempt to hide as priestesses, but they are dragged out by rioters. They get separated, and Ziamara is badly beaten before Ser Justin of the Crownsguard can get to her. He manages to hide her until the royal forces can get through. Her injuries are deep and she succumbs to the fever a few days later- she will spend most of the month in bed recovering. Her mental state- between the trauma and the effects of the poppies they've been forced to give her- is judged too delicate for company and the magister allows few people to see her.
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