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Default Lanius Draven

Name: Lanius Draven
Titles, if any: Magister
Age and Birthdate: 19, 2M 287 (43 years old)
Hometown/Area of Origin: Covington, Kingsreach. Studied in Southshores near Tal Solarii.
Noble House, Affiliations: House Draven, Magisterium, Serves House Vellfyre
Position at Court: King's Personal Physician, Most Senior of the Magisters in Tor Vellesca
  1. Height: 6'
  2. Hair: Black
  3. Eyes: Brown
  4. Style: Wears mostly black
PB: Ioan Gruffud

Though not always afforded the greatest opportunities since his birth, there is one defining characteristic that stands out in Lanius Draven: the insatiable need to be better than everybody else. He is highly competitive and willing to go to any lengths to ensure that he is the one standing above the rest, that his goals are achieved in such a way that nobody doubts his ability nor the fact that he is the most deserving of any and all accolades that have been awarded to him. Though blessed with natural talent in many areas, he is mostly one who values hard work and determination, knowing that though the gods may not have given him what he needed to succeed, he can most certainly make up for it through study and training. It is always better when he has a rival of sorts so that he has a bar set, and he always aims to surpass it... and has almost never failed in that regard. That said, Lanius is quite the sore loser... If he is beaten out for a position or even something so petty as a game of cards, he is not above accusing the winner of resorting to underhanded tactics or gaining some sort of unfair advantage. He will almost never forgive somebody who has bested him, becoming obsessed with exacting some sort of revenge against them. He has been known to hold a grudge for many, many years.

He is a believer in the pen being mightier than the sword. A learned man, he values study above all things. He took an interest in medicine at a very early age and as a third son, he had no trouble convincing his brother to send him to Solarii to study. He wasn't always the best among his peers, but he was the most eager and opportunistic, often finding ways to discredit those who threatened him either professionally or personally. In essence, if he wasn't the best... he did a damned good job of making it appear otherwise. But that's not to discount his skill. He knows his stuff and he is very good at what he does.

While he values knowledge and education, he has given to physical pursuits as well. Not one for swordplay, he prefers archery and hunting. He can hold his own in a fight, though he has found himself trounced well and good by those trained for combat. Because of this, Lanius learned early to pick his battles... And when a battle was picked, to carefully determine the weapon with which to fight.

There is notably a sick and sadistic way about Lanius. It is not something spoken about in polite company, and even in the shadows, it is spoken in very faint whispers and is regarded as nothing more than stories and rumors driven by the need for saucy gossip. In truth, his curiosity sometimes gets the better of him and can often times make the line that separates moral from amoral a bit hard to see. That said, he takes his job very seriously and would never do anything to compromise one of his charges capable of recovery...

He is unapologetic. Very much so. But just because he is brutal does not mean this is how he conveys himself in polite society. He prefers to let his reputation and actions do the talking, but to that end, he is very cordial, charming, and polite when the need arises. He shows the proper respect to authority figures and is never rude without a reason. To those who don’t know him, he can come across as quiet and unapproachable and perhaps even a bit intimidating. But there are others who know him to be capable of arrogance, malice, great apathy, and a very judging nature.He is unapologetic. Very much so. But just because he is brutal does not mean this is how he conveys himself in polite society. He prefers to let his reputation and actions do the talking, but to that end, he is very cordial, charming, and polite when the need arises. He shows the proper respect to authority figures and is never rude without a reason.

In terms of the royal family, Lanius is loyal and trustworthy. Many secrets are entrusted to him by the virtue of his position, and he is expected to be able to keep his mouth closed when it comes to private affairs. As he is not a stupid man and knows he much prefers his head on his shoulders rather than on a block or in a basket, he keeps any discussion regarding the royal family to polite shortness, being overly cautious and avoiding the line altogether rather than accidentally stepping on it with well-intentioned but unfortunate openness. Of all the royal family members, it is probably true that he likes Kadreth the best, though there's a certain sort of possessiveness when it comes to any of the elder ones' children. As he never had children himself, it has at least given him a few to dote on. He is especially fond of Ziamara and Valencia. He is fond of Jason, but he hasn't seen him as much as his sisters to say he is a favorite.

287: Lanius Draven is born to Marcus and Amelia Draven.
289: Vivienne Draven is born to Marcus and Amelia Draven.
293: Vivienne's cat, George, mysteriously drowns. Lanius offers to bury it. Winds up cutting it open instead out of curiosity. His older brother, Edward, finds him holding the cat's heart and smacks him a few times before forcing him to bag it and bury it. It would be the first of many animal dissections.
300: Lanius and his brothers are betrothed in the same year. While two of these betrothals would come to fruition, politics would dictate that his own betrothal would crumble. After the dissolution of his engagement, he approaches his father about the possibility of studying at the Magisterium in Southshores. Marcus considers it and promises he'll have an answer for him at a later date.
301: Marcus Draven dies in a freak accident after a turtle falls from the sky and lands on his head. His eldest brother is too young to take the holding, so his uncle becomes regent for the time being. Nicholas Draven becomes very ill later that year. Though the magisters say he will not recover from his illness, he surprises everybody and pretty much refuses to die. Amelia champions her son as only a mother could, sitting by his bedside and being actively involved in who was allowed to see him and what he was being fed.
302: Nicholas, Edward, and Lanius spend most of the year being ill off and on. Nobody wonders why this is. All eyes turn to their uncle. A taste tester is brought to live in the estate and Amelia petitions to be recognized as regent in the stead of her good-brother. Since no evidence of wrong-doing can be provided and their uncle had so far done a reasonably good job of managing the holding, she is denied.
303: Nicholas Draven becomes head of House Draven and as his first act orders the arrest of his uncle. Lanius' uncle disappears. It is believed he fled to avoid incarceration. In hopes of avoiding punishment for their father's actions, their cousins join the manhunt to bring him to justice. After some deliberation, Nicholas agrees to let Lanius go to Solarii to study at the magisterium. Nicholas honors the engagement contract his father made and marries later that year.
304: Edward is married. Lanius' uncle is found dead in a Blacktide tavern. Very sad... He was purposely kept out of the Draven tombs.
305: Sister, Vivienne, is married. Nicholas has a boy.
306: Is proud to be known as a 'Trivium' as of this year. Begins focusing primarily on medicinal studies.
307: Nicholas has a boy. Edward has a daughter.
308: Samson, Lanius' cousin, is thrown from his horse during a hunt and breaks his neck. Does not survive the injury.
309: Nicholas has a daughter
310: Receives his two starred collar for medicine. Returns home and immediately heads to Vellesca in hopes of receiving employment at the palace. Though he seems short on luck at first and he is forced to resort to treating common people, word slowly begins to spread of his ability. Edward has a son.
311: Finally a physician at the court is curious enough to inquire about Lanius. After observing him a few times with a few patients, the physician urges that he be employed. By mid-year, Lanius is working for the Vellfyre household.
312: Prince James falls ill. Very suddenly. By the time the physicians are called, there's nothing to be done.
313: Jason comes to see Lanius with some mysterious bruising and scratches. He treats him and immediately reports it to Rothgar. He is uncertain if anything came of it, but as he reported the injuries to his father, feels that's the best he can do with that information.
315: As a Summer fever runs through the Shores, the magisters and physicians in Vellesca prepare for the worst. Lanius recommends that the royal family go into seclusion in Summerhall for their protection. Only the children are sent.
316: Lysandra Vellfyre dies. The loss of any Vellfyre now strikes Lanius as a professional failure.
318: Kyler Vellfyre dies. There was not much that could be done to prevent it, so Lanius doesn't take the death so hard. However, Prince Bryce grieves immensely for the loss and in a drunken state often came to him with bruises and scrapes that needed to be seen to. The worst of it was when Bryce fell down the stairs after attempting to stumble to his chambers with Keegan and broke his leg. Lanius had to set the bone and confine Bryce to bedrest for a time. Nobody was overly happy about that arrangement. Least of all, the prince.
320: Senior physician becomes too ill to continue work. Lanius' "mentor" takes his place. Lanius poises himself to be next in line. Begins seeing and treating members of the royal household including the king and queen.
321: Lanius' mother, Amelia, dies of natural causes. Oddly, this hurts him less than Vellfyre deaths.
322: Rollant Fairchild gets married. It's a happy time... Unless you're a physician. The tournament brings many injuries before the magisters. Kain Vellfyre suffers a deep cut on his arm after an ill-fated lance splintered and found a gap in the armor. It is stitched and cleaned and would leave Kain with a pretty wicked scar.
325: The war begins. Many of the nobles, including various Vellfyres, leave to the North. Jacqueline Draven dies from an apparent suicide.
327: Lanius' "mentor" cuts himself. It is a minor thing, but it becomes infected. Lanius did his very best to save him, but once the fever set in, he declined rapidly. A few days after his death, Lanius was named senior physician.
326: An "incident" shakes up the royal family which causes Kaleb Vellfyre to be locked away. Lanius tends to Lucia Vellfyre who falls very ill during this time, no doubt, as the court would have it, due to the sorrow of her brother's incarceration. Her condition was severe and her recovery was slow.
329: Edward Draven dies of illness. Complained of stomach pain prior to death.

Family Tree:
-Marcus Draven (259-301) m. Amelia DRAVEN (268-321)
----Nicholas Draven (twin: 286) m. ???
-------Andrew Draven (305) m. ???
------------Robert Draven (325)
-------Alexander Draven (307) m. ???
-------Jacqueline Draven (309-325)
----Edward Draven (twin: 286-329) m. ???
-------Kaylee Draven (307)
-------Patrick Draven (310)
----Lanius Draven
----Vivienne ??? m. ???
-Rendon Draven (262-304) m. Abigail DRAVEN (d.
----Lucas Draven (283) m. ???
------- Caleb Draven (304) m. ???
------------ Nathaniel Draven (326)
------- Alayna Draven (308) m ???
----Samson Draven (285-308)
----Dolores ??? (288) m. ???

Information on the Family:

The Dravens, like many families in the Reach, began as merchants. Their trade was in fabrics which meant they relied heavily on the sea. However, under the Asseryans, they struggled and unfortunately were fated for poverty. With no other option, they abandoned their trade and took to fishing, finding much more success. After all, silks and satins were a luxury, but eating was a necessity. Though it could not be said this is how they built their fortune, it certainly helped to keep them from begging on the streets. Despite their standing, the Dravens were a well respected family among the people of Covington. Often seen as proponents of peaceful resolutions, it surprised many when the Dravens stood up in support of the Wolfes and the Vellfyres when they took up arms against the Asseryans.

They would manage to convince many to join the cause and fight to push out their conquerors. Dravens themselves took part in the war and many gave their lives to see the Asseryans pushed out of their land in favor of who they felt truly deserved it. As a reward for their sacrifice and support, they were given the holding of Covington after the previous family was outed for going against the Wolfes during the war.

While it is not always popular to side with the Wolfe family, the Dravens have always openly supported them if for no other reason that the fact that Covington depends greatly on Blacktide.

- Player Information -
Name: Cee
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