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The Oracles
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Default (0.03) Religion in Sutherland (Edolon)

The Beginning and the Height of the Titan King

In the beginning, there was Chaos. And from Chaos came Elani the Light and Heolstor the Darkness. When the Darkness and the Light met, they gave birth to Love, Death, Despair, Tartarus the Pit of Hell, Azure the Sky, and Gaia the Earth. Despite being kept company by her brothers and sisters, Gaia longed to be a mother and keep the company of her children. Thus she chose Azure, her brother whom she loved, to be her mate, and with him she had twelve beautiful children, the Titans. Striking and strong, they towered over the mountains and could likewise break peaks with their hands should they desire. After the Titans, Gaia gave birth to the Cyclopes, massive creatures with impressive strength but only a single eye above their nose, and the three Hekatonkeres, giants each with one hundred hands. Angry (and in some parts jealous) that such beings should inhabit and mar his beautiful wife, Azure found the deepest pit to throw his children in so that he might not have to look upon them when he gazed at Gaia; Tartarus.

Saddened that her children were stripped away from her, Gaia appealed to the strongest of her children, the Titans, to overtake their father in return for his throne. Only Ulixes, the youngest and the most terrible, agreed to take on this task, and so for him, Gaia fashioned a sickle made of Adamant to raise against Azure when next her husband came to lay with her. So doing, Ulixes castrated his father, causing him to flee and relinquish his dominion in favor of his son, but as he fled, his substance fell below, giving birth to the Giants, the Erinyes (the avenging Furies), the Meliae (the ash-tree nymphs). Most prominent of his offspring as a result of his castration was Milena who was birthed when Azure
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The Oracles
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The Titans Are Defeated and a New King is Crowned

The youngest of Ulixes’ sons was called Thorin by his mother. As a god, his time spent as a child and adolescent was brief, and before long, the young god had become a mighty warrior, stronger than any who had come before him, and raised with the knowledge that he would one day do battle with his father. Even though he was fierce, to take on the Titans would require more strength than he possessed alone, so Thorin travelled to Tartarus to make a deal with the Cyclopes and the Hundred-Handers. He promised to release them should they help him bring to an end the reign of his father. Angry with their brother for imprisoning them after Azure's defeat, the eagerly agreed to aid Thorin that they might get revenge for the wrong committed against them. Once freed, they happily bestowed a gift as a show of gratitude for their freedom: Thus Thorin was given the power to wield lightning, the most feared and destructive force.

Even with the help of his uncles, Thorin still sought the help of others, and so it was to Metis, a Titaness, whom he would seek aid. In her wisdom, she helped to concoct a potion to serve to Ulixes. When he drank it, he was seized with powerful spells of illness, vomiting first the giant stone that he had believed to be his son, and after came Thorin's brothers and sisters. With an army of gods now on his side, he waged a ten year war with his father and some of the Titans, though there were some that refused to side with Ulixes and instead joined Thorin in the hopes that he would be a more merciful king. The war waged violently - the mountains erupted with fire, the earth trembled, and the sky was blackened until at last Thorin struck his father down and tore from his hand the Adamant Sickle that he had used to fell his own father.

Thorin took his father's throne and cast the Titans who fought against him into Tartarus except for Carolus, the physically strongest of the Titans, who was charged with carrying the Earth on his back. While Gaia was gladdened that her children, the Cyclopes and the Hundred-Handers were now free, she was angry with Thorin for imprisoning the Titans, and so she created Typhon the dragon, a nasty monster capable of terrible destruction. Many of the gods fled upon seeing the creature, but Thorin used the power given to him by his uncles and with his lightning drove the beast back into Mt. Ignis. With Typhon defeated, there were no others who would dare challenge the rule of Thorin.
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The Oracles
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Creation of Man

Haydn was the son of a Titan who had gone against his father and uncle to fight alongside Thorin in the ten year long war. For his help, he was spared the fate of his kin and was not cast into Tartarus, instead being allowed to sit among his cousins, the gods. It was Haydn who desired to make mankind, and once he was granted permission to do so by the king of the gods, he used the clay from Gaia to shape and mold mankind in the form and fashion of the gods. It was the daughter of Thorin, Edelina, who breathed life into their lungs. Lastly, Haydn gave man the gift of fire, however this was an act that went directly against Thorin's command. He had been instructed to withhold fire, that it remain only a tool of the gods, thus keeping man completely dependent on them. As a punishment for disobeying him, Thorin had Haydn chained to the top of a mountain where every morning, a great eagle Ethon would fly up to the peak to peck and feast on his liver. During the night, Haydn's immortal body would heal only to relieve the excruciating torture the following morning.

As for man, Thorin commanded the gods to make the first woman; Pandora. His own gift to her was intense curiosity and a box which he told her to never open. Inevitably, she was tempted to lift the lid, and in the few seconds it was raised, death, pestilence, famine, greed, war, and jealousy rushed out and were released into the world. She slammed the lid closed before hope could escape.

Over time, Thorin would come to mingle with mankind, learning of his followers first hand and often in disguise. It was during his visit that he realized something terrible - That mankind was engaging in cannibalism. This crime ranked above all others as it was the fate his brothers and sisters had endured at the hands of his tyrant father. Angered at humanity, Thorin and his brother, Merrik, summoned a mighty wave that flooded the whole of the Earth. Only a select few survivors would remain, and from them, a new civilization was born on Sutherland.
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The Oracles
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Heaven and Hell

When the spirit of a person leaves their body as ordained by the Fates, it is escorted by Hermes to Corvus' realm, the Underworld. Burial, therefore, is of the utmost importance and may never be overlooked or delayed lest the spirit be condemned to wander aimlessly while the one who, through their negligence damned this spirit, is stripped of honor before the eyes of the gods. Only the lowest of mankind are to be purposely denied burial. Coins are to be put on the eyes of the departed that they are able to pay Charon to ferry them across the River Styx to their final judgement.

Final judgement is carried out by Elvira of the Scales. The impartial judge, she lets the weight of the heart speak for itself. Against a feather, if the heart is heavy with sin and vice and tilts the scale in its direction, the spirit is found wanting and damned. If the heart is free of sin and vice and does not raise the feather, the spirit is found to be pure and worthy. Those who are damned bear witness to their heart being thrown to Tyrus, a beast with massive jaws and yellow eyes, before they are dragged away by the Furies to Tartarus to be tortured in the pit of fire for all eternity. Those who are found worthy or warriors who fought justly and died bravely are led to the River Lethe to drink of the water and forget their mortal life. Then they are taken to the Elysian Fields, a paradise, where hunger, sorrow, and pain do not exist.
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The Oracles
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Main Pantheon of Gods (Cults)

Thorin (T͟Hō-Rin) - derived from Zeus:
Domain: King of the gods, Lord of the skies.
Symbols: Lightning Bolt, Eagle
Brief Overview: The youngest son of Ulixes and the strongest of the gods. After his defeat over his father and the opposing Titans as well as the beast Typhon, Thorin became king of the gods and ruler of the skies after he drew lots with his brothers to determine which domain would be his. While at first hostile towards man due to the deception of the Titan Haydn, he has come to be fond of humanity, often taking the form of a mortal to interact with them. He has taken many lovers. Indeed, according to priests and devout students of Thorin, there has yet to be a sexual encounter with a female that has not resulted in offspring. It is said that he has sired over one hundred children.
Those Who Pray to Thorin: Kings, nobles, merchants, travellers, basically everyone.
Cults dedicated to Thorin: Aquilans (They worship Eagles. They catch them and then put them in temples and treat them like royalty.)

Maia (mī-ah) - derived from Hera:
Domain: Queen of the gods, Goddess of fidelity and family
Symbol: The cow and the peacock
Brief Overview: A very beautiful but very jealous goddess, Maia is a daughter of Ulixes who was devoured when she was very young. Freed by her youngest brother, Thorin, she took up arms against her father and then claimed her seat as one of the twelve main gods of the pantheon. After the dissolution of his first marriage to Metis, Thorin tricked Maia into marrying him. Bearing him many sons, two of whom would serve as the main twelve, she remained ever faithful to her inconstant husband. One day her anger led her to organizing a coup against him, gathering other gods to chain him down while he was sleeping. When he woke, she'd all but claimed victory over him until the hundred-handers heard Thorin's angry roars and came to his rescue, breaking the chains. The gods who took part in the attempted coup were punished, most forced into manual labor, while Maia was hung by chains from the sky. Eventually after his anger subsided, he released her. Maia now only takes her anger out on his mortal lovers and children.
Those Who Pray to Maia: mothers, brides, queens, noble ladies
Cults dedicated to Maia: Matercula (Women who are unwed or unable to bear children often give themselves to the matercula. It is an orphanage of sorts. They take on the role of ‘mother’ to the lost children.)

Hestia (Hest-ē-ah):
Domain: Goddess of the Hearth and Home
Symbol: The Eternal Flame
Brief Overview: The eldest daughter of Ulixes, she was the first to be devoured by her father when he came to know of the prophecy and likewise the last to be expelled when he was fed poison. She is therefore often referred to as both the youngest and oldest of the gods. At first she sat as one of the main twelve gods of the pantheon but when Bromius was made a god, she happily stepped down to tend the fire on Mt. Sedaureum. Doing this gave the majority power to the males and further set the precedent for a patriarchal governance where the woman’s place is the home and family. Hestia is a virgin goddess and those who pledge to her cults are also called to take vows of chastity.
Those Who Pray to Hestia: women, mothers,
Cults dedicated to Hestia:

Erianthe (Er-ē-anthē):
Domain: Goddess of the harvest and the seasons.
Symbol: The ear of wheat and the horn of plenty
Brief Overview: Was once a lover and consort to her brother, Thorin, and is seated in one of the twelve high seats of the pantheon. Mother to Valdis, she was angered when her daughter was whisked away by her brother, Corvus, and tricked into remaining in the underworld as his bride for part of the year. The part of the year when she is without her daughter, Erianthe refuses to allow the harvest and a cold settles over the Earth. When Valdis returns to her mother, spring is in bloom and the harvest is made possible.
Those Who Pray to Erianthe: farmers, merchants
Cults dedicated to Erianthe:

Corvus (Kohr-vəs) - derived from Hades:
Domain: God of the Underworld, Lord of the dead
Symbol: Helm of Invisibility, the crow/raven
Brief Overview: Eldest son of Ulixes and was devoured when he was a babe. After he was rescued by his youngest brother, Thorin, he took up arms to defeat his father. Once they’d claimed their victory, he drew lots with his brothers to determine which realm he would rule and lost to both of them, thus becoming the Lord of Death. Feared by many mortals, often he is referred to as "The Dark One" or "Silent Prince" to avoid getting his attention. His helm of invisibility allows him to walk among men without being noticed and also provided the means with which he stole away Valdis and made her his bride.
Those Who Pray to Corvus: The infirm, priests, those who lost loved ones, soldiers
Cults dedicated to Corvus: Morte Sacerdote (Cults dedicated to the dead. They tend tombs and burial sites. If they are on hand, they help take part in funeral rites for the departed. Considered experts on the afterlife.)

Merrik (Mer-ick) - derived from Poseidon:
Domain: God of the Sea, Lord of Earthquakes
Symbol: Trident, horses
Brief Overview: Merrik is one of the sons of Ulixes and was devoured when he was an infant to prevent a prophecy from being carried out. He was the first to be freed when his father was fed a poison and hurried to join his brother, Thorin, in a war against the Titans. After their victory, he drew lots against his brothers to determine which realm he would lord over and received the sea. It is said that Merrik is a fickle god, quick to anger but just as quick to soothe. It is generally a good idea to make a sacrifice of goods or livestock before embarking on a sea voyage to keep him appeased.
Those Who Pray to Merrik: Sailors, merchants
Cults dedicated to Merrik: The Vigil (Reside in temples by the sea. Secluded. Secretive. Pacifists)

Edelina (Ed-e-lēn-ah) - derived from Athena:
Domain: Goddess of wisdom and just war
Symbol: The owl
Brief Overview: Edelina is the favorite child of Thorin. Her mother is Metis, the Titaness of wisdom, and it is believed she was born from within Thorin’s skull. To prevent another prophecy which told of his own downfall from a child given to him from his first wife, Zeus consumed Metis who willingly decided to live in his skull to continue advising him in matters needing her wisdom. When she learned she was with child, she began to fashion a helm for her daughter which caused Thorin to suffer terrible headaches. In an effort to end his pain, Vulcan split his father’s head open and Edelina sprung fully grown and in battle armor. She is a wise goddess, like her mother, and takes great interest in the affairs of men. As a general rule, she despises her brother, Martel.
Those Who Pray to Edelina: Soldiers, scholars, magisters, artisans
Cults dedicated to Edelina: Edelantos (women who take vows of chastity in Edelina’s name) and Mulhera (warrior women - also take vows of chastity)

Martel (Mar-tel) - derived from Ares:
Domain: God of Savage War
Symbol: The dog, the vulture
Brief Overview: Extremely handsome but prone to bloodlust, Martel was the son of Thorin and Maia though neither were particularly fond of his tantrums. He has no care for the cause of war but can often be found where there is a battle simply for the fun of it alongside his sister, the goddess of strife. However, if ever he is injured in battle, he quickly quits the field and returns home, crying to his father about his injuries. While he has many lovers, Martel prefers the company of his brother’s wife, Milena.
Those Who Pray to Martel: Soldiers
Cults dedicated to Martel: No cults... Unless the army counts as a cult?

Milena (Mil-ay-nah) - derived from Aphrodite:
Domain: Goddess of love and beauty
Symbol: The swan, the myrtle tree
Brief Overview: It is believed that Milena was born from Azure’s essence when his genitals fell into the ocean. The first few steps she took upon the land bore fruit and flower. Beautiful does not begin to describe Milena, and when she arrived in the kingdom of the gods, every god sought her hand in marriage. To prevent infighting amongst them, Thorin commanded that she wed his son, Vulcan. Unhappy with this, Milena has refused to remain faithful to him, preferring the company of his brother, Martel. Milena is vain and manipulative, taking great pleasure in meddling with the lives of mortals.
Those Who Pray to Milena: Women
Cults dedicated to Milena: Fornicatasi (Women and men who pledge themselves to Milena. Pretty much a sex cult.)

Vulcan (Vo͝ol-cahn) - derived from Hephaustus:
Domain: God of the forge and of fire
Symbol: A hammer, a flame
Brief Overview: Vulcan is handsome but not the most handsome of the gods. His talent lies in smithing as he mans the great forges of the gods that are believed to be within volcanoes. He is very dedicated to his mother to the point of often stepping in between his parents arguments to side with her. Once when he did this, his father, in a rage, flung him by his legs from their mountain kingdom, permanently damaging them. Once he was allowed to return, he had to fashion mechanical men to help him walk about. Vulcan was given Milena in part to apologize for the accident, though he is well aware that his wife is not faithful to him.
Those Who Pray to Vulcan: Smithys, Soldiers, Sons
Cults dedicated to Vulcan: Incediotarsi (Basically volcano worshipers)

Aramis (Er-i-mis) - derived from Apollo:
Domain: God of the sun, music,
Symbol: Laurel Tree, Sun, Lyre
Brief Overview: Aramis is the eldest of the twins and the son of Thorin. He was born on a secret island in hopes of hiding him from Maia. When Thorin learned of the birth of the twins, he immediately took them up and lifted them to divine status. Aramis is extremely intelligent and beautiful. He is known as the archer and his arrows are said to cause an excruciatingly drawn out death if struck by one. Also the god of music, he is often depicted in artwork holding a lyre. Tournaments are usually dedicated in Aramis' name as well.
Those Who Pray to Aramis: Artisans, Musicians, Bards, Knights, Soldiers
Cults dedicated to Aramis: Pevets (Cult of professional minstrels)

Amaris (Am-ah-ris) - derived from Artemis:
Domain: Goddess of the moon and the hunt
Symbol: The moon, the deer
Brief Overview: Amaris is the youngest of the twins and was born in secret to avoid the wrath of Maia. She was raised to divine status and is one of Thorin’s favorites. Pledging to never know the touch of man, those who dedicate themselves to Amaris’ cult must also pledge to remain chaste. Like her twin, she is also an archer though her arrows are said to cause painless and quick death. She is a skilled hunter.
[b]Those Who Pray to Amaris: Women, Hunters
Cults dedicated to Amaris: La Prata (women who dedicate themselves to Amaris. Vows of chastity are taken.)

Hermes (Hur-mēs):
Domain: Messenger of the gods, God of shepherds, tricksters, thieves, and healers
Symbol: A Caduceus, Winged Sandals, Winged Helm
Brief Overview: Hermes is a youthful god and the most intelligent. Gifted with sandals that have wings, he is the messenger of the gods and the swiftest. Among his duties, he is tasked with escorting the souls of the departed to the Undeworld. He is also a cunning god who takes pleasure in tricks and pranks. But when push comes to shove and the gods are faced with a problem, he is the first one they turn to for a solution. Though general portrayed as carefree, it is said to rouse the anger of Hermes is to wish for bad luck to plague you for many, many years.
Those Who Pray to Hermes: Travellers, Couriers, Thieves/Bandits, Healers, Magisters
Cults dedicated to Hermes: The Magisterium began as a cult to Hermes, The Hepara (mostly shepherds and such)

Valdis (Val-dēs):
Domain: Queen of the Underworld, Goddess of Spring
Symbol: Flower Wreath, Pomegranate
Brief Overview: The daughter of Thorin and Erianthe, she is very beautiful and therefore coveted by many. One day when she was in the fields picking flowers, she was spotted by Corvus who desired her for his wife and stole her, whisking her away to the Underworld. In her misery, she was easily tricked into eating six seeds of a pomegranate, a food of the dead, and it was argued that she would not be allowed to leave the land of the dead for this reason. When it became clear that Erianthe would not allow another harvest until she could once again see her daughter, Hermes came up with the compromise that would allow her freedom from the Underworld for the six months of the year she did not owe. Valdis is terribly unhappy when she is in the Underworld, a shadow of who she is when she is with her mother, but when she is reunited, she lights up and smiles radiantly for all to witness.
Those Who Pray to Valdis: The infirm, young brides
Cults dedicated to Valdis: Viduas (widows with no intent to remarry), Morte Regina (Cult honoring Valdis’ position as the Queen of the Underworld as well as her status of exorbitant wealth (more info coming soon))

Bromius (Brō-mēəs):
Domain: God of wine and liquor, festivals, frivolity
Symbol: Grapes
Brief Overview: It is said that Bromius was a young Asseryan man who lived long before recorded history. Accounts of his life were spread by word of mouth, passed between bard and sung at feasts and festivals. As the legend goes, Bromius was the inventor of wine, a drink that the gods loved so well that they came down to Sutherland and rose the Asseryan to god-hood. With his inception, he took one of the twelve thrones, claiming the majority for the men.
Those Who Pray to Bromius: Merchants, Wine makers, Wine drinkers… pretty much everyone.
Cults dedicated to Bromius: House Vellfyre… lbr.

Other deities and their counterparts

EREBUS - Heolstor
URANUS - Azure

CRONUS - Ulixes
ATLAS - Carolus
METIS - Metis
RHEA - Rhea


CHARON - Charon

AMMIT (Egyptian) - Tyrus
MA’AT (Egyptian) - Elvira
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