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Default Elijah Vaughn

Name: Elijah Vaughn
Titles, if any: Lord Elijah Vaughn, heir to Shadowdale. Ser Vaughn.
Age and Birthdate: Aged 26 born the fourth day of the fourth month year 304
Hometown/Area of Origin: Shadowdale
Noble House, Affiliations: Squired to Prince Bryce, sworn to House Vellfyre
Position at Court: Lord of the Chamber to Prince Jason

Height: 6'2"
Hair: Blonde, almost always short, facial hair trimmed
Eyes: Blue-green
PB: Alex Pettyfer

We are each of us devils, and we make this world our hell. There is a saying which states that those who smile most often are the ones who have the most pain to hide. Elijah is not an exception to this rule. Rather he is the paragon of it. Those who know him, but not well, see Ser Vaughn as a young, intelligent man who is brimming with unrealized potential which perhaps is shadowed by his inability to take anything seriously. It is not a cruelty to think such a way about him. He is often turning grave matters into lighthearted jokes no matter how inappropriate it may seem at the time. Those who know him well know a different truth. Elijah takes things too seriously, prone to over analyzing just about everything to the point of frustration and, at times, obsession.

Regardless of how he is viewed, there is no disagreement about his skill in combat. Coming from a family with a rich history of metal crafting, particularly weapons making, his skill with a blade is impressive to behold. He does well for himself in the melee should he compete in tourneys, but jousting is another story altogether. His talent lies with the sword and axe. The pike or spear he is proficient but certainly not the best at wielding. Archery... is definitely not his strong point and as such, though he can recognize the value of a good archer, he tends to look at it as the lesser of the combat mediums, often regarding the archery competition with extra disdain at tournaments.

He possesses pride in abundance. And why shouldn't he? He has done much to be proud of. But as is often the case, when one has too much pride, it is fairly easy to wound it. Elijah, while known for being a jokester, has quite a reputation as a man with a quick temper and quite the mean streak. He is vindictive when he has been slighted, seeing no problem with going out of his way to right a wrong committed against him or the few people he cares about. In this, his friends often get to see just how far he is willing to go for them. He is steadfastly loyal; once he considers you a friend, it takes a lot for him to change his mind. Some do find his frequent tantrums funny but for the most part, people tend to avoid making him mad.

Fortunately he has found a method a channeling his anger into much more enjoyable pursuits. He does spend quite a lot if time in the company of women. It is something of a little known secret that if there are skirts around, more than likely Elijah is buried in them. He does not think much of whores and does not consider them to be true women. When it comes to women, real women, he is as chivalrous as can be as per his vows.

Family is very important to Elijah... Except his father whom he has never liked. He loved his mother dearly, was always eager to please her when she was alive and now that she's dead, he strives to do right by her memory. He is very close with all of his sisters... and extremely protective. It took a few years for him to be comfortable with the fact that his eldest sister was married, perhaps something eased when she had two of the most wonderful nephews an uncle could ask for. Her husband allowed her to make frequent visits, but when she took ill... Her death was unexpected and it hit him hard. It has only increased his protectiveness of his other sisters.

Though he is more likely to downplay this fact about him, Elijah is extremely intelligent, especially with facts and figures... Math, philosophy, academic pursuits... But where he excels in this, he utterly fails when it comes to understanding people. He has many times been called insensitive or oblivious because he is blind to certain mannerisms or gestures. It is good then that he has a friend like Jason who helps him navigate these uncharted waters.

304: Elijah Vaughn is born just one year after his grandfather dies. His father would be grateful for this. It is said Elijah was very pink when he was presented to Callum. This would prompt the milkname, "Piglet." It is hard to say if the amusement was worth the ire.
305: Mary Vaughn is born one year after Elijah. Elayna becomes ill during her pregnancy and remains sick even after she delivers. Mary, however, is a healthy baby. Very pink, too, but he managed to avoid being called Piglet the Second.
308: Ruth Vaughn is born. She's not nearly so pink. She's also not nearly so blonde.
309: Elijah is caught having snuck off the grounds at the smithys. It is revealed that he is fascinated by metalworking. Tells his father he wants to apprentice as a blacksmith... His father denounces it vehemently.
310: Lora Vaughn is born. Elayna Vaughn dies under mysterious circumstances unrelated to Lora's birth.
311: Elijah Vaughn becomes a squire to Prince Bryce Vellfyre. Callum hopes that under the prince's instruction, a lot of the willfulness his son has will be dealt with.
312: Elijah meets Prince Jason for the first time. Thinks he's a bit of a tosser, but winds up liking him well enough. After a while, it becomes evident, through adventures and misadventures that either are planned or just happen when they are together, that they would be lasting friends.
318: Lysette marries Tabor Lachnor. Elijah hates this. A lot.
320: Elijah is betrothed to Olivia Harrow. She would later die that year from a fever.
322: Mary Vaughn is wed to Nolan Vael
323: Elijah is knighted. Elijah's older sister dies in childbirth.
325: Elijah Vaughn marches to war with Jason Vellfyre. Ruth Vaughn is married to Adam Bernard.
329: Rescues the crown prince, Jason Vellfyre, from his Zakish captors with Ser Rhovanion Selidor.
A330: Returns to Kingsreach as a part of Jason Vellfyre's retinue


Squire: Mark McGary
Squire: Gavin Westerfield

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