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Default Rothgar Vellfyre

Name: Rothgar Vellfyre
Titles, if any: King of Edolon, Hammer of Elonia, etc.
Age and Birthdate: 8, 8M, 268 (age: 62? )
Hometown/Area of Origin: Tor Vellesca, Kingsreach.
Noble House, Affiliations: House Vellfyre, Kingsreach and all that he surveys.
Position at Court: KING.

Appearance: 6’2, a powerful build with broad shoulders and muscle despite his age. He came to the throne a warrior, and a warrior he remained until well past his 50th year. He finally put his sword down 7 years ago but has not withered, nor has he gone to fat. He still trains his squires somewhat though most of their daily fighting is against other knights. Can still throw an axe with deadly accuracy.

PB: Robert Redford

Personality: Rothgar laughs loud, plays hard, and fights even harder. He is ruthless with his enemies and sometimes even with his friends, placing the welfare of House Vellfyre and Edolon as a whole above any other concerns. His own ambition, too, might sometimes get the better of him.

He is fond of his family, warm with some and more distant to others but will always remind them who is wearing the crown if need be. He treats his squires and former squires, as well as his household knights and lords in a similar way- occasionally maybe even better as there have been many years where he sees his house-men and soldiers far more than he did his family.
His closest companions are often his house-men, the Crownsguard, Keegan (who squired for him), Bryce, William Wolfe (also former squire), and his current mistress Lady Raisa of Tal Dragore- the daughter of a landed knight.

Rothgar has the Vellfyre temper, however. When enraged, he will fight to the end- but he is often quick to forgive if, once he's calmed down, the matter seems slight. The worst temper to see him in, however, is a cold fury. If ice is revealed within his usual fire, there is no chance of mercy or forgiveness.

Ziamara Fairchild (b.305) w/ Lyenthe Vikary. A patroness of artists and mummers, she resides at court.
Myles Fairchild, 12 (b.318) : w/Nell, a commoner. A squire, serving with a local knight.
Cendrine Fairchild, 3 (b.327): w/ Raisa. Resides at Summerhall.
Jayme Fairchild, 1 (b.329): w/ Raisa. Resides at Summerhall.

268: He is born to Crown Prince Kaiden and his wife Alexandria
269: He is named Rothgar.
270: Brother Volus is born
272: Sister Alianor is born, milknamed Sugar.
274: Rothgar’s education begins.
275: Brother Bryce is born.
276: Lysandra is born to Kellan.
280: Rothgar squires to his father’s cousin, Kellan Vellfyre, and will spend much of his time on the western borders taking part in the near-endless campaigns against Alzaran and Elonia, as well as more minor squabbles with the other Trimerid nobles across the border. Keegan’s sister Leah is born.
281: Grandmother, Queen Lyria dies.
282: Kaidan Vellfyre (father’s cousin) dies in battle. Brother Volus dies of a fever in 1M. Bryce is sent to foster with House Howe.
284: Rothgar is knighted for bravery after a bloody battle in the western mountains; receives his spurs from his grandfather, King Kaleb.
285: King Kaleb dies. Father ascends the throne. Rothgar becomes Prince of Summerhall.
286: Prince Kalden (his father’s uncle) dies in his sleep on campaign in the west. Kadreth Vellfyre is born.
287: King Kaiden arranges for Rothgar to wed Lady Kylianne Solis, daughter of the Lord of Copplestone.
288: Sister, Princess Alianor, weds Septimus Sollis but mostly remains at court. Kylianne gives birth to a son.
289: His mother, Queen Alexandria dies of a winter chill, as does Keegan’s young sister, Leiliana. Rothgar’s firstborn son is named James, and he takes Keegan as his squire.
292: Prince Kailan (father’s uncle) dies. Kylianne gives birth to a daughter who dies a few months later. Alianor has a daughter, Jeyne.
293: He is given Attericus Harrowmont, heir to Westridge, as a squire. The boy is not thrilled, neither is Rothgar. They manage to get along eventually.
294: King Kaiden dies, Rothgar ascends the throne.
295: Rothgar knights his brother, Prince Bryce, and names him to the council as Lord of Laws. There is much rejoicing.
296: He knights Keegan (age almost-19) on a battlefield in Westridge. There is much rejoicing. Kylianne births a son.
297: Rothgar’s knight-mentor Kellan Vellfyre (father’s cousin) dies of an infected injury from the same battle. He mourns this death particularly hard. His second son is named Trystan but dies a few months after his naming.
299: PEACE TALKS BEGIN. Boabdil and Lindaraxa have solidified control over their part of Trimeris, wish to bury hostilities with Edolon to subdue the fractious warlord Alzaran in Elonia (who, admittedly, has been causing most of the problems in the west). The Lord of Westridge dies, and Attericus succeeds him, so Rothgar just takes the boy with him to the talks. Takes Lyenthe Vikary as a mistress. Alianor has a son, Edric.
300: PEACE IS DECLARED. Kyliane dies. Prince James squires with Keegan. Bryce weds Whitney Wolfe.
301: Rothgar weds Charlotte Howe of Oldcastle. Lyenthe gives birth to a boy; Rothgar claims him. His nephews Garrett and Gavin are born.
302: Charlotte gives birth to a boy, who will be named Jason. Kyler Vellfyre is put in charge of the household of the two princes. Keegan’s marriage to Melantha Solvitreo cements southern ties.
303: Keegan’s first son, Kalden, is born. Lyonel and Raethan Vikary get into a violent fight in Tor Vellesca, Rothgar banishes Lyonel from court.
304: Niece, Rosina, is born.
305: Lyenthe births a girl to be named Ziamara, Rothgar claims her as well. Bryce has another son, Kaine. Keegan has another son as well. Lyonel Vikary leads an attack on Cliffton, Rothgar forced to take sides and Lyonel is soon short a head.
306: Charlotte births a girl they will name Valencia. Princess Alianor becomes governess to the household of the two princesses, Melantha Solvitreo takes part of Alianor’s previous duties with regard to the court (patronage, assisting Queen Charlotte). Kadreth Vellfyre is wed to Lyenthe Vikary’s sister Helaina.
307: Rothgar’s mistress Lyenthe Vikary dies after a brief illness, believed to have been complications with a pregnancy. Bryce’s youngest daughter, Leandra, born. Kaleb is born to Kadreth and Helaina.
308: Princess Laetitia Vellfyre (father’s aunt) dies at age 81- Laetitia had never wed, nor had taken vows but had lived at court where she was rumored to be variously half-mad, or else the most deadly of enemies, or perhaps both. Charlotte’s influence at court is notably heightened without Laetitia’s presence. Rollant is sent to foster with House Solvitreo. Keegan’s daughter Lenore is born.
309: After some debate, Jason is sent to winter in Delving as a way to familiarize him with the western marcher lords, without keeping the second in line all the way in Westridge. Elinor is born to Kadreth.
310: Lystra Vellfyre Vayth (father’s cousin) dies.
311: Charlotte miscarries again, for the final time. The magisters confirm to Rothgar she will not bear another child. Lucia is born to Kadreth.
312: Crown Prince James dies of a sudden illness, Rothgar is secluded for a month and Jason becomes Prince of Summerhall, and his days of fostering end. He is officially recalled, but fear of illness makes Rothgar decide his children will spend most of their days in Summerhall, far away from the miasmas of the city- they return in fall/winter but leave for spring. Helaina Vikary, wife of Kadreth, dies from lingering ill-health after a difficult birth the year before.
314: Rollant becomes a squire to William Wolfe of Blacktide.
315: A Summer fever sweeps through Southshores and affects some northern cities. The Vellfyre children sent to seclusion in Summerhall for most of this year.
316: Kellan’s daughter Lysandra dies.
318: Kyler Vellfyre (father’s cousin) dies. Prince Rollant is knighted for subduing and defeating a troublesome outlaw knight in the southern ‘Reach. Rothgar’s mistress Nell presents him with a son, later named Myles.
319: Betrothes Princess Ziamara to Artos Vayth, with the manor of Sevenstreams in her dowry.
320: As the wedding plans commence, Rollant argues with his father over his sister’s arrangement and is banished from court- he goes to Summerhall for a year. Ziamara weds Artos Vayth
321: Knights his son, Jason, who resides mostly in Summerhall.
322: Knights Keegan’s second son, Kellan, after the boy wins a large tourney melee at Prince Rollant's wedding to Elizabeth Ambrosios.
324: Hosts Queen Lindaraxa of Trimeris. Drags Jason back to sit in on the talks.
325: Sends Keegan and the royal forces north to Zaksebar and Asserya, with Jason nominally in charge as King’s Hand. Valencia is promised to wed a prince of Trimeris, and Bryce’s daughter Rosina to a Meridian prince. His other daughter, Leandra is married to Kyle Seyfert.
326: Negotiations on the exact arrangements of Valencia’s contract drag on, as do the arrangements for Rosina’s nuptials. Kaleb Vellfyre is quietly locked up in a tower after an ‘incident.’
327: His new mistress, Raisa, gives birth to a girl who will be named Cendrine.
328: Eldest (illegitimate) son, Rollant, dies in battle at Abat-Charn in Zaksebar, along with his nephew Garrett. Very late in the year, Ziamara’s husband dies of dysentery in Asserya.
329: Princess Valencia’s betrothal to Prince Royal Jarem Aldarayth-Firuzahn from Trimeris is finalized at long last, and preparations for the wedding begin. The estates of Kingsport are included in the princess’s dowry- Kingsport has served as a seat for men wedding into the Vellfyre clan before, and the previous line’s last heir died in the war. Rosina and Valencia are both wedded by proxy to their new husbands. Prince Jason is captured by the Zakkish and feared lost but is rescued by a small group of men. Rothgar's mistress births a baby boy to be named Jayme.
330: A stand-still is reached as the Zakkish abruptly stop pressing eastward. It allows the main contingent of the troops to return, especially among the highborn heirs whose (at least occasional) presence at home is important. The homecoming combines with the reception of Valencia’s new husband and Rosina’s leave-taking with the Meridian envoys.

Family Tree: See House Vellfyre
[B]Information on the Family: See House Vellfyre.
Technically his retinue is the entire country BUT we’ll list out the direct household.
Seneschal of the South – Lord Solvitreo
Seneschal of the West – Lord Harrowmont
- Steward of Tor Vellesca –See Positions at Court. : in charge of domestic arrangements and the administration of servants.[1] OPEN. Georg Seyfert
- Constable - for the keeping and maintenance of the king's armaments and those of the villages within the direct royal domain around Tor Vellesca. Assists/answers to/argues with the Lord Marshall. OPEN. Kadreth Vellfyre
- Marshal – See Positions at Court. : Keegan Vellfyre.
- Chamberlain: oversight of the king's chamber and his wardrobe, OPEN
- Lords of the Chamber (Companions to the King, usually kinsmen):
o Bryce Vellfyre
o Edric Sollis
o Adan Vayth
o Darres Solvitreo
o Velasco Escalon
- Chancellor : Keeper of the Seals. OPEN.
- Crownsguard: See Crownsguard.
o Uriel Reinhart (Lord Commander)
o 2 Derek Glover
o 3 Varens Vikary
o 4
o 5
o 6
o 7
o 8
o 9
o 10

- Squires
o 1- 16 yo, Roland Salt(? Natural son of solvitreo)
o 2 – 16 yo Edric Harrowmont (?nephew of harrowmont)
o 3 – 13 yo.
- Butler (care and service of wine, a commoner): Utherydes
- Magister, the king’s personal physician, who is the most senior of the physickers serving within Tor Vellesca (not counting personal physicians of other nobles): Lanius Draven
- Valets (personal servants, commoners):
o 1 : Severus
o 2: Atolocus
- Mistress: Raisa of Tal Dragore (a minor nobleman’s daughter)

Lord Steward (Georg Seyfert) - Domestic affairs of the palace, stocking the larder, etc.

Lord of the Treasury (Warrick Wolfe) - Manages the coin and accounts of the crown, often found arguing with the Lord Steward.

Lord of the Fleet (OPEN) - In charge of the king's navy and ports == OPEN

Lord Commander (Jason Vellfyre) - Basically the assistant-general of the armies of Kingsreach and (theoretically, if Ractis and Salvitreo would allow it) Edolon. Also deals with the knights of the palace.

Lord Justiciar (Raethan Vikary)- Hears trial cases, sits in judgment in the king's absence, manages interrogations and executions. Often arguing with Lord of Laws. == OPEN

Lord of Laws (Bryce Vellfyre) - Deals with proclamations, noble petitions, often responsible for recording new decisions. Often found arguing with the Justiciar

Writing Sample:
- Player Information –
Name: Khaleesi
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