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Default (02) Threading, Posting, & Tagging

Threading, Posting and Tagging

First off, if you've never been in a forum (or used Vbulletin), look at the navbar just under the game's banner. Click on FAQ. There you will find instructions about General Forum Usage, Navigation, User Profiles, etc.

If you have used a forum before, please continue with this post.


When starting a new thread, make sure to include the date, subject and status of the thread. If a thread is going to contain heavy amounts of violence, sex, or other such things, you must add a warning for that subject as well.

If a thread does not have [closed] or [ask to join] in the title IT IS OPEN FOR ANYONE TO WANDER INTO
  • The date will help place the events of the thread within the timeline of the game.
  • The subject can be anything to describe the thread in question; a word, a phrase, a song lyric, a quote.
  • The status will let other players know who can tag into your thread; [open] threads are open to all characters in that location, [open to all ladies] will restrict your thread to a certain group of people, [solo] should be used when posting a scene that only your character is involved in. If you know the characters who will participate in a given thread, list their names in place of a status marker.
  • The warning is only needed on particularly violent or explicit threads that definitely require a mature audience. This is just so no one wanders into a surprise evisceration or orgy. Use the Thread Prefix for Mature or Violence. If you feel something is probably going to be a trigger-fest stick an OOC warning in one of the posts.

02.14.29 - Forever Alone [solo]
04.22.29 - A superstitious, cowardly lot - Bruce, Barbara
10.31.29 - let’s get dangerous... [open to all ducks]
01.01.30 - Can’t hug every cat! - Mittens, Nipsy, Boots (ask to join) (violence)

When posting in-character, remember to use proper capitalization and spelling. Spell-check is available for almost all browsers, so we expect all members to make use of them (we don't expect them to work 100% of the time). Also refrain from using emoticons, text-speak or colored text anywhere in your posts. We would rather not have dialogue in bold, but we'll live with it.

<< “lol wat r u doing?” Sparkleboots asked. >> is not going to fly.

As explained in the rules, there is no word count, but a good post will always give your fellow players something for their characters to respond to. If your thread is slowing down or you don’t know what to write next, try having something unexpected happen! The Spanish Inquisition?.

vBulletin allows threads to be tagged with keywords, and in Edolon we use those keywords to keep track of a character’s IC activities. A character’s tag should list every thread that character is present in, so it’s very useful for new members reading up on the game, players applying for your character’s family or friends, and for mods doing activity checks.

If you’re starting an open thread, tag your character when you submit it by putting in their first and last name in the tag field below the post.* If you’re posting into an open thread, tag your characters after you reply. If you know all of the characters involved in a scene, it’s courteous for the thread starter to tag all related parties. If additional characters are added after the fact, make sure they’re added as well!


Prince Jason, Queen Charlotte, Valencia and Ziamara are in a thread.
tags: jason vellfyre, charlotte vellfyre, valencia vellfyre, ziamara fairchild

*Note: If it's your character's very first post ever, the system may not let you put their name in. PM The Oracles and the mods will add a tag for them. After that, it's on you.

* * * * * *

USER TAGGING (that field ABOVE the threads)
If you are making a post for someone who is not online, try the user tagging up above the post. This will give them a notification in their User CP/Profile that they have been tagged in a post and need to look at it.

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