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The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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Default (02) Historical Timeline


AYEAR = Asseryan Years calculated from the date Asserya conquored its ancient enemy Cadeth and solidified its empire, but maintained as the standard dating system for Sutherland and most of the former empire, because merchants and scribes are not interested in going back and redoing their records and the kings weren't interested in anything that wasn't shiny.

TYEAR = Years of the Faith, calculated from the last revelation of the god Thorin, used mostly by his priests.
CURRENT AYEAR = 330 (actually we're in the first month of A331)

  • ca 2000 years ago: Empire of Altaea conquers Sutherland (supposedly)
  • T1 (ca 1000 years ago, according to notoriously inaccurate chronicles): Altaean Empire falls which coincides with an earthquake in what would later become known as Westridge. These occurrences gave historians leave to determine this marked the end of Ulixes' rein as the king of the heavens and Thorin was crowned king. Thorinism becomes a thing...
  • T500: Supposedly 500 years ago: (again according to the chronicles) The Golden Age of Edolon. Prosperity and peace and food for all under the Legendary King Vellmaar The Magnificent, ancestor to the Vellstayth Dynasty.
  • T620 (ca 380 years ago): Asserya begins Sacred Conquest. Conquers western Trimeris.
  • A1 // T670 (330 years ago): Asserya conquers its ancient rival Cadeth, decimating southern Zaksebar.
  • A20 // T690 (290 years ago): Asserya conquers the rest of Trimeris.
  • A30 // T700 (300 years ago): Asserya conquers Meridiez.
  • A50 // T720 (280 years ago): The first Asseryan attacks on Edolon begin.
  • A125 //T800 (ca 200 years ago): Empire of Asserya conquers Edolon, calling it Edilin and dividing it into three diocese each with its own vicarius, and all answering to the Consul.
  • A225 // T900 (105 years ago): Asseryan rule becoming unstable, House Vellfyre begins to consolidate their own power. Kadreth Vellfyre weds a Vellstayth princess, uniting the descendants of King Vellmaar to push Asseryan troops back to Trimeris. The Asseryan Consul is overthrown.
  • A235 // T910 (ca 95 years ago): Asseryans abandon attempts to retake Edolon, as internal strife envelops the remnants of the empire. The three governors of Trimeris rebel and each names himself king.
  • A250-260 // T925-935 (ca 80 years ago): The Western Fever ravages Zaksalam, Asserya, Trimeris and Edolon alike before taking Meridiez as well. Thousands upon thousands die and some poor madmen think it is the wrath of the gods for desecrating their sacred homeland, while others say the gods have deserted mankind and in their desperation even pray to heathen idols. The Fever raged through the land for ten years, rising and falling as a tide and leaving the surviving kingdoms reeling. Called Corvus' Fever, The Red Death, various other titles.
  • A270-300 // T940-970 (60-30 years ago): Border Wars. The warlord Alzaran takes control of Elonia (the eastern portion of Trimeris) and sets his sights on taking Edolon as well. There are a great many skirmishes with him until he is at last defeated and dethroned by King Boabdil of Trimeris, who makes peace with the king of Edolon.
  • A280 // T950 (50 years ago): The Zaksalam empire begins to rise in the west, first taking over the far western lands that were once part of the Asseryan Empire.
  • A300 // T970 (30 years ago): While Trimeris and Edolon broker peace between them, the Zaksalam armies push further east.
  • A315 // T985 (15 years ago): A summer fever sweeps through Southshores, most affecting children and the infirm.
  • A315-320 // T985-990 (15-10 years ago): Some younger noble sons and commoners of Edolon begin to take the shield and go west to join the fight as the city and lands of Asserya battle the Zaksalam invasion. A few take up service with Lindaraxa of Trimeris, some with Asseryan nobles. Some are rewarded with lands or the promise of lands in Asserya where many of the old landowners are long since dead and their seats vacant.
  • A324 // T994 (6 years ago): Queen Lindaraxa of Trimeris meets with King Rothgar of Edolon and Prince Asim of Meridiez and convinces them to set aside their differences to fight the Zaksalam armies who threaten to overthrow all the kingdoms of Sutherland.
  • A325 // T995 (5 years ago): The armies of Edolon depart for the Northern Wars, sometimes called The Zakish Wars. The forces of Southshores join with Trimeris and Meridiez in Asserya, the forces of Westridge and Kingsreach join with the bulk of the Trimerid forces in Zaksalaam in a final push to hit the Khan's army on territory they've occupied far longer.
  • A328 // T998 (2 years): A bad harvest in Kingsreach and Southshores results in shortages of food and riots in several towns and cities- most notably in Blacktide.
  • A330//T1000 (1 year ago): The Khan's armies withdraw behind their lines, an uneasy peace descends upon the lands and the armies of Edolon return home.
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