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The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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Default (03) Joining Checklist

  • Read Game Summary & Timeline
  • Read The Rules
  • Look over the WANTED CHARACTERS, CLAIMS&HOLDS for taken PBs, held characters, and character restrictions, and (if you want a canon) the family trees of the Vellfyres.
  • The rough approximation for our game is a Pagan 10th century Iberian Peninsula (Portugal/Spain). It's not an exact replica of anything but that's the general flavor to keep somewhere in mind. The Historical Timeline is your friend (we just got out of a war- a war with who? How did this affect your person?). Other than that, click around in the Political Guide and Matters of Daily Life to get a feel for the culture of of Edolon and the background you'll be playing with. We do not expect you to study this like your history final, just get an idea... unless you really want a highborn canon (protip:their last names are Vellfyre, Solvitreo, Harrowmont). Canons==More work.
  • PUT DOWN A HOLD for your Character and PB. We mean it. If someone holds a character you're working on, and you didn't reserve it... they get first go at it. Save yourself possible drama and just put. down. the. hold.
  • Fill out an Application and email it to the mods. You will receive a response from the mods asking for edits or giving approval (this may take up to 3 days, if it takes longer do not hesitate to poke us about it; gmail may have eaten something). IF you are adopting a character: look here for instructions.

  • Refer to the Character Creation if you need help with your character's biography.
  • If you are interested but want to discuss some plot ideas before creating a character, make an OOC account so you can have access to the cast and plot discussion areas as well as PM's. We'd suggest making a post on the plot discussion forum first, so you aren't depending on one person's schedule for help/ideas/etc.
  • Check out the FAQ
  • Look over the Help Desk
  • PM The Oracles or email the mod gmail (edolonmods at gmail)

  • Make your character account (Firstname Lastname), no titles. If you are applying for an adoptable character, the mods will include the username and password in your acceptance letter.
  • Link your OOC and Character Account. (User CP>>Link Accounts is on that page))
  • Log into your character account. Go to User CP >> Edit Your Details. Scroll down. There is a field called Title of Your Character. Type in your character's title (Lord/Ser/King/Lady/Scullerymaid/etc)
  • Upload an avatar: Square, 150x150 or less, no animation.
  • Make a post in the Plotting Forum to introduce yourself and get acquainted. Look over everyone else's posts maybe you'll see something that sparks your interest.
  • Check the Game Calendar (it's on the sidebar: Key Links to your left) and start a thread. An open thread, a closed thread, whatever you want. Or ask one of your new plotting partners to start one.

** When making an OOC account, please make your name longer than 3 characters because for some reason the board assumes 3 or fewer letters == spammer. The Captcha is also case sensitive, which causes problems for some users.

If the forum just is not cooperating, email us (edolonmods at gmail) and we'll set up an account and default password for you, to let you log on that way.


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