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Default Character Creation Tips

Make sure you’ve gone through the How To Join list!

This is just a guide to help if you get stumped on your app. We have put together a few questions and ideas to help you further when/if you're lost or hitting writer's block. So hopefully something in this will jumpstart your brain.

~ For the moment and the sake of everyone having someone to rp with, player action in Edolon is confined mainly to the Royal Court in Kingsreach and the nearby countryside. You may make a character from any part of Edolon, but they must have a reason for being at the royal court (hint: picking a position at court may help you out).

~ We will not accept characters who are unaffiliated with the royal court, so if you wish to play a commoner they must be in service to some one at court, or working within Tor Vellesca.

~If you really really want a foreign character PM The Oracles with your idea and who you want to be, including where they are from and we will work with you to make sure it fits in with the canon.

~ Is this your first character? We strongly suggest considering a canon or one of the Wanted Characters. You don't HAVE to, but it is easier when you can jump in among a bunch of stuff and have many shiny things to play around with at once. Yes, we really do mean this as a suggestion not a rule.

  • Where would you like to be from?
  • Edolenes would be from Kingsreach, Southshores, or Westridge. Each area has its own flavor, so figure out whether you like the wild mountains with their wineries and mines, the sandy shores with bustling cities and citrus groves, or the chivalry, meadows and forges of the north.

    Are you a noble, a merchant, or a commoner?
  • Remember that non-nobles must have an affiliation with a noble house of some kind so they have someone to rp with regularly.

    How old is your character?
  • Timeline of Edolon from Antiquity to Present - the major events that have happened in your character’s lifetime should appear on the timeline in your Application so we know you’ve considered how they affected your puppet’s life.
  • Calendar - We just decided to name the months of the year numerically so don't freak out that there's some complicated system. January=First Month, etc.

    Who Do They Pray To?
  • Review The Gods

  • What rank is your character?
  • Do they or their family rule one of the cities, a small town, or do they have hardly a crumbling stone tower to their name? A noble trying to recoup lands lost during the recent troubles? Remember: more powerful characters may end up having more OOC responsibilities for the player.
  • Look through the Political Guide for your chosen area, and see if there's a member of one of the existing families whose age, gender, and family seem to fit or spark your interest.

    If you want to make your own house and family?
  • Look at the map. The largest cities in each area are named- if you are already playing 1 or more characters in Edolon, you may choose one of them for your new family to rule. IF you are a new player, make up the name of your family's town. Decide which city they answer to.
  • Name your family.
  • Figure out a family tree for them- you might need help with this one and feel free to PM The Oracles and/or email edolonmods@gmail.com if you wish.
  • Create a sigil for them, or bribe one of the mods with cookies to get one made.
  • How did the family become noble? What is their background?
  • Please note: New players may not create a major house for their first character (ie you cannot claim one of the cities- you have to name a town/village). However creation of ANY noble house is not a newbie friendly activity and will likely ensure your app has to go through edits and clarifications, so we do advise your first character coming from an already existing noble family OR a knightly or commoner background.

    What is your character’s vocation?
  • Noblemen might have studied at the Magisterium or followed the path to knighthood and gone off to pursue wars and tourneys. Or they may have become a priest?
  • Noblewomen, review Education for a secular path or the gods if they chose to join a priestesshood or cult.

    Why is your character at the royal court?
  • Have they accompanied their liege lord? Warded to a lord who is at court, or to the royal family? Serving as a page or squire to some high lord or knight? Are they a lady-in-waiting to a high lady or princess? There are many possibilities.
  • Do they have a Position at Court?
  • Or are they serving on the King's Council?
  • Are they a member of the Royal Guard?

    What were they like growing up?
  • Birth in Edolon - messy, often fatal, and they don’t even name you for a year.
  • Noble Childhood in Timeline Form
  • Refer back to the History Books and consider how events in there might affect your character’s situation and family.

    Have they gotten married? Betrothed? Divorced? Widowed?
  • Marriage
  • Laws of Marriage, Divorce.
  • Laws of Inheritance.

    Are they illegitimate, or did they have an illegitimate kid or sibling?
  • Illegitimate Children
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The Oracles
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  • What kind of commoner is your character?
  • Servant, merchant, sellsword, man-at-arms? Landless knight in search of a lord to grant him lands and/or pay? A tutor or singer or perhaps an artist? An illegitimate son/daughter of a nobleman who is seeking acknowledgment or has a position in their noble parent’s household? List of Playable Servants.

    What is the character’s connection to the nobility?
  • Do they serve a noble family or noble person? Have they taken service with a lord? Have they been granted patronage by a great family? Depends on what sort of commoner you’ve chosen really...

    Why is your character in Tal Volorro?
  • Have they accompanied their lord/lady/family they are in service to? Have they come to ingratiate themselves with the royals or to purchase appointments or titles?

    What were they like growing up?
  • Birth in Edolon - messy, often fatal, and they don’t even name you for a year.
  • Refer back to the History Books and consider how events in there might affect your character’s situation, family and life in general.

    Have they gotten married? Betrothed? Divorced? Widowed?
  • Marriage
  • Laws of Inheritance (mostly about the nobles again, but even merchants have wills)

    What does your merchant or merchant family sell?
  • Spices, wine, exotic goods from Far Zaksebar or Old Asserya, wool from Rhegedren, weapons from Trimeris or Kingsreach, jewels, Meridiez cloth, etc.

    How lofty are their ambitions?
  • Is your character marrying into nobility? Is the family trying to buy a title? Have they only just bought the title and now are trying to blend in with the bluebloods?

    Have times been good or bad?
  • Have they been affected by the troubles in the northern trade routes or profited from the Zakish War?

  • What kind of retainer do you wish to portray? Tutor, master-at-arms, falconer, handmaiden, valet, page, soldier, archer, kennel master, artist, painter, singer... the list could go on forever. List of Playable Retainers is featured in the Royal Court section.
  • Remembering the region you liked for an origin, review the Political Guide to see if there are established houses you would like to play within. You can check the Wanted Characters again to see if any of those nobles have a member of their retinue they wish to see, or glance through the apps of the noble characters to see if there's a likely servant listed somewhere that would fit.

    If you prefer to take up a retainer of an unplayed house or noble?
  • You need to figure out what sort of noble their masters are: Does your character serve a landless knight or the rulers of a great city? Give their estate a name, and the family a surname, and PM The Six Above or email edolonmods (at) gmail (d0t) com for help with getting the family established.

    Did they accompany their lord to war?
  • A nobleman might have taken his cupbearer or pages; certainly he took men-at-arms, soldiers and knights. Meanwhile a ladies handmaiden would not be taken along to war, so it depends on who you are playing.
  • If they did, were they caught up in a battle or have any wild adventures? If the lord/knight/nobleman your character served is a played character, try PMing that account and discuss what kinds of things might have happened on the journey.

    How do they feel about their lords and ladies?
  • Are they loyal to the bone or do they dream of poisoning someone’s wine?

    How long have they been part of this household?
  • Most servants would have been with the family since their own childhoods- and since infancy if they were born in a castle- but sellswords, tutors, artists, singers may come and go.

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