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Default (04) Titles and Precedence

We are endeavoring to keep this simple because no one enjoys trying to figure out if the second countess is supposed to be seated higher than the king's third cousin twice removed, or whether the duke or the baron is just above the marquis. Except maybe for the Meridians...

Short version:
King/Queen =>Princes/Princesses=>Lords/Ladies=>Knights
Your Grace =>Your Royal Highness or My Prince/ss => My Lord/Lady => Ser

In Edolon
The king is addressed as Your Grace or Your Majesty. He outranks everyone except maybe The Creator, but he'll get back to you on that.

Any son or daughter of a king is a prince/ss and is referred to as His/Her Royal Highness, or addessed as either “Royal Highness” or “My Prince/ss.” They get this title for life and it doesn't matter who they marry- the only way a king's child lose this title is if the king decrees that they do.

In addition, the king may extend a “courtesy title” of Prince or Princess to his acknowledged but not legally recognized illegitimate offspring, which means the title comes without inheritance or admission to the succession.

Courtesy titles may also be granted to the wife of a royal son or kinsman who does not hold his own lands (ex: A king’s youngest son is made Lord Marshal and serves at court but does not receive a grant of lands. Son’s title is Prince, so when he marries his wife may be granted the courtesy of being called Princess but won’t get any extra income or privileges because of this). Those with courtesy titles are referred to as “His/Her Highness” and addressed as “My Prince/ss.”

The distinctions among the nobility are rather less clear: there are the Great Houses who rule either an entire province, or control one of the larger cities, and then there is... everyone else, as far as the Great Houses are concerned.

The two Great Lords that rule Westridge and Southshores are addressed as My Lord. It's the same style of address as you would use with any other lord in the kingdom, just bow a little lower and you'll be fine. Their wives are also My Lady, and same goes for them.

The man who holds a city, town, castle or lonely tower are all lords, addressed as My Lord, and their wives as My Lady. Now, the men who have just a little lonely tower with a handful of serfs are usually landed knights- but by holding land that makes them a lord and some of them may prefer to be titled Ser over Lord but it doesn't matter much, and so many of the noblemen are knighted in addition to their titles that it's rather easy to swap them out.

The only tricky part is that only the head of the household should be called Lord Housename, the rest are more properly called a Lord OF Housename, but mixing that up is not so bad... just remember that your noble characters will have memorized the heraldry of the great houses and if they didn't it may cause some offense (try telling Lord Ractis you don't recognize his sigil and see what happens...) so mixing up a Lord of Ractis with Lord Ractis is pretty minor, but calling Lord Ractis 'Lord Solitreo' might get someone beheaded.

A man with armor, horse, shield and sword is likely to be a knight, and therefore addressed as Ser. Lacking armor or a warhorse may mean he's just a soldier.

NOW, the really fun part of all of this is that: SEATING CHARTS ARE DETERMINED ON WHO IS IN FAVOR. THIS MAKES MEAL TIMES IN THE ROYAL COURT SUPERFUN! If one of the king's knights has displeased him, he gets chucked to the end of the table, likewise with the rest of the nobles.

In their individual castles, the lords use much the same system. The people they like are up close and the further away from the lord you're seated the more pissed off at you he probably is.

In Meridiez
The Emperor is addressed as Your Magnificence, if you are a noble and therefore have any right at all to address his royal person. If you're a commoner you won't be talking to him anyway... or you won't have a tongue very long if you try, so it's just not worth the effort really.

The emperor's children are formally titled as Son/Daughter of Meridiez. You may address them as Your Splendor. The Edolenes, being a barbaric and uncouth people, often term them simply Prince/ss and fail to understand their true rank in the order of the universe, and many have been the diplomatic talks to die a sudden death due to an Edolene simply calling the Emperor's child 'Prince/ss.'

Any noble who is descended from the throne through the male bloodline is titled Prince/ess of the Blood Royal. They get very, very touchy about this so try not to forget if someone has that title. More importantly, Princes of the Blood are considered superior to ordinary nobles who have nothing so important in their veins.

You don’t want to know how Meridian seating is arranged- suffice it to say that the palace has a team of servants whose only job is figuring out via the delicate system of blood, title, holdings, wealth, tradition and the alignment of the stars where everyone should be sitting on any given day.

In Trimeris
King Boabdil and Queen Lindaraxa are formally referred to as Their Faithful Majesties, and addressed as "Your Gracious and Faithful Majesty" but most often a simple "Your Grace" will serve. Their children are referred to as His/Her Serenity, addressed as "Your Royal Serenity" or "Your Serenity."

Anyone bearing the name Aldarayth or Firuzahn (or their children) is titled Prince/ss, in formal announcements the children of the king and queen are referred to as Prince/ss Royal- a title which has been extended to the children of Crown Prince Hassan as his parents' age is advanced and his taking of the throne comes closer. Other Trimerid nobles are referred to as Lord or Lady.

Like Edolon, they simply refer to the rest of the nobles as lords and usually their order of precedence is determined by royal favor and the number of Zaksalaan heads someone has taken.

In Zaksebar
They do not take grandiose titles all that seriously. The Khan is referred to as Firstname-Khan. The current ruler is simply called Vieshad-Khan, and if you want to be specific it's Vieshad-Khan, Second of His Name or Vieshad-Khan II. Foreigners may amuse the court by calling the khan all manner of fantastic courtesy titles if they like, but the Khans don't care what you call them so much as long as you're doing it on your knees while offering goods, gold, and horses.

Likewise the Raj's simply have Raj affixed as a suffix on their names.

The order of precedence in the Khan’s court is determined by victories won, lands conquered, enemy heads taken, and the stars of one’s birth.
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