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Default (03) Education

- Mostly the children of the nobility learn from private tutors, often from Asserya (or pretending to be). The Magisterium is a males-only school, mostly for younger sons, the occasional bastard, or the sons of merchants. The Magisterum’s fees are such that only the wealthy can afford to attend, though some few professors may sponsor a boy for education (these spots are severely limited).

- Classical Asseryan is the usual trade language spoken by the countries of the former empire, as well as in diplomatic settings, so nearly all noble children are taught Classical Asseryan and High Edolene, as well as learning their local dialect that is likely used among the knights and commoners. Merchant children will at least learn Classical Asseryan and various local dialects. (IE: LEARN THREE LANGUAGES. That's totally simple, right? A lot of nobles don't do very well with the local dialects).

Female Education
- Noble girls are taught by tutors in their own house, or the house of the family they are fostered with. Some with familial ties in Meridiez might be sent there for some of their education, or in former times Trimeris; though Trimeris has in recent years been considered far too dangerous. Ages 5/7-14/16 are the general ages for fostering away: family circumstances may mean some go away younger or come back later. They will then graduate to being ladies-in-waiting from about 14-22 (or until wed, whatever comes first). Ladies-in-waiting are expected to assist their mistress in running of a household or estate, as well as attending to her personal needs/desires/whims/god damn it I'm not getting her another coffee today.... Consider it like an internship that MAY NEVER END.

Depending on the disposition of the girl’s family, she might be given tutors that will educate her in almost all of the subjects she would learn at the Magisterium- or she might just as easily be given only the cursory amount of knowledge needed to run a household which is after all the chief employment she will be occupied with in her future life (aside from the requirement she bear an heir). However much education she is given, a significant study of music is almost always included.

Basic requirements of the noble daughter's education are that she will need to know how much and what kinds of food to set aside or have prepared for the various seasons and special occasions, how to manage the lord's household as well as castle staff, some rudimentary healing (so that not every scrape and scratch requires sending for a magister), basic knowledge of herbs, spices and at least some vague notion of what cooks do over there. A great deal of the noblewomen will know how to read and write, if only to allow easier communication with their husband and liege lords.

- Daughters of the greater families usually receive a more extensive education because in the absence of their husbands and brothers, a great deal of the daily rule of the family territories will fall to the ladies. They quite often will at the very least learn the rudiments of resisting a siege, as well as learning how to manage a vast household and castle.

- Just because they are not all classically educated at the Magisterium does not mean they are uneducated, or powerless. Noble girls have JOBS- the running of a household is essentially managing a massive estate, a giant hotel, and a small army battalion, with people who may not be able to read, no weather forecasts, and at any point your neighbor may attack you with siege weapons for walking on his lawn. DO NOT assume your noble female only knows how to drink tea and look pretty. If you do, the others will mock her. Viciously.

- In addition, any lord’s daughter expected to remain at court will also learn dancing, and generally a lady will instruct her in sewing and embroidery as well. They will know how to repair their dresses and the clothes of their family, how to order new ones, how to attend to alterations of clothing, and oh did we mention they also need to know all the steps to every fashionable dance, remember who wore what last week, and be able to identify the names, sigils and hopefully faces of the important courtiers around them...?

- Oh, and memorize some poetry, songs and learn a musical instrument too. You know, in your down time. Because surely you've got loads of that left...

- Do you still think being a medieval noblewoman was easy...?

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