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Default (03) Notable Battles of the Northern Wars

Asseryan Front MAJOR Battles
(major battles as defined either by a significant victory/defeat that impacted the course of the war or battles where there was a significant loss of life. This by no means is a complete list of every battle, skirmish, conflict, etc.)

325: Sack of Tatyra (Sutherland forces reclaim an Asseryan city taken 10+ years ago)
Allied forces from northern Edolon, Meridiez, Asserya and Trimeris lay siege to the major city of Tatyra, devoting six weeks to re-taking it. Loss of life was tremendous on both sides with the Zakish forces suffering higher casualties than the Allied forces. The removal and care of the dead within and around the city took a week to complete.

325: Treachery of Ygeria (loss)
Not long following the Sack of Tatyra, the Allied forces marched to meet the Asseryans at the stronghold of Ygeria. The plan was to flank the enemy and trap them on two sides. However, unbeknownst to the Allies, the Asseryan commander had secretly defected and betrayed them to the enemy. The flank was broken and the attack was devastatingly disastrous for the Allied forces. Many soldiers were killed or went missing as when the ranks broke a great number fled and never returned. It is assumed they were found later by Zakish forces or died.
Notable Deaths: Claris Tamor, Rymund Solvitreo

326: Siege of Balaton (loss of reclaimed city)
Asseryans and Meridians laid a month-long siege to the city of Balaton. The battle largely at a standstill, the tide turned with the arrival of troops from Southshores who bolstered their numbers and were able to attack from a different point. The city surrendered shortly after.

327: Battle of Csepel (draw)
Trimeris and Meridiez forces were attacked near Csepel but due to successful scouting missions, they were well prepared to hold the enemy back. Neither force held the advantage, and after fruitless attempts to gain the upper hand and after many dead littering the ground, both forces withdrew arms.

327: First Battle of Lykka (win!)
Combined Allied forces marched on Lykka to confront the Zakish forces in a twelve day battle. Most notably utilized in this battle were night arrows, volleyed at the Zakish forces which had a devastating effect on the enemy. Meridian forces were able to choke the supply routes, making it impossible for the Zakish armies to resupply their troops. Many attempts to call for reinforcements were also stopped by Allied forces. At noon on the twelfth day, the Zakish forces surrendered.

327: Siege of Tryglav (win)
A small band of Southshore soldiers were able to enter the city falsely claiming to be mercenaries who would help hold off the Allied forces. When the attack launched, these men helped to open the gates, granted the soldiers access into the city. Despite heavy loss of life, the Allied forces were able to overwhelm the city very quickly and accepted the Zakish surrender.

328: Orjen Conflict (draw)
Throughout the year, the battalion holding Orjen had been skirmishing with Zakish riders, but what started as a small conflict grew larger and more prolonged as each side sent in ever larger waves of reinforcements. The territory changed hands numerous times and the land itself was ravaged by the effects of the battles, especially the rerouting of its water source early on in the fighting, turning a picturesque grassland into a barred, arid stretch of rocks. The battles at Orjen stopped when the Meridian commander commanding the Allied forces was bitten by a snake and succumbed to poison. After his death, the Allies withdrew, but with its resources and thus its strategic importance gone, the Zakish quickly abandoned the territory.

329: Second Battle of Lykka (win)
The Zakish Horde returns in great numbers to the disputed fortress of Lykka, besieging the city at the height of summer and choking off the Allied water supply. The casualties within the walls mount until reinforcements arrive from nearby strongholds, flanking the Zakish and driving them away after 77 days of siege. Although Lykka is secured, many of the smaller holdings whose soldiers marched as reinforcements are taken after the enemy withdrawal.
Notable Deaths: Genis Tamor

330: Battle of the Three Waters (win)
One of the few naval battles of the war, a reclaimed Asseryan port mooring Allied ships was attacked under the cover of darkness by pirate and mercenary ships in service to the Western Raj. The enemy exploited the weaknesses of the docks and managed to sink a number of vessels, but the rest of the fleet managed to rally and block the sellswords from leaving the port. Their vessels were boarded and they were quickly defeated, leaking valuable information that Allied commanders would later use to plan the Serenyan Offensive.
Notable Deaths: Leopold Cresta, Evariste Saherazai

330: Serenyan Offensive (???)
Edolon's formal withdrawl from the war occurred before the offensive was concluded. Edolene troops began pulling back to established lines and garrisons, leaving the Asseryan, Trimeran and Meridian forces to engage the enemy. The outcome of the offensive is unknown.

Zaksalam Front MAJOR Battles

(major battles as defined either by a significant victory/defeat that impacted the course of the war or battles where there was a significant loss of life. This by no means is a complete list of every battle, skirmish, conflict, etc.)

325: Battle of Khoman-Uul (loss)
Forces from Trimeris lead the charge against Zakish opposition. The stronghold lasts the onslaught. Trimeris suffers heavy casualties, particularly from Zakish archers. In addition, the time spent trying to sack the stronghold results in a depletion of many Trimeris resources. The cavalry proves more or less useless on the terrain around the stronghold. Army retreats demoralized.
Notable Casualties: Gerion Velgarath taken prisoner, later ransomed. Zachary Fairwind, killed.

325: Vhashani March
Though not a battle, after their defeat at Khoman-Uul, the Army of Trimeris marches twenty leagues in its retreat through the desert. Many soldiers and a large part of their horses are lost due to the harsh conditions.

325: Siege of Kolyat-Charn (win)
The forces of Edolon arrive to support the Army of Trimeris. The siege of Kolyat-Charn lasts six days. Allied forces cut off supply roads to the city and intended to wait them out. However, Trimeris forces found a weakness in the South wall and a breach was made. On the fourth day, Allied forces invaded the city. On the seventh day, the last of the Zaksalam forces surrendered to the Allies. Many Zakish soldiers were killed during the battle, and the civilian casualty count was also unfortunately high. Allied soldiers forced to dispose of the dead outside of the city by funeral pyres.

326: Battle of Orat-Uul (win)
Trimeris soldiers cut off supply routes to the fortress. Trimeris and Zakish forces at an impasse for two weeks. Trimeris receives reinforcements on the third week and charge the keep. The walls are breached after a day of fighting. Zakish forces surrender. Survivors are kept as prisoners of war.

326: First Battle at Black Sands (draw, but Allies sees more casualties)
Allied forces taken by surprise. They are pushed back by Zakish forces until they are able to regroup and lead a counter offensive. Allied forces regain some ground and hold off the offensive. Zakish forces consider attack a victory as many Allied soldiers were killed during the battle. The battle, however, did not benefit either side as the Zakish forces also lost a considerable amount and no significant territory was gained or lost.

326: Battle of Ongol Valley (draw)
Another battle which saw a significant death count on both sides. Said to be the retaliatory offensive launched by the Allied forces who were caught by surprise at Black Sands. While initially the Zakish forces lost some ground, the days that followed the first charge would see them gain it back in bloody combat.

327: Second Battle at Black Sands (win)
Allied forces at last are able to push through the Zakish lines as reinforcements arrive. The enemy is outnumbered and overpowered. The surrender only comes after most of the Zakish soldiers had either been killed or fled. The allied forces continue to hold the area through the duration of the war.

327: Battle at Red Dune (major loss)
The bloodiest battle in the war, the Battle at Red Dune sees the Allied forces lose a great number of soldiers to the Zakish attack. Having been caught during their march, there was no real protection against the enemy force who had the advantage of the higher ground. Many soldiers refer to the Battle at Red Dune as a massacre rather than a battle, recalling the chaos and disorder. Allied forces had no choice but to retreat. The losses suffered made a counter offensive impossible to plan or carry out. The impact of their defeat would take them a year to recover, and because of this, they very nearly lost the war.
Notable Casualties: Brandon Fairwind, killed.

328: Battle of Kolkon-Uul (victory)
After a four week stand off, a separate unit of Edolon forces from Kingsreach take Kolkon-Uul from the Zakish forces. As the victorious give the enemy a chance of surrender, the soldiers are left stunned as they witnessed the enemy commander taking his own life.
Notable Deaths: Garrett Vellfyre, Elyon Velgarath, Wayde Wolfe

328: Siege of Abat-Charn (major victory)
Also called the Five Month Siege of Abat-Charn, the combined forces of Edolon and Trimeris launched a relentless onslaught to the city. The high walls would prove difficult to breach, and with the added complication of Zakish reinforcements arriving periodically, it took some four months before the city wall was breached. In retaliation for some minor battles, prisoners who were captured before the enemy forces retreated behind the inner walls of the city were given no quarter. Prisoners of war were periodically brought out before the wall and executed publicly in an attempt to demoralize the Zaksalam forces. After a month, the inner walls were breached and the city taken. Few Zakish soldiers were spared, but a good number were able to flee throughout the siege.
Notable Deaths: Rollant Fairchild, Keven Vayth

329: Battle of Tahn-Uul (draw)
After months of fighting for the keep, Trimeris forces, having suffered heavy casualties, fall back to Orat-Uul.

329: Loss of Abat-Charn (loss)
The main unit of the Allied forces marches onward, leaving behind what they believed was a sufficient number to hold the city. The Zakish forces attacked at night, first launching a volley of night arrows and rushing the wall. Due to the damage from the previous siege, the Zakish forces breached the wall quickly. Outnumbered, the captain of the Allied forces ordered a retreat to prevent catastrophic loss of life. They regrouped some distance away from the city and sent three scout groups to inform the main unit of the defeat.

329: Second Siege of Abat-Charn (victory)
Of the three scout groups sent after the Loss of Abat-Charn, one made it to the main unit. Stopping the march, the Allied forces turned back to retake Abat-Charn. Prior to the attack, another scout group was attacked, all persons later found killed... Save for one. The enemy had captured the crowned prince and it was assumed he was being kept within the city. With little time to waste, the second attack was launched against Abat-Charn. Combat was exceptionally brutal during the second siege, with some captains ordering men to put the heads of the fallen enemies onto pikes, prisoners being tortured brutally before being killed, and other unspeakable acts. The Allied forces also diverted the water supply making sure that the city had little to no running water. The Zakish forces were able to hold the city for ten days before the Allied forces recaptured it. A small contingent of men from Kingsreach found the crown prince alive though severely injured. The Zakish forces retreated from the area, and the main unit moved out once again, this time leaving a larger force to defend the city.

330: Siege of Rhot-Charn (victory)
Though a victory they can claim, the Allied forces suffered a heavy and demoralizing blow in terms of loss of life. The siege lasted four and one half months, and when the city was taken it can be said that the Allied forces had depleted much of their supplies and lost too many of their men to defend the city or launch another attack. On the other hand, the same could be said for the Zakish who were also heavily devastated by the siege.
Notable Deaths: Alystare Howe

Fatalities from Skirmishes and Smaller Battles:

Fatalities from Noncombat Incidents:
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