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Foreigners & Heathen Enemies Notes on the lands and peoples beyond Edolon's borders.
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Default Meridiez

Meridiez (to the south of Edolon) (Meridians, Merideen)

-- Name is a degraded form from Asseryan, meaning Kings of Blood (Mahri+Daiz), in reference to aristocracy’s preoccupation with bloodlines, or the entire population’s love of bloodsport, depending on who you ask. Some scholars also claim the name was in reference to the fact that the Asseryan emperors placed family members as ruling consuls in the province.

-- Meridian steel is one of the most prized for weapons, but many say the best forgers are now in Edolon.

--Meridiez has a cooler climate than Edolon, with longer winters. Their nobility have a tendency to dress more severely in heavy, dark colors as if in perpetual mourning- their land was hit harder in the Plague and is poorer for the loss of the easy and well-maintained trade that Asseryan rule allowed, which may be one explanation for their increased interest in peace with their ancient rivals in Rhegedren.

-- Ruling house is descended from the Asseryan royal line, and were consuls of the province during Asseryan rule. Reluctant allies of Edolon due to the Zaksalan incursions, they still regard the Vellfyre house as traitors and liars who are not related to any ancient kings- or at least no ancient king half so perfect and divine as the ancient Asseryan Emperors from whom the Meridian nobility are descended.

-- Officially Meridiez is ruled by Emperor Idras Tamor III, but in reality the emperor has been mad for years, and it is his son Prince Asim Tamor who holds power, and Asim’s mother Empress Zenobia to some extent. Two of Asim’s brothers died in the Wars, and a third died just after Asim’s return to his father’s court two years ago. Rumors say that Asim’s last brother made an ill-advised attempt to lead a coup in Asim’s absence, and tragically underestimated Asim’s power in the kingdom.

--Any person bearing the blood royal of Meridiez through the male line is granted the title Prince or Princess. Children of the emperor are granted the title Son/Daughter of Meridiez.


-- Even during the tumultuous last years of the Empire and the chaotic times after, Meridiez kept their public arenas open, and most Meridian towns still hold weekly games in which condemned men or slaves are set against one another or wild animals to battle to the death.

-- Females in the Meridian noble houses must cover their hair and veil their faces in public. In Edolon, much fun is made of fanciful and outlandish hats and stiffened veils many Merideen women favor.

-- The Meridians practice the old Asseryan traditions of ritual washing and communal bathing. Bathhouses are common in cities, although noble families will have their own bathing room within their homes. Because such a large volume is used to fill the bath, the same water can be used for many days, so bathers must first wash themselves clean from buckets or basins in a smaller anteroom. The water is kept warm by heat from below, so many houses are built with the bathing room above the ovens, although rich houses can afford a separate furnace to better regulate the water temperature. Bathing is single-sex, except in the case of families, who may bathe together. It is a time for conversation and social interaction, and the practice is thought to foster a sense of togetherness.

--Attention to the stars is practically a second religion. Merideens do not set a date for anything without an astrologer's approval. Even dying is scheduled, if possible. Births on a bad day may make the father question the mother, or his own family's fate. Feasts in Meridiez are a thing of madness, because the acute attention to bloodline ranking paired to star charts mean it can take months to decide who sits where at a formal occasion. There are actually court astrologers' whose sole jobs it is to determine who may sit where in the grand halls.

-- Noblewomen in Meridian lands rarely inherit and never hold lands in their own name- a husband controls any inheritance a noblewoman might chance to have.

-- Only the Orders of Maia may intercede on family affairs- but the Merideen priestesses rarely bothers itself, and there the patriarchs' rule on their own family can get... severe. Trimeris is a different kettle of fish, mostly because they have (mostly) equal primogeniture, and there the head of the household might be a female- although she still has the same powers as her male counterparts; and there's some tension between the realms because of this (especially when a Merideen patriarch is greeted as an equal by a female Trimerid head-of-family).

-- In Meridiez, illegitimate children tend to perish in the cradle or disappear into an orphans' home soon after birth- unless they are of the king's blood and then their fate is entirely his to decide (historically they usually choose to send them to one religious order or another, essentially as a blood gift to that god).

-- The formal Meridian court operates almost exclusively in Classical Asseryan. The Meridian vernacular is considered too base for official functions and is never spoken in the presence of the emperor. Familiarity between individuals can often be measured by how they address one another.

-- When speaking of a relation to someone of lesser standing, the speaker will always use the relation’s formal title. For example, a child of the emperor will always say “Asim, Son of Meridiez” and never “my brother” outside of their own family. A princess of the blood will refer to her father as “Prince _______” to any of her social inferiors, but will use “my father” when speaking to those of the emperor’s line or to a family of the blood that outranks her. This custom also applies to husbands and wives, meaning that the emperor and empress will never use anything but one another’s formal title even among their children, at least publicly.
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The Oracles
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Default The Royal House

*Emperor Zultramar (b.246-289)
    Merayna ________ (b.271, 60)
    Zorayda SOLVITREO (b.269, 62)
    Audissya ______ (b.272-302, 59)
    *Emperor Idras Tamor III (b.276, 55) m. Empress Zenobia (b. 286, 45)
        *Asim (b.301, 30) m. ???? (several of them)
            Lyra (b.319, 12)
            Vayon (b.319)
            Idras (b.321, 10), forced to holy vows
            Alima (b.324, 7)
            Doreah (b.325, 6)
        Zenira (b.304) m. Kohorin Tamor (d.330, executed)
            Akramor (b. 321)
            Alayda (b,323)
        Clared (b.306-326, dead in crusades) m. ????
            Layla (b.324, 7)
            Jarrec (b.326, 5)
        Henlen (b.308-328, 23, whacked for getting uppity) m. ????
            Kasiya (b.325, 6)
        Isara (b.311, 20, twin)
        Isarn (b. 311) m. Rosina Vellfyre
        Genis (b.313-329, d. in crusades)
        Rinoza _______ (b.315, 16)
        Arista (b.316, 15)

    Ibrazam Tamor (b.278-330, d. suspiciously, 53) m. ????
        Orsion (b.295, 36), general, leading the revolt against Asim. m. ???? , m. Lyra Tamor
            Kalev (b.312, 19)
            Audissya (b.314, 17)
            Ibrazarn (b.317, 14)
        Jalaf(b.298-325), dead in crusades, m. ????
            Zultramar (b.318, 13)
        Kazim (b.300, 31) m. ????
            Zorayda (b.319, 12)
        Isarn (b.301, 30)

    Zinara _________ (b.281, 50)

Hedrek (b.251-303, 80, made lord of Tal Zelestres) m. ????
    Isara ________ (b.277, 54)
    Darae _______(b.279, 52)
    Ebermar (b.280, 51) m. ????
        Kohorin (b.296-330, executed) m. Zenira Tamor
        Xelina _______(b.306, 25)

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The Oracles
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Default Timeline

A330: Palace coup, resulting in imprisonment of Zenobia, execution of Kohorin Tamor and his children, death of Vayon Tamor.

Prince Orsion’s return helps ignite outrage over the butchering of Zenira’s children and the generals followed him.

9M A330: Execution of Kohorin Tamor for treason against Prince Asim. Soon thereafter his children are executed.

10M A330: The return of Prince Orsion (in Rosina's party, he is one of the Merideen generals) helps ignite outrage about those executions.

12M A330: Asim orders Orsion arrested, but he escapes. His wife and 2 younger children vanish from their estates. Kazim's daughter Zorayda is taken hostage to the capital to ensure his loyalty. Asim's son Vayon dies just as he is recovering from the red fever, and there are allegations of poison. Empress Zenobia is imprisoned.

1M A331: Asim has Isarn (Rosina's husband) confined to the royal palace, along with Rosina. Orsion's forces are gathering.

2M-4M A331: A full-out civil war erupts.
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