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Westridge The mountainous region ruled by House Harrowmont, noted for treacherous roads, snowwine, ghost tales, fabled mines and ruined fortresses. Elonian raids are tearing at the peace of the land.
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The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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Default 3.30.331, Ashmark - The beginning of a long, sad line - OPEN

Rothgar hadn't drunk nearly enough the night before to explain the sour stomach and blackened temper. No, that was the result of seeing his companions bloodied and bruised, the tents shattered and too many dead horses, men... and women. Why was it always worse seeing a dead girl? And poor Salindra. That was going to go over well with their host.

He fixed a tired smile on his face for the benefit of the people who turned out in the village to watch them arrive in the village, and the new outriders for the Harrowmonts that came to greet and assist- those he sent on back to the others. Short on horses, servants and uninjured hands of any birth they needed help. Attericus had sent men that reached them with the morning light but there was always a use for more help.

He passed through the gates of Castle Ashmark and greeted his former squire with a grin. "Your mountains are as mercurial as ever, Attericus."

"And your 'Reachmen as delicate." Attericus bowed low before he strode over to help Rothgar dismount. "You came through unscathed, your grace."

"I did. Many others aren't so lucky. Though thanks to your damnable mountain tents, your daughter's well. She's just behind a bit, with your boy and my son." In fact he was fairly sure Jason was close behind in the column but the boy did wander a bit. Especially with Kain's condition still questionable.
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