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The king's company is set upon along the road from Mirrormount to Moonspire...


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Default (02) Introduction to Edolon

Welcome to Edolon, a small, medieval kingdom on the eastern edge of a vast continent. The game takes place within and around the royal court: here you can step into the shoes of a lord or a lady, a knight or a handmaid, or even navigate the court as a priest or a wealthy merchant.

Edolon is an advanced game for 18+ and Mature Audiences, rated M/NC-17, with no word count, and PBs/face claims for the characters.

The game focuses on politics and character studies of those caught up in the upheavals of the land. The game is entirely driven by character actions and chance, so keep in mind that your choices as a player will be what determines the ever-unfolding story (and your occasional dice rolls). There is minimal to nonexistant pre-plotting, with an emphasis on organic storytelling growing through character interactions and the interference of chance (via dice). For our part, we expect writers who are active and experienced enough to cope with an unplanned, ever-evolving arc full of unintended consequences, complications, and general chaos.

Edolon is meant to be seen as a private storyline with open enrollment: anyone can join at any time, and by joining they agree to participate and add their characters and writing into the collective. They contribute to the plot and shape the world of the game by their characters’ choices and actions, with their writing and ideas. The game’s story is a result of player choices as well as any game arcs (also determined and shaped by player actions) that are meant to keep everything part of a cohesive whole. Passcode: hatter.

The canon does not alter: once something's in the canon, it remains. Being a PSL means there is as much continuity as we can humanly manage. We like seeing the plot tendrils unfolding and winding around and going crazy. Someone over here does a thing and it becomes a tidal wave that sweeps away a village, etc. It's not a game of ivory towers: if you put a character into Edolon, they will get swept up in tides not of their making. We view surfing (or dog paddling for dear life) as part of the fun. We are not a game for people who want controlled reactions or predictable plots. We don't plan things out, and we play our characters according to their world and personality instead of OOC considerations.

For further plot information, see In-Game Timeline

* Take a look at our Plot+Timeline to see what's going on in the game.
* Learn about the Kingdom and the Noble Houses that inhabit it.
* Explore the Culture of the region.
* If you think Edolon's a fit for you, head to the Joining Checklist and fill out an Application.

You may jump into c-box to ask a question but the mods are not online 24/7- you can always email them (edolonmods@gmail) or PM this account.


Note: While the game is inspired by works like A Song of Ice and Fire and its television counterpart Game of Thrones, the kingdom of Edolon and its inhabitants are not affiliated with or a part of Westeros.
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